SEO Title: How This Starts The SEO Romance!

By | August 22, 2019

As an expert in your space, it’s
important to start off the conversation with a bang and that starts with your
title also known as a title tag. And that’s we’re going to talk about today. So, there are a lot of geeky elements when
you talk about search engine optimization. I’m gonna cover one topic
today that will make a huge difference in your find ability. It’s called the
title tag. The title tag, think of it like a title of a book or a title of a video.
It’s a very important indication of what is that page or video about? So, when
we’re talking about titles, we always want to make sure that we’re writing
these titles not only so that it looks great in search results but also that it
has a keyword phrase in there for findability. So, let me walk you through
an example of what a title tag would look like? Let’s take a look at a title
tag and had a really craft one not only for user experience but for findability.
So, what you’re seeing here is I’m going to search one of our clients called Kay
Francis. She is a motivational stress management speaker. So, I’m going to go
ahead and google Kay Francis. Now Kay has an interesting issue where there was a
screen star from the 1920s. And her name was also Kay Francis. So, over time we’ve
had to slowly optimize her content, her photos, her title tag to make sure that
it ranks under here. Now, we’re finally making some progress. So, you’ll see here
on my screen that we’ve got Kay Francis on Wikipedia and number 2 is my client
Kay Francis. Finally, it’s taken over a year to finally get her at the top and
not the dead 1920 screen star that you’ll see on the
right hand side here. Now, as I scroll. Now, what you’ll see here is that we want to
make sure that we have a nice, beefy title tag. Oh, I’m so excited because look
at this one: All of her… Do you see here? These are are her videos now. So, we’ve
been slowly pushing the dead Kay Francis off the page so that the live Kay Francis,
motivational speaker. Look at her title tags. These are the
titles of her videos. So, just like a title tag in a website, you have a title
for a video and a title for a vlog. Very important. Now, what you’ll notice about
Kay’s titles is that we’ve baked in a keyword. Here you’ll see Kay Francis,
funny motivational speaker Kay Francis. Then you’ll see stress management
speaker. So, we want to make sure that we’re getting the key word into the
title tag. Now guys, I don’t know if you remember from the 80s but there’s a
thing called a mullet. Do you guys remember that? Business in the front
party in the back. If you google it, it’s really very
entertaining. But a mullet I like to think about is because you want to get
the keyword at the front and then your you can say anything you want on the
back. Now, what happens is by following business in the front that’s where you
have the keyword like Kay has. Gere stress management. And then party in the back is
anything you want to say. So maybe an example might be stress management, colon, a
speaker with real-world outcomes to reduce stress. Now, real-world outcomes to
reduce stress is not findable. But stress management : real-world examples on how
to reduce stress. That’s perfect because we have a keyword member, the business in
the front and then we have a colon or a pipe and then we have our creative party
in the back. So, remember that when you’re writing title tags, key word first
creativity second. Let’s take a look at how we can use titles in other ways. So,
right now I’m showing you the screen capture 4k. Now, we’ve gone ahead and
looked at her videos. But let’s go over and see what’s a title tag for an image?
Remember that google images is the number two way people search on Google.
We love pretty pictures. You’ll see here that we still have Kay Francis is still
owning this page. However, we’re starting to get… Oh, we got 2 in here now. This
has been incredibly difficult to bump her off. Because she has all of this
content. And we’re trying to get Kay, the live Kay Francis in here. So, what
you’ll see is I’m going to speech. Click on this. Now, this is a picture from a the
speaker agency. Like a speaker’s bureau. Now, what you’ll
see here is that we’ve got her name first.
The reason this image ranks here is because her name is right in the title
of the image. Now, let’s go down here. Here’s another one of Kay. This is from cap
city speakers. And again you’ll see it shows up because her name is right there
in the title of that image. Also called the alt text. Or alt text. Now, when you go
into a WordPress website, that’s really really easy to go in and adjust a title
tag. So, let me show you what that looks like. So, I’m going to take you in to the
back of my website. Now, if I have a WordPress website. So, it’s not going to
look the same if you have a Wix website or a Squarespace or something that is…
That is proprietary. You’re not going to get that. So, I put these CAPTCHAs on my thing
thinking that was really be a really good idea. But then again I don’t really
do math. And I put a math CAPTCHA on here. So, good job. Okay, let’s make sure I can
get that one. That was an easy one. Thank goodness. So, when you come into a page in
your website, there’s going to be certain elements that you’re gonna want to look
for. So, just open up any page in your website. I’m just going to go to all pages.
And I’m going to go into here. This is one of my latest blog posts. I’m going to hit
“edit”. Right as you come into the page, you’ll see it says customer journey map.
I can do better than that. Even as a teacher, I can always improve.
So, we have customer journey map. I’ve actually got like a ridiculous amount of
search volume. It was like 380 searches a month. That’s a lot over the course of a
year. So, I definitely wanted to optimize my page about with that phrase. If I’d
optimize it for Candyland map, like that was my inspiration but it’s not how
people are searching. So, if I just put canula and map in there, no one would
find it. Because I’m just talking to myself. But if I put in customer journey
map, then I’m able to actually get it in front of people who don’t might know my
material but should. Now, let’s make this a mullet title. So, customer journey map.
I’m going to put a “:”. I’m going to put how to speak to every customer quickly and
easily. So, what I want you to see is that I added the party in the back. Remember,
business in the front, party in the back is customer journey map : pipe -… Just a
visual separator and then how to speak to every customer quickly and easily.
Then I’m just going to hit update. Now, when Google comes back and indexes that page
I have a beautiful clickable title. And it’s got the keyword in it and it also
has a little bit of interesting fun. Because SEO can be really boring. If it’s
just about inserting the keyword, that’s not very interesting.
So, the mullet title helps you to not only stay focused on the keyword but
then also to make sure that it packs a punch, right? It it teases them in… I
call it romancing the click. You want to romance the click in that you’re going
to put the keyword first but then you’re gonna really write something that makes
them want to click. So, title tags. Very important google. Loves a title tag. Make
sure to get the keyword in there. Tell Google right out of the gate. This is
what you are and then dazzle the searcher and elicit that click by
writing something really captivating and creative. Man, I love this SEO stuff. And
if you’re enjoying learning all these little tidbits about how to become the
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