Seo Tutorial for Newbies Learn Search Engine Optimization

By | October 17, 2019

hi good morning Carly J here with
daily profit guru I am starting and SEO tutorial video series um to help people
understand how SEO works and what it is om there’s lots of people that get a little
nervous SEO Tutorial about I’ll as far as learning SEO it’s not hard at all I’m so I’m going to start off this SEO Tutorial at my blog and basically what I’m
going to do you know is I’m going to show you SEO Tutorial few searches in Google and
I’ll explain what exactly SEO yes now you know we’ve got Wikipedia of course you there there %uh
explanation is search engine optimization is the process and affecting the
visibility up a website or webpage SEO Tutorial in a search engine snatch or unpaid
organic search results this is true in a sense I’m but for me it’s more min art our site cheap such SEO Tutorial cell I’ve been doing SEO for 25-plus
years I’m and over that past 10-plus years I’m in a penny able to bring forty two
different blogs SEO Tutorial to the front page oats I’m Google and in doing so oMG I also been able to teach people
about SEO SEO Tutorial now what I can tell you for example I mean it SEO is being able to take a specific keyword phrase for example I
if we are using what is SEO you’re gonna see these results that are
coming up and you’re gonna see search related SEO Tutorial to what is STL cell as you can see with and Google F I highlighted what is STL you will see several SEO Tutorial I’ll listings that have started I whether it’s a blog web site or whatever
um you’re gonna see that they’re using that
phrase what they wanted to rank for so for
example SEO Tutorial if you were a plumber and South Dakota I cannot act group IQ monarchy and helped Kodak okay so SEO Tutorial as far as that goes if I highlighted that information what I’m when I want to explain here is is its
you were a plumber in South Dakota old you k easily take over this page and
let me explain why as you can see a plumber in South
Carolina is not showing up in those exact words SEO Tutorial cell what search engine optimization is is utilized teen a specific set of
keywords so that people can find you on the internet not only good goalie no
good call it works Fargo Yahoo being pretty much
any search engine SEO Tutorial it also works for Amazon very well it
works for eBay it works for Kickstarter any SEO is can be implemented on anything this on the internet I am even
social media video marketing all kinda stuff so SEO Tutorial understanding STL I’m is really quite
simple there there’s basic information that you watch lied about so that my
understanding ski absolute key to search engine
optimization is keyword research SEO Tutorial so like I had mentioned if you are AP saying I’m me think of something if you you have a hockey store take okay SEO Tutorial now understand that if you look here cares about 388,000 results now yes you are coffee store but what
kind of coffee store are you are you a copy store in California Ruia SEO Tutorial are we could even go as far as coffee
shop cell Vicky 2 ranking any kind a web page I any Amazon listing eBay listing
Kickstarter dish so much stuff out there um you want
she have what I call keyword concentration SEO Tutorial so instead %uh 8 bride I keyword phrase understand that a
phrase is more than two air more than one word so coffee shop
would be traced so as you can see there’s over 10 24 million results okay cell out a $224 million results white SEO Tutorial other were cheaper with coffee shop to described your coffee shop that well attract the people that you’re wanting
to sell cheap so for example let’s go through here and
look and copy shops share say for example we had a coffee shop in a new york city SEO Tutorial now if we concentrated on crappy show at
New York City now would be a totally different area so
you can see or down to ninety 8 million results I’ll and it’s always important when you’re thinking about what you want
me to write for to be specific cell if SEO Tutorial on let’s think about another example I’m
say for example we wanted to do I doubt about some
Amazon SEO secrets for example K shell as far as that what comes up bear I’m that’s more specific so we’ve
got five hundred fourteen thousand results which would be really easy to
rate for SEO Tutorial om on anything so I just want to explain
batch STL is about he works that your main ingredient now STL has
what they call several different types that SEO shell you will have I SEO Tutorial keywords that you’re going to you use
what they call on-page SEO for example on and there’s off page SEO there’s
picture s picture image STL and there’s a lot of
different information on each different are category when it comes to you arm STL so and it’s important and I’m gonna go through this in the
future videos it’s important issue to concentrate on that detail keyword I for example so I have one blog back so I will not hide SEO Tutorial by at private results and you can see
here sorry I’m by typing this keyword and’.
which I was being not very specific I’ll my blog for this specific around he were traced is ranking number one UK sour and there’s the of and that’s what
I wanted to mention here is outta nine hundred and sixty-five
thousand results I am drinking number one and its easily
do duplicate a ball cell I’ll go over a
very short portion at on-page SEO and explained why it works okay cell if I wanted to find out D and
domination SEO Tutorial and can only put okay so retiring stopped says you can see in your seemed a lot
and get Frank areas where I you’re finding the word DS
domination affiliate okay so and that’s what I will get into on earlier I am I’m sorry I’m later videos which I will go through the
on-page SEO on how to me. is a wordpress SEO Tutorial blog I did so easy to learn SEO for work rest it sound just so so he said he can’t
even explain it so what I want to mention here is is
your gonna take that specific keyword phrase SEO Tutorial and you’re going to put it on the page in a way that it’s not overly done so. good will get mad at you but you’re gonna do it in a way in a
specific way so that you will rank for that host now to what I want to
mention here is is it SEO Tutorial what time on-page SEO so on page SEO has to do with words it has to do with
links it has to do with pictures has to do
with a lot additional information and will be going into that on the next video do not give me feel free to on is that SEO Tutorial my blog I have lots of information on
their and oMG we will be continuing this SEO
tutorials for beginners or even seasoned people I’m I’ve seen a lot of videos on
SEO tutorials owners I have a different way of doing things I so there are some data some a technique stop it I don’t
agree with and I will go over this with you SEO Tutorial now I’m I would definitely and i got a
daily private guru and I opt into my list so that you’ll know when the next
videos come out an I will see you on the next video you
have a great day SEO Tutorial

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