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– Hey, everybody, this is
Adam Arkfield with ParaCore, and today I’m gonna do a
little bit of a back-to-basics video because we get a
lot of inquiries and a lot of questions, a lot of
conversations around SEO, which is different than
what we do, which is SEM. I wanted to just talk about
the differences a little bit. If you’re watching the
video and you’re just not exactly sure what
they difference is between search engine optimization
and search engine marketing, or search engine optimization
and pay-for-click advertising, this is the video for you
because I’m really gonna go over the differences between the two, how they work from an
optimization perspective, high level on SEO and on SEM, and then give you some more
information about that. Let’s get started. On this page, what
you’re looking at is just a generic search for plumbers in Phoenix. I did plumbers in Phoenix
because they actually have a format called Home Service
Ads, which is kind of new although not really, it’s about
a year old here in Phoenix, but has been around a little bit longer in other parts of the country. At the top here, you can
see these three local service ads, they’re
called Home Service Ads. They have a different format. It has the number of reviews. Google guaranteed means that
the technicians, the plumbers or electricians or whoever’s
going into your home has actually been background
checked by Google. Going through the process
is a little bit elaborate. Google guaranteed means
that they’ve actually background checked every
employee, every technician at that company in order to
even get a local service ad. They also pull in the reviews,
which you can see right here and then they have some more information. This is sponsored. You can see the box, sponsored. When you click more plumbers in Phoenix, it’ll take you to a
page with more listings. When you’re running a search in Google, you’re gonna be seeing paid
advertisements at the top. That’s how it’s been always,
for a very long time, and how it’s going to
be for a very long time. That is search engine marketing, where someone’s paying to
be at the top of Google. They’re always paying to be there. There used to be ads on the side. Those have since been
removed and then as you start to scroll down, you see
these more traditional ads. Most ads that you’re seeing on Google are these more traditional ads. Here, we happen to be doing plumbers, so they have the local service ads. You’re typically seeing these
as the little green ad box. It’s showing it’s an ad and
you’re paying to be here. You’re paying for a certain position. Search engine marketing is
paying to be in the top position. As you continue to scroll
down, it then goes into the maps listings where
sometimes you will see ads here, although right now we’re
just seeing organic listings. Then now, you’re back
into the organic listings. This is the search engine
optimization world. When you are, from talking
to a marketer about SEO or SEM, or SUR-PPC, that’s
the real distinction. Here, you’re buying your way into the top. You’re paying for these listings,
you’re paying for the ads, you’re getting to the top. When you search, you’re
buying these keywords and you’re buying your positioning. You’ll notice that my window’s
not all that big right now because of this video, but it
takes up the entire screen. You don’t see any organic
listings right away. Even if you’re ranked number one on Google for plumbers in Phoenix, like Yelp is, you’re not even seen until
you start scrolling down. Then you start getting into
these organic categories. It’s funny that Yelp,
I mean maybe not funny, but Yelp not even being a
plumber has the number one listing for plumbers in
Phoenix because that domain has such strong domain authority and they’ve done so much with their SEM. They’ve been on it for so long that they’re just gonna show at the top. They have the best 10
plumbing in Phoenix, Arizona. Then you have Plumbing Masters,
then you have HomeAdvisor, which again is not an actual plumber but a website that allows
you to find plumbers. Then you have Angie’s
List, again not a plumber. Then you’ve got a George Brazil, Yellow Pages, Diamondback Plumbing. You’ll see that even if you’re the best, even if your website is
optimized for plumbing in the Phoenix area to
the best extent possible, for you to get to number
one is almost impossible. You’re competing with Yelp. You’re competing with HomeAdvisor. Competing with Angie’s List. You’re competing with Yellow Pages. You’re competing with all these companies. Plumbing Masters AZ, they’ve
done a very good job. They’re number two. Then you have George Brazil. Those companies have been
around for a very long time, they’re very reputable. They have very high positioning and organic SEO rate because of it. When you’re optimizing for organic SEO, you’re doing different work
than anything related to paid. It’s like paid is getting
to the top quickly, within a day you can get there and it’s just a matter of how
much money do you wanna spend. With organic, you are selecting keywords to optimize your webpages with. You’re optimizing the titles. You’re optimizing the URLs. You’re optimizing the descriptions. You’re building content. You’re really putting a lot of
work into the content of your website in order to rank higher
organically, which is great. But, it does take a long time. Sometimes people say “Well,
it’s quote unquote free. “Organic is like free traffic.” I will say that the ROI on organic traffic is probably better in the long-term, but you do pay someone
to optimize your website. It’s not free. You do pay people to create content, to keep on getting more traffic, so that’s not free, either. Don’t be mislead by thinking
that organic is free. You don’t get to the top of search results just by accident anymore
or by doing some keyword stuffing in the keyword
section of your metatext. It’s a very concerted, strategic approach to rank high organically. Again, if you haven’t done
much in the way of SEO or SEM, at the top is always SEM,
search engine marketing, PPC ads, and then as you scroll down, then you get into organic. Those are the basics of the
difference between the two. If you are starting a new business, I typically recommend that
you maybe start with some paid to get some activity early,
if you have the budget. You can certainly do organic, but it just takes a very long time. If you have any questions,
again my name’s Adam. I’m the owner of ParaCore. Please comment below. Like the video, subscribe
if you enjoyed the content. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot.

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