Seo Woo Jin & Cha Eun Jae – Carry you (Dr.Romantic2 FMV)

By | February 23, 2020

What are you doing here? Didn’t you hear the news? No, I didn’t He became an outcast for whistleblowing After that incident, every doctor including his friends… started to turn their backs on him. They even signed a petition. It was a complete mess. They called him a scumbag for betraying his own colleague. I think no hospital wanted to take him after that. There was a rumor that you worked as a gigolo. I can’t breathe. Please help. I’m not defending them. I’m defending myself. I should say it was a pity. If I say it was dangerous and close, I’ll be too scared to ever look after a patient again. Right? Don’t pretend to be brave. What if I don’t Would I be able to get by? You don’t want to show your weaknesses, and I don’t want others to see mine. Do you know who the operating surgeon is? Must I know? Cha Eun Jae Because… you’re the only one who I admired during medical school. The operating surgeon was your brother. There’s a limit to how much we can cover up for each others Shouldn’t doctors cover for each other when needed? Besides, this is your brother we’re talking about. You didn’t know? I didn’t want to study medicine. You said I had to. You said it was your dream. So I studied without any complaints and got in. I really didn’t want to become a surgeon. You said I had to You said I had to become a cardiac surgeon at any cost, So I got in. I threw up so much because I got nauseated. I ran out of the OR so many times. I tried out so many medications just to keep going back in. You don’t know. I dozed off… and dropped to the floor so many times. How many times I got kicked for that. You don’t know. Because it wasn’t you who carried me… and ran out of the OR.

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