SEO Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step Guide 2020

By | March 13, 2020

Hello my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s video a SEO tutorial a step-by-step guide to rank number one. so
this video is for anyone with a brand new website or a website that they want
to rank that their bootstrapping may be they’re on a budget anybody who wants a
competitive edge but maybe does not have a budget for expensive tools but wants
to rank on Google. so this video is for you it’s going to walk you through step by step a
workflow to do this a lot faster you pay for SEO tools but if you’re just starting
out if you want a competitive edge this tutorial will be for you so what we’re
gonna do for this particular campaign is going to be plumbing Iowa City now for
sake of example the very first step in any campaign is you need to find who
you’re up against you need to do some competitive analysis now we also will
call these seed sets or seed sites this is a workflow this is called a gaunt
chart you can use any chart you want you can use Excel files this is what we like
to use this is what I like to use now I’m gonna do things a little bit more
I’m gonna lay it out a little bit more than I normally would so you can grasp a
better understanding of the process and the workflow however the steps are going
to be a lot similar but a lot easier if you were using tools the very first
thing is we need to see who is ranking so adds snack pack Yelp we’re not going
to use any huge sites all right we want to see who’s the number one organic
ranker now this is gonna be a list site not a necessary business so here’s our
number one ranked IRR for this particular query now as you can see I’ve
literally pulled up the site so the very first thing we need to see is what is
Google rewarding for this particular query now stick with me I want to give
you a huge tip that’s going to help you out so stick with me here so we need to
see exactly what’s the word count what is Google rewarding for this particular
term so there’s a free tool that I like to use it’s called SEO
quake we’re gonna use that to grab a word count 856 now we’re gonna head back
over to the SERP and we’re gonna take a look at the number to rank or just to
see to get an idea of word counts for this particular query all right so we
know how big of a page we need in order to rank for this particular term all
right so this is 365 we have an 800 now let’s go on down here let’s go to a to Z
we’re gonna open this up this is just gonna be the third one we’re determining
and getting a good idea of word count so we’re gonna come over here to our chart
we’re gonna go ahead alright now we’re gonna add a task so we know that we want
at least 900 words all right now the next in our competitive analysis for our
homepage to get an edge is we need to see how many images are we working with
for this we’re gonna use a free tool called SEO meta in one click so the
number one ranked err has 14 images all right now let’s go over here to the
number two ranked er let’s see what they’re working with eight and then
we’ll go to the third rank er see how many images they have so for a
competitive edge we’re gonna do 15 images and then we just want to take a
look at the number one rank er we want to see not only their images but further
alt text are they using exact LSI or partial so we’re gonna take a look here
then we’re gonna take a look here alright they’re not using any keyword so
we can get an edge there okay alright so for alt text on all images we notice
that they’re using branded so we want to do 50% branded alright so 50% anchor
meaning we want to use partial and we also want to use exact match and LSI words so I’ll go ahead and write and I want to touch base on this quick
each query all right and I want it I want to lead you to this in case you
click off I want to at least give you this because this is a huge tip that
will help you out massively okay regardless of each string so say you’re
building out your website alright so right now what we’re doing is we’re
working on and I’m just gonna draw this out for to make things a little bit
easier let me go ahead and get a new sheet all right now I want to draw this
out to make it a little bit easier to understand so right now what we’re working on is the home page alright so this is home
now the home page is ranking for this search query so you always need to
double check and see what is Google rewarding for this search term because
we want to target this search term right so we can see that primarily they’re
rewarding home pages now every query might be different so for other queries
it may be service pages it may be a category page it might be a blog post so
each search string is going to be completely different as far as the means
of ranking so if it’s going to be a home page we need to do an analysis of what
Google is rewarding for this string so right now we know that our home page our
primary keyword which is there going to be our home page needs to have at least
900 words on page. 15 images the alt text 50% branded 50%
anchor which is made up of exact match partial match in LSI words so let’s say
and I’m just gonna do an on-off branch off of this if I’m a plumber
right probably offering he hot water heaters right so let’s go ahead and do a
