Seoeon & Seojun meet other twins at a supermarket! [The Return of Superman / 2017.04.30]

By | August 21, 2019

Okay, please get in. (They’re on their way to their accommodation.) Please get in. Let’s see. It’s near the senior citizens’ community center. Let’s go. (They head to their accommodation.) You look younger than you seem on TV. I am? It’s because I’m wearing a hat. (The taxi driver’s phone suddenly starts to ring.) Hello? Lee Hwijae is seriously in my car right now. Stop lying. (His wife doesn’t believe him.) (He told his wife about the news earlier.) I’ll send you a picture. Just wait. Whatever. Your wife sounds very tough. Hello! (Surprised) Hello! Hello. Hello. – Hello. / – You didn’t believe your husband earlier. Why didn’t you believe me? You made me look weird. I’m watching you right now. Can you see us? – No, she’s watching TV. / – No, I’m watching the show. I see. – I hope you have fun shooting. / – Thank you. What brings you to Yeosu? – Yeosu? / – Yes. My kids love the ocean. We also came to eat good food. – The food is great here. / – Excuse me, sir. – Yes? / – At the ocean, will we be able to see King Octopus? King Octopus? I watched that part on TV. Did you watch that episode? – Yes, I saw the small aquarium. / – Yes. – You must watch our show often. / – Yes. Excuse me. (They took him to an animal hospital.) – Is this your pet? / – Yes. Okay. (They even made a house for him.) – He’s alive. / – Yes, he is. Put him back in. (They had fun with Doldol and King Octopus.) – Good night, Doldol. / – See you tomorrow. I saw you take him to the hospital. (How does he know?) Look at that cultivator. – Are we here? / – Let’s get off! (They take a photo with their taxi driver.) (I really met Hwijae and the twins.) Let’s go. – Bye. / – Thank you. – Bye. / – Thank you! Let’s go in. What a big yard. Excuse me. Excuse me! (He falls down.) (A dog hurriedly goes up to Seojun.) (It’s nice to meet you.) Hello, ma’am. Hello. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you, too. – You have a lot of dogs here. / – This is Kkaebi. – Kkaebi? / – Yes, and that’s Naru. They are Kkaebi and Naru. (Kkaebi makes Seoeon happy.) They’re cute, aren’t they? (Naru, come with me.) Dad, I brought Naru with me. Well done. (Growling) They’re like you guys. Naru looks like a baby. Kkaebi looks older than Naru. Does Kkaebi look older? Where did he go? Kkaebi went over there. Kkaebi, come here. (Kkaebi is upset.) Kkaebi. (It’s me. Don’t worry, Kkaebi.) (Eat this. An empty stomach won’t do you any good.) Dad, I want to drink chocolate milk. Seoeon. Where’s the supermarket? Do you see that light over there? Go straight, and you’ll find one over there. Let’s go and see. Hello, sir. – Is this the supermarket? / – Yes, it is. Here it is. Buy this. – How much is this? / – It’s three dollars. You’re very smart. – Are you here on vacation? / – Yes. Where are you staying? – At home. / – At home? Eat your snacks over there. – Thank you. / – Bye. (Should we eat some here?) Seoeon, I bought these. – Let’s have some here. / – It’s yummy. (Satisfied) Aren’t you guys Seoeon and Seojun? He’s Seoeon, and I’m Seojun. What brings you here? We’re on vacation with our dad. (Staring) You guys look alike. Are you guys twins? – Yes, we are. / – Yes. – Do you live here? / – Yes. Are you busy? (Are you busy right now?) – No. / – No, we’re not busy. (Apologetic) Can you please take us back to our dad? I’m a bit scared. Where are you staying? We need to go straight from here. – Okay. / – Let’s go. It’s over there. – There? / – Yes. It’s just over that corner over there. Are you in middle school? Yes. I’m 14 years old. – Do you know “Pokemon”? / – Yes, it’s that. – What? / – It’s that. This is Bulbasaur. I also have another one. Really? What’s your favorite food? – I like pizza. / – Pizza? Me, too! I like ordinary pizza. Seoeon likes honey pizza. We like different types of pizza. It’s this way. – Is it this way? / – We’re almost there. Dad! (They quickly arrive at their accommodation.) – You’re back. / – Yes. Good job. Who’s he? He was at the supermarket. Did you meet him there? Hello. – Thank you, guys. / – They’re twins. They’re twins as well? They’re 14 years old. – You are 14? / – Yes. Do you stop fighting with each other when you’re 14? – We don’t fight. / – We don’t really fight. – How do you not fight? / – How? (What’s their secret to not fighting?) You just need to avoid each other. (We just avoid each other.) You guys sleep in separate rooms, okay? Sleep separately and play separately. Hey. What do you think of that behavior? – It’s very inappropriate. / – Inappropriate? – It’s extremely inappropriate. / – Extremely? (Seoeon wants to laugh it off.) – Do you guys know who I am? / – Yes. Really? Do I look different from before? Can you take off your cap? Why? Can you take off your cap? (It’s impossible to hide his age.) Why? – Have I lost a lot of hair? / – Yes. (Time flies.) – Bye. / – Bye. (The boys have to go back.) – Good night. / – Good night. Seoeon, Seojun, listen to your dad. (Nodding) – Thank you. / – Bye. Bye. – Dad. / – Yes? Let’s dance here. What? Seoeon, Seojun. (Seoeon plays music.) They’re dancing to celebrate their trip to Yeosu. Seoeon’s dance moves sure are unique. Even his facial muscles are dancing. I want to dance, too. (He’s dancing to the beat.) (He finishes up with a funny face.) I want to dance naked. – I want to go out. / – Hey! This is not okay. It’s too cold. Don’t come out. (Peek-a-boo!) Guys! (Peek-a-boo!) Guys! (It’s a naked dance party!) The twins are so mischievous. (It’s a naked dance party!)

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