SEO Tips – Getting started with Keyword research

By | September 6, 2019

Hello I’m Andrew from
I’m going to talk to you about SEO and keywords. Keywords are really valuable
they’re a thing that you can spend a lot of time on they’re a real rabbit hole
you can fall down doing keyword research. But you’ll never regret spending a good
few hours quite often looking into the keywords
and doing some keyword research for your website and your customers.
The key thing with keywords is intent. Thinking about what it is that those people are
searching for something what is it they’re looking for.
Some people talk about these in three terms so transactional , navigational or informational.
What is it they’re looking to do it they’re looking for information
about something, are they looking to navigate somewhere go somewhere in
particular, or they’re looking to buy something, transactional.
Google has another way of talking about this they call it do, go, or
no, so when you’re doing your keyword research some good buckets to try and
put those kind of things into, is those kind of three buckets. That’s a great way
to start thinking about the intent behind a keyword. When you’re doing some keyword research start really broad. Do some brainstorming think about with your colleagues or better yet your customers. What are the things that people are
searching for that they might come to your website and actually then be able
to find that information or find that product. Do a real good brainstorming
session and look at the data that you’ve already got. If you’ve got Google Analytics
on your website or Google search console or something you already have a lot of
data in there telling you what it is people are searching for when they come
to your website. Use that as a great starting off point to build up your
keyword research. When you’re building that list things like post-its are
really handy. You can start using those there’s a bit Millenial but when you
have that kind of wall when you can write things on a post-it and start sticking
them on a wall or sticking them on a whiteboard or any space you can find in
your office. That’s a really handy way to start building up your list of keywords.
Or you can do it on a kind of online post it equivalency tool like Trello is
useful for that kind of thing or if you’re like me you can just build a
massive spreadsheet and start building up from there. Once you’ve got a start of
your keyword list you want to expand it even more. A good tool to use for this is
Google itself you go into Google and stick in your keyword or your key phrase
scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see a little list it will say
their search is related to or people also searched for. Write all those terms
down as well add them into your list. Another tool that Google have is called
Google Trends. Go onto Google Trends you can put in your keyword term or phrase
again it will help you find some related searches, people also search for this
people that look for that also look for that. Write all those down stick them in.
Another great tool that I like to use is a thing called
it’s really good for finding questions that people are asking and related to
those terms like ‘what is the best dog food’ or ‘where can I get dog food’ ‘what’s
the cheapest dog food’ answer the public will help you find all those things to.
Write all those down stick them in your list. All of this stuff is the basics of
keyword research starting with that idea of the thing or the product that you
have that you know you want to sell thinking about the intent behind it and
then expanding that keyword list out. Getting as broad as you possibly can. In
the next video I’ll give you some ideas about what you do with that list next
and how you can start trimming it down to focus it on your customers and your

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