hot water heater Iowa City right because we want to make it a local term so we’re
always gonna add on that extension Iowa ia or Iowa City it could be different
for any search okay so we’re gonna take a look here and we can see that it’s the
same exact guy is ranking number one in this particular
area this was our target demographic in our location so we can see that Google
is significantly rewarding this website for this string so we would do again a
competitive analysis we’d open it up for this search string and we can see ok he
has a page so ok we know that we need a page our own dedicated page it’s not a
post it’s a page and then we need to do analysis just like I’m walking you
through right now for this search string each search string each webpage each
post each blog post every single SERP every single search string is its own
entity alright Google is not rewarding the
whole entire site each page is its own separate entity so you need to look at a
website as that each page needs to have its own power alright don’t look at it
as a conglomerate even though it’s all working together and helping one another
each page is its own separate entity alright so what we’re walking through
right now as far as this competitive analysis and we’re doing it free I mean
we could speed up this process with an SEO tool this needs to be done for every
single search string alright so I wanted to make that point so now the very next
step alright so we have our word count we have our images and we have our alt
text now we need to determine especially if this is going to be a new build all
right if this is a new site and this is or a new client and this is going to be
a particular search string that we want to target we need to see,we can see
that this is the number-one-ranked er this is a really the first organic
ranker but we want to use literal brands this is like a list post but we want to
see now is Google rewarding age sites or can new sites get on the first page
because that’s going to help us determine if we need to get an expired
domain that matches our brand service or niche or if we could just do a fresh
build by the exact name that we want because
if Google is rewarding aged accounts it’s going to be significantly harder
for you to actually rank so we need to go ahead and do that so there’s a free
tool for that all right so in order to check this at
complimentary for free we’re gonna go to web website SEO checker com alright and
as you can see I’ve been here before now to get it a general idea and this is
also going to show us da and pa but we have a free tool called the Moz SEO tool
bar and there’s also a way to deep dive into links for free as well which we’ll
get into a little bit later in this SEO tutorial
but what really what I’m doing is I’m showing you this search string and this
particular process which could be sped up by using a SEO tool that’s paid but
this process so we want to go ahead and take a look now this particular action
that we’re doing right now this aged domain since this is our
primary keyword we’re ranking our homepage for this if this was your
primary keyword that’s why we’re checking the domain age because we want
to see to get on board do we need an expired domain yes or no all right so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take our number one rank er which is here and
we’re gonna add that in now we’re taking a look here and and this is a lot of
information that’s going to really help us out and and let’s take a look here so
we can see let me see here aged 10 years 6 years and 19 year old domain so this
is a new new campaign and this is something that you want to target we can
we can see that we need an aged domain in order to even get on board now that’s
not saying that you cannot get on board with a new domain but it’s going to be a
lot more difficult and it’s going to be an uphill battle so for this particular
string if this was going to be your homepage and this is the industry that
you’re in for this SERP I would want to start with an expired domain alright
something that matches my brand in my service now we want to take a
look at DA & PA personally I like to use majestic for TF
and CF to determine because really looking at link strength and links and
and all of those types of metrics it’s really a trust factor with the tool so
you can use any tool you want but just for this tutorial because it’s faster
it’s free and it’s easy we’re gonna use da MPA which is a Moz metric so we’re
gonna go ahead and just take a look at these sites one by one and really what
we’re looking at and in particular is the referring domains not necessarily
the overall amount of links but how many referring domains and how powerful are
those referring domains so this is going to determine how many links we need to
build at what power and how fast alright so a quick a quick edit I wanted to put
in here before I get into the link section before I get into you know the
anchor texts and any of the other you know parts of the tutorial I want to say
this because some you may see this and begin implementing some of the
strategies that are contained inside of this tutorial so what I want to say is
before you start your link building and analysis it will be very wise to take a
very very small budget and it’s completely irrelevant of where you spend
