SEO Trends In 2019 – Things to do now!

By | August 20, 2019

Hi there! I’m Jay and today I am going to tell you FOUR
SEO trends for 2019, that if you’re not already, should be doing now! Today I am going to talk about Mobile First SEO, Voice Search, Video Content, and an old favourite that should never be forgotten, User Experience Let’s get straight into it first with, Mobile
First SEO and Mobile Friendly Websites These days we have the entire internet in
the palm of our hand. So it’s no wonder people are using it to search
for products and services. But with 60 – 90% off all Google searches,
depending on the industry, happening out of a Mobile there is no wonder they introduced
“Mobile First Indexing” in March of 2018. Mobile first indexing is essentially just
giving a lot more weight into whether or not your site is mobile friendly. Speaking of things being in the palm of your
hand, Virtual Assistants. Voice Search. Cortana. Google. Siri. And, Alexa. These weird robotic ladies of our lives that
can make calls, book haircuts, or even just order products straight to your homes these
days. In 2019, this trend will only grow. For example, Google voice searching is already
about 1 in 5 of every Mobile Search. So that mean’s out of every Google Search
in general, that means roughly 12% of those are voice searches. A lot of people argue that Voice Searching
isn’t going to be a thing. But the truth is, it’s already here in a big
way. So you should be optimising for Voice Search
as well. Long Tailed Voice Orientated Keywords, Local
SEO, and make sure your results show up as a Featured Snippet. So what do I mean when I say long tailed voice
orientated keywords and local seo. Well I can give a pretty good example. Hey Siri, where’s the closest burger place? THR1VE is the closest option I see. It appears to serve Burger and averages 4
stars. Want to try that one? Uh, No it’s okay, thank you though. You’re welcome. So if it’s already a thing, why wouldn’t you
try capitalise on the market. And if it goes away in the future, it’s no
wasted effort. At least you did what is currently trending. 2 trends down, and 2 more to go. But if this video has been helpful so far,
and you like how I’m delivering this information. Then liking this video goes a long way in
telling me to create more content like this. So the next trend is Video Content. What we’re doing now. Video Content is huge. It’s been important for a long time, and at
the rate it’s growing it will continue to be incredibly important. If you aren’t already working on Video Content,
and I don’t mean facebook and instagram stories despite those being an important part. What I mean is actual SEO optimised full production
video content. Then you might want to start looking at it
for 2019, cause it’s only getting bigger. Afterall, Youtube has over 1 Billion Users,
1/3 of online activity is estimated to be Video Watching, 92% of mobile video viewers
share the video after. Speaking of Mobile, don’t forget to add those
captions to your content. 85% of videos viewed on a mobile are without
sound, so subtitles and captions really increase your viewer retention. And the overall, User Experience is good. Which brings me to my last trend, and it’s
kind of a trend that’s not going anywhere. It’s User Experience. User Experience is incredibly important. And it will always be incredibly important. Which is why I think it’s so crucial to always
remind people with an A.I. like Rank Brain playing such an important role in deciding
where you rank in Google or overall watch time the reason why you’re video will rank. It can never be understated how important
user experience is. You may be able to get people to your site,
or to start watching your video but can you deliver the information or content to them
in a way that keeps them on your site. or keeps them till the end of the video. And so on this topic, I have a challenge for
you. It would be brilliant if you could leave your
answer in the comments with the #BeBetter. Out of these Four trends, or any other focus
you might have for this year, what do you want to be better at? What are you going to focus on? Are you going to work on User Experience? Are you going to work on optimising your video
content? Let me know in the comments, I look forward
to reading it. And we can all #BeBetter together. And that’s all four trends, voice search,
video content, Mobile first, and user experience. We make videos weekly, and we’d love for you
to subscribe or comment about what more you want to see. Thanks for watching!

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