SEOPartner And LinkJuice: Choosing The Service You Need Now

By | August 15, 2019

Hi, James Schramko here and in this video
I’m going to explain the difference between SEOPartner and LinkJuice services.
So I’m the founder of both companies, SEOPartner and LinkJuice, and they’re both traffic companies.
We help service you by getting you more visits to your site. But they’re slightly different
packages and I’m going to explain why. SEOPartner is more about getting links to
your site. To do that, we hand create content in all different formats and put them out
there, all over the Internet, on the most relevant category theme sites. Some of which
we control, some of which we own and others we don’t but we have access to, and then there’s
the standard sites like YouTube that everyone has access to. But what our team is really
good at is putting the content somewhere where it is found but also that it is set up the
right way. We have the right page descriptions, titles, tags. Our team has been doing this
for years, they’re very good at it. Now LinkJuice is where you don’t have enough
content on your site. Perhaps you have a thin affiliate site. Perhaps you have a single
page sales letter site. Perhaps your site is brand new. Then you would want to put content
on there. You might want articles. You might want infographics. We will create content
by hand and we will give it to you to put on your site. And then we will create some
more content to put out there and promote that new content so that Google knows about
it. Now this is going to result in more search impressions for your site showing up. It will
build your site stronger and make sure that over time your site is sitting there and ranking
well whereas other sites will fall away. Now there are some subtle differences as well.
SEOPartner provides reporting. We look at your before rank and your after rank because
you’re in charge of your site. We’ll certainly tell you what to change and how to optimize
it and we’ll help you identify targets and keywords, and we’ll do a before-and-after
report. Most of our efforts will be off-site, making sure that your site increases its search
position. This is a really good package for resellers because they’ve got something tangible
in which we can put your logo on to take back to an end customer.
LinkJuice is really for professionals who know what they’re doing or for end users where
you already know your site. You put it your analytics on there, you check your Google
Webmaster tools, and we’ll give you the content to put on the site. So it’s a little more
hands-on on page optimization but also, it’s providing you a bigger asset over time.
A lot of our customers will switch between SEOPartner and LinkJuice programs. Just be
mindful that LinkJuice does not offer reporting because we are focused obsessively about creating
the best possible content and putting it out there for your website to be found.
So there’s some of the two differences. Really what it comes down to is, is your site ready
as a target the way it is now, or do you need to put more content on there to fatten it
out a bit? If so, you’re a LinkJuice customer. If your site is ready to rock and roll, then
you’re an SEOPartner customer. If you’re not sure, head over to, do the
website check which is just $20 and we’ll tell you which package is right for you and
any package you order, we’ll apply that $20 credit towards.
I hope you found this useful. If you got any questions, ask the team at
I’m James Schramko and you’ve been watching another video. Be sure to join the email list
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