the budget but in order to build links there has to be an event which means
there has to be some type of traffic especially early on
so before you deep dive into any link building or anything at all there’s a
few things that you need to make sure that you do and I’m gonna gloss over
this very quickly and then we’ll get back into the regular scheduled program
you want to make sure that maybe even if you’re just spending $2 or $3 a day on
the cheapest traffic you can get from Facebook or
maybe you want to run any ads it doesn’t matter you could run a click ad on
Reddit very cheap right so make sure that before you start your link building
make sure you’re getting some traffic to your website the second thing I want to
touch on is make sure you build out all of your social entities and start
posting about your site the third thing is is if you find one even if it’s cheap
even if it’s inexpensive however you want to look at it it would be advisable
to get at least a press release set up your social profiles and get some
traffic to your site so now we’re gonna get into the link building portion and
remember this is a short tutorial there’s a lot that I don’t cover but
there’s a lot that I’m touching on and this will certainly get you on track now
generally with the campaign we want to rank with six months or under so any
equation that we’re going to factor in we want to factor from a six month
standpoint alright so let’s go ahead and take a look here so we see a hundred and
twenty eight links at a P a 25 and that’s for this search term as you can
see I’m looking at the page Authority not the domain Authority now that’s on
purpose so we’re looking at the page strength how many links are going to
this page because this page not the whole site is who we are competing with
all right so let’s go ahead and move on now so we have 135 links at a PA 26 we
have 93 links PA 24 and a PA 25 so we’re looking at at least a at least a hundred
links um but we might be able to get there a little bit faster and easier by
building more powerful links so we’re gonna need at least 50 backlinks right so
then we have 50 links we know that we could build successfully to a week right
and we’re probably going to meet our mark but each of those links need to be
high highly powerful and highly relevant to
our niche now the best way to go ahead and do this because what we want to do
is we want to go to the all of the anchor text on this page all right now I’m
not going to go through this but what I would do is every single one of these
rancors to determine alright how many links we can acquire that are powerful
that Google wants to see already we’re gonna go we’re gonna take this number
one ranked er and what you want to do is go through every single page on this
SERP regardless of the SERP so this SERP what right now what we’re doing is we’re
targeting plumber Iowa City okay but say we wanted the target hot water heater
installation Iowa City that’s going to be a whole new search term a whole
different set of websites a whole different this process that we’re walking through
we’re gonna do it again for every single string so what we’re gonna do to
determine the links that we could get for free or easily we’re gonna take that
site we’re gonna put it in now that’s this site we’re gonna go through their
link profile by the highest quality links first and then each of those links
we want to see if we can go out and build them all right and each of these
sites that are on this SERP we’re gonna do this for so we’re gonna get the site
we’re gonna go here we’re gonna put it in and we’re gonna look at their
backlink profile and then we’re gonna see if we could build any of those links
for free alright and we’re gonna go through every single site on the first
page every single site but not Yelp not Angie’s List or Better Business Bureau
sites that we are actually in competition with all right we’re not
gonna beat these power players so we’re not going to analyze their backlink
profiles we are going to analyze the backlink profiles of our competition you
should be able to get your fifty or a hundred but if not that is when the
creative link building process will begin so we know the links
and we know that we can build to a week all right so I went through the process
of doing an analysis now the next step is figuring out the anchor text
what is the anchor text that they’re using so again you would use the top
three sites for anchor text but for this example I’m just gonna show you one all
right so we’re taking a look here now let’s go to anchor text I would do the
top three ranking sites that are not power players and for this instance that
would be Angie’s List ,Yelp etc ,etc or Better Business Bureau I think is on
this SERP so we could see that this is gonna be a general or a generic this is
branded now you can see here that this right here is an exact match but that’s
only 6% so what we would do is we would go through the top three Google ranker’s and I can pretty much almost guarantee what you’re going to see is very similar for
each of the rewarded sites for this serve alright so we what we want to do
is we want to hit this 30 percent all right and we’re gonna go over here to
our processes and we want to make sure that we’re getting 30 percent generic
which is going to be very easy 50 percent branded and then the rest right
