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By | August 23, 2019

In this next tip, we�re going to look at
�anchor text�. Anchor text is one of the more important on-site
SEO factors. So, what is it? Well. Here I�ve got a page on my website and you�ll
notice I�ve got a link here. Now the link just simply says �SEO training�.
That is the text within the link. So, the anchor text in this case, is �SEO
training�. Now what you want to do is to make sure that
you pack the anchor text with your useful keyword phrases. Now, this website, which
is one of mine, is and obviously, this site is all about SEO
and training. So, what I�ve got here is basically a link,
and the only text within the link, as you can see is �SEO Training�.
And if you look down the bottom here, I�ll just go back there again, you can see down
the bottom there is the full link. So, the link goes to the base address which is
And then it goes to a page within this site, and the name of the page itself is �SEO-training-courses-in-Perth-Western-Australia.htm�.
A bit of a mouthful. But the point is, what you need to do is to give as many clues as
possible to Google, as to what your site is about.
So, in this case, when Google is looking at the code behind the page, and if you want
to look at the code behind the page, can just right click and go to �View Source�.
And down here this is all of the code. Now this looks kind of imposing, it looks
complicated, but I really would encourage you to learn a little bit about HTML, the
code behind your webpages, and what I�ve just highlighted here is the actual link code.
So, that is what Google sees. I�ll close that down for a second, and I�ve just pasted
the information into a Word document, so that you can see it more clearly.
So, as I say, what Google sees is a link to the base address, which contains the phrase
�SEO training�, and then it goes to another page, which contains the words SEO, Training
and Perth. Those are all clues that it�s about SEO training.
And, if that wasn�t enough, the anchor text which makes up the clickable text, that makes
up the link, the anchor text in this case is �SEO training�. So basically, everything
is on message. And also, if you have a look, the page that
it links to, is also about SEO training. So, this is heavily optimised, so that Google
gets the point, that this site is about SEO and it�s about training.
And that�s really what anchor links are about.
Now the same goes for any other SEO technique. Don�t overdo this. You wouldn�t want to
have lots and lots of links, on the same page with the anchor text �SEO Training�. Maybe
one would do the trick. And if you wanted to link to another page, you could use a variation
on a theme, don�t have exact copies as it were, and ideally don�t have heavily optimised
anchor text all point into the same page, because that could count against you. You�ve
got to remember that Google doesn�t mind a bit of optimisation but if you over optimise,
you are going to get penalised for it. But that�s really all anchor text is. It�s
the text that makes up the text, within a clickable link. So, in this case, as I say,
the anchor text for this particular link would be �SEO Training�.
It�s a great way of telling Google what your pages are about.

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