Seo Trick 2019 | Understanding Rank Brain For Better SEO | Hindi

By | August 14, 2019

Hello friends, my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies and today we’ll talk about Rank Brain. If you understood Rank Brain You’ll be able to do seo of your website. Google’s many employees have told us that that Rank brain is one of their important factor With the help of which We judge the website. Let’s understand Rank brain I searched something on google. Like Best mic for youtubers. for example And we see many results We select the first search and didn’t like the result So we went back to results page. And viewed more results. And we finally get our results on the third result. Now what happens here. Now google here thinks that third result is more important Because google result’s is to give best results. Less hardwork for it’s users. Google doesn’t want it’s users to keep on searching for more results. Now you had to go to third result, so where do you need to go to find your answer? On Quora. Now Quora will become it’s competition which is becoming nowadays Alternative of this is Google gives you the desired result on the first page. Now to find the best results, it’s mechanism is Based on your screen on time. Which is called Dwell time. I went to a page and spent 10 seconds. on second page 15 sec, and on third page 5 minute Google will consider you important Because of the time. I am not the only one who is doing this. There’s one more thing. One important factor is: People are clicking You searched a keywords on google Whether you click on first , second, third And chances are , People sometimes click on second result than first. First result is not important. So this is one of it’s factor Now we’ll exploit this How can we use this in our website The title of the website Should be very atttractive. THe person asking for a query should be fulfilled. Everything should be decided before publishing your content. And the keyword we want our page to rank at And then i have to write the content of that website. Your keyword should be decided. Now the description part We need to write description in such a way that Because many times, Whenever we search on google, we do read the description Sometimes we get our answer from it’s description itself. So description should be organised and precise. That the person definitely clicks on the link. IF possible , do add site links. So that the link redirects the user to the answer, How can we increase dwell time? Means if person clicked on the link What do we need to do? Increase the speed of your site. Means a good hosting service. When the person clicks on your website. Don’t make heavy websites. IF you are into blogging Where ranking factor is important Where competition is high And content is good Then your page speed matters a lot And your content should be good Now the content you are writing in your page. Whatever you are doing Write comprehensive content What we have discussed in our series of blogging. We need to write everything in points. Not just for the sake of no of words. We need to write the important content initially Use as many bullets you can. As many images you can. Bold text to hightlight the important content. We can add reference More the content more the dwell time Important thing If our page length is long Normally i’ve seen people They write a blog of 1000 words maximum. This decreases the chances of high dwell time. Logically think here Person came and read your whole blog But he returned in just seconds because your blog was small. Google will think that you didnot give the desired result. Doesn’t matter if your content is good or not. Now he goes to a website whose content is not like you, But his page is so long that the user is keep on scrolling His dwell time is increasing. Means retention time. Now because of this retention time, google thinks this page is better So we need to increaser the length of our content. This was the biggest tip of SEO On page optimization. If you understood this trick You’ll be the king of SEO. Our Course is going to about this in full details. Okay friends, video ends here. I hope you liked it. If any doubts, do ask me Do share your point of view How can you exploit the information i gave you. Do share some tricks. on how to increase dwell time. Attractive titles, How to write attractive description Do share your views on this. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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