so total amount which is going be 20% of us will write it out 20% exact alright
and now I’m I’m assuming that the rest have this anchor text profile all right
because this is what they’re rewarding so for this page to match improve and
beat what we’re gonna do here and I’ll give you another four instances now that
we know that this is the anchor text for the links that’s being rewarded for this
SERP by Google what we want to do is our most powerful links the best links
regardless I don’t know if you’re using a PBN if you’re doing guest posting
guest blogging whatever the case is your most pow
powerful links that you can acquire whether it’s free or paid goes that 20%
of exact matches you want to make sure that those are the most powerful links
that you can acquire now sometimes you may not be able to get a powerful link
and be able to select your anchor text right a lot of the times actually so the
best way is going to use branded so really you want to do branded and exact
and make sure that those are your most powerful links are the exact match now
let’s go ahead and just take a quick look here we know that this particular
company is number one so what we want to do is we want to see as Google rewarding
pages or posts I know that this is my new PO then we need to see how many
pages how big is the site so we’re gonna go ahead and just take a look at that on
the number-one-ranked er alright and then we’re gonna go to the number two
ranked and do the same exact thing. all right so they have 38 pages so
they’re using pages for this site and they have 38 so keep that in mind so
what we’re looking at here is this is the actual number one rank er that is
not a literal business it’s just a directory or a page but I want to see
because they are the number one organic ranking how big is this site so let’s
just take a look here and I’m I’m assuming that it’s relatively large but
we’re just doing a competitive analysis we want to take a look so we’re going to
head over here to our home page which is this is going to be our home page build
this is from our competitive analysis what we have determined what we need to
build out for this page what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a look here and
we’re gonna say okay we need pages at twenty all right so I feel if we were to
build out at least twenty pages and this is just a note because now we need to
look at the other pages we’re going to build for our site now I’m gonna go
ahead and walk you through that briefly but this process that we just went
through and I went through relatively quickly there’s a little bit
more detail but this will really get you on the right path we’re doing a service
based business the next step is going to be alright what services do I offer and
then make your list let’s say you offer 10 services excellent so now we need to
do our keyword research to determine two things one we’ll come over here now we
need to figure out okay we offer these services and there’s two things that we
need to determine now for each SERP just like we did in the very beginning we
need to figure out which service do we offer the next thing is is which one of
those services what search string right so furnace repair IO or ia because we’re
in Iowa we need to see which one is going to work best for our business
which one gets the most traffic and then I would look at the CPC the cost per
click because if somebody is paying a high amount for a click then we know
that that’s high converting so it needs to be a equal an equal part CPC is high
and the traffic is high because we won a lot of we want at least a decent amount
of traffic if it’s a local string it will probably be 10 or 20 searches per
month but that’s okay if it’s a high CPC we know that it’s a high converting
offer or a product or service whatever the case is so that would be your
keyword research it needs to be here’s my services and then we need to figure
out which one is getting the most amount of volume and which has the highest CPC
and then what we would do is let’s say that for instance water heater leaking
perfect so we would go back over to the SERP and we would do water heater
leaking so if you repair leaky water heaters that could be on your list like
we determined over here if leaky water heaters is one of your
services and we know it has a good cost per click and we know that it has a good
search volume then we need to see okay we’re gonna go
over here to the SERP and we’re gonna do leaking water heater Iowa and then we
need to see who’s in the top position and then we’re gonna look at our next
service and we’re gonna figure out what’s the process for this page what’s
the process for this page what’s the process for this page now with that
being said each page will not need all of the links but as you start building
out your service pages you can start building one or two links to those pages
too depending on the links that the competition for the SERP winner is
receiving if you have any questions regarding local seo, seo digital
marketing really anything at all keyword research or if you need a SEO tutorial for
your site please ask in the comments below and I look forward to seeing you
in the next SEO tutorial step by step video have a wonderful day.

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