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By | August 24, 2019

SEO stands for �search engine optimisation� Search engine optimisation is basically about
getting your website found better within google search
engine results. Now at the end of the day, if I can�t get good results from my websites,
I have no business teaching you how to do it for your
websites. So let�s see how well I do, if I type in
something like �SEO training Perth� which is basically what I do,
I do SEO, I do training and I�m based in Perth, and if you look at these results here,
you can see the first three here, this one, this one and this
one, are actually labelled as adverts as you can see. Now
in order to be displayed up there you have to pay an awful lot of money to google, it�s
what is called paid results and it�s basically an auction
system where the more you pay the higher up you�re going
to be in this listing here, or indeed this listing down the side here, so basically all
of these ones down the side and up the top, so there�s three
up the top here and there�s all these ones down the side.
The only reason they are displayed there is because they paid an absolute fortune to google
in many cases to be displayed there, and that�s
called paid advertising. So the first three and the ones down
the side, that�s paid advertising. I show you how to get displayed in what�s
called the �organic results�. So if we move down a bit, so
if I just go up there so you can�t see the adverts anymore. The organic results are displayed
here and as you can see the first one here if you look
at the website is, the second
one is, the third one is also, which
just happens to be my website. So as you can see
you type in SEO training Perth and the first three
results in this case, that one, that one and that one are my websites.
Now if you think about it I�m in the worst possible field because by definition all my
competitors are SEO companies, all supposed to be experts
in SEO, and as you can see despite that I�ve actually
bagged the first three spots there for SEO training in Perth. If you come on our training
courses here in Perth or if you sign up for our online
training resources, I�ll show you exactly the same techniques
that I use, I can�t guarantee you�ll get on the first page but here you are you can
see it, you can try it yourself on your own computer, I get pretty
good results there, and if I widen things out and get rid
of the word �Perth� again we�ve got three adverts here, and we�ve got a whole
bunch of adverts down the side and happily look who�s first,
ah that would be me again, and at the risk of showing off
it can be done. It�s not a fluke, if I go to YouTube, so
here we are in YouTube, let�s try the same phrase �SEO
Training� again you�ve got adverts at the top so they probably paid a fortune for
these, and look who�s first, ah that would be me. My name is David Murray, there it is, and
if you have a look there that video has be watched over
200 000 times which is not bad for a free advert. And if you want to try a differing
phrase, you know if you know what you�re doing you can basically
promote a range of phrases so instead of training let�s try SEO tutorials. Right and let�s
see what we get. The usual adverts at the top and me again,
and if we scroll down a little bit, ah me again, and if we scroll down a little bit
more, more me and if we scroll down a little bit more you can see
I�m there. So basically I�ve got one, two, three, four of
my videos displayed on the very first page of YouTube when you type in something like
SEO tutorials. And as you�ve seen over 200 000
people have watched this video and I have lots of other
videos apart from just that one. So do the maths it�s a very, very easy way of getting
potential customers and basically it�s free. You�ve
got to know what you�re doing, you�ve got to invest time
and effort but the good news is it�s not too much time and it�s not too much effort.
SEO can be done by people without technical skills, you don�t need programming skills
or anything like that, you just need to know what google
likes and what google doesn�t like, and there is about
200 factors google takes into account when it determines which page solicited first and
which page gets solicited last. Some of them are positive,
some of the are negative, some of those factors have
much more weight than others, but basically you�ve just got to know what you�re doing
and how to do it and it is as simple as that. At the end of the day the best person to do
the SEO is you, you know your business, you know the
sort of phrases people are going to use to find your product or service and it really
is best if you do the SEO yourself. Now the good news about SEO is that it�s
not difficult, it�s not technical, you don�t have to do any
programming or anything like that basically you just need to know what to do. So remember,
SEO stands for �Search engine optimisation�
and SEO is basically all about getting your website found as
high up as possible on the google search engine results If you�re not using SEO chances are, you
competitors are. In which case, you�re losing business. If
your competitors show up better in google for a particular phrase, you�re losing business,
you�re losing customers, it�s as simple as that. So if you want to check out our courses, basically
we has two types of courses we have the online training courses or we have psychical seminars
run here in Perth in Western Australia. So anyway I will leave it there, check out
the website, see what you think, look at the free tutorials
on YouTube, on the website there is loads and loads of free stuff on there as well,
got any problems go to the website, email me, basically we�re
just a tiny little company, you know we are what you
see basically, I own the company I run the company, you know we try and be as transparent
as possible, open as possible and we don�t
try and trick people. And most of our business comes in as I
say via either YouTube or google and increasingly a lot of business is actually referred to
us now which is let�s face it, the best way to
get business. I�ve actually been in the SEO business since
1996, which is actually two clear years before google was
actually formed. Google was formed in 1998 I think it was that it was formed. You might
think �but how is that possible?� well believe it or
not there were search engines around before google, it�s just
kind of dominated everything so I�m kind of showing my age here but back in the day
there were things like search engines called Alta Vista,
Lycos and Ask Geeves a whole lot of these early search
engines which have kind of disappeared really they�ve sort of bitten the dust and google
just sort of took over everything. So as I say I�ve been
doing SEO since 1996, I have about half a dozen business,
they are all based on internet advertising, I don�t pay a penny in real advertising,
I�ve never use yellow pages, why would I? I never advertise
in the newspapers, I�ve never employed any sales
people and as I say I�ve been going continuously since 1996 with my first website and I have
about half a dozen different businesses. All of
which basically as I say rely totally on either YouTube or
google for promotion and you know it�s just the best way of doing things. The return on
investment is brilliant because you just don�t have
to lay out all this money to advertising companies. Anyway I�ll leave it with you, any questions,
check out the website, email me, call me and as I say
just check out the free resources and then check out as I say either the online training
materials or if you�re lucky enough to live in warm and
beautiful Western Australia come and see us on the
seminars in Perth.

5 thoughts on “SEO Training Seminars Perth, Australia | Plus Online SEO Training Courses

  1. SSETrader Post author

    Great to see you back David, I notice you work a lot with WordPress , will your SEO tactics work as easily with Wix sites etc ?

  2. David Murray Post author

    You might want to consider changing over to a WordPress site.  You will have a lot more control over your SEO.  Have not seen Wix for a while, but used to be not so good from and SEO point of view.

  3. SureBettor Post author

    How is this video different from your #1 SEO Tutorial for Beginners ? seems you're saying the same script word for word.

  4. Shanni Sins Post author

    Hello there David! I've recently come upon your channel via links on TAFE Connect and I must say, your tutorials are great! Thank you for making these tutorials, I hope to see more!

    Hope to see more soon!


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