SEO Tips – Strategies to Conquer Google Algorithm Updates

By | August 15, 2019

Welcome to SEO on the Sofa. Today we are going
to bring you our SEO from the boardroom actually and we’re going to be talking about some information
that I picked up at Grow Conference which is Hubspot’s conference in Sydney recently.
We’re going to be looking at some slides from Matthew Barby which relates to algorithm updates
and how often Google is changing their algorithm and we’re thinking about from August 2018
to today, the number of times Google has actually ran an algorithm update is actually mind-boggling.
From August, September then late in September, then again in December, then again in January,
then again in February there was an algorithm update, there was another one in March, there
was another one in May. These used to happen maybe once or twice a year. There’s been heaps
in 2019 already, there was another one in June and what I want to talk about is how
to SEO-proof your business so that these algorithm updates don’t affect you. So what has changed
basically is the ‘Intent Matching’ and this is what Matthew was talking about: How Google
looks at the content on your site and how they match that to results and Google is basically
favouring our precise content over broader content. So what that means is instead of
having to write these big long blogs like we used to, a thousand words or 2000 words,
huge pages; we can start breaking that up into smaller content that is a little bit
more precise. So if you’re a landscaper in Sydney and you write this massive long article
on landscaping that covers everything from garden maintenance to landscaping for hotels
to landscaping for homes, you can start breaking that up into more niche kind of topics, and
Google’s going to favour that and start showing that as the results in their content. So that’s
a little bit there about what’s changing, again these slides come from Matthew Barby
which is from Hubspot’s conference that I was at recently. Really interesting stuff
and Good Luck.

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