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By | September 17, 2019

Hello this is Jessica Brozyna here from LA Dezign
today I’d love to tell you a little bit about SEO what I have prepared for you is
five basic SEO tips if you ask what is SEO it’s search
engine optimization to start its basically certain techniques that will
help you get your site found on goodle results page no one can guarantee you a first page
but there are certain certain things that you can
do to improve it first thing that I would recommended is having a
good website because all the effort in the world is not gonna help you
if somebody shows up at your website and it looks unprofessional
and they don’t like what they see or they don’t know even what you do so many times
I see websites where someone has thrown things togther and it’s not
clear what they’re offering and the visitors are going to just leave
you have seconds to communicate what you offer and to whom so let’s start with that before you do any
marketing activities the next step is figure out which keywords you want to target
because if you’re being found for things you don’t wanna be found for because you wrote a random blog post
about something then it’s not going to help you because if people are coming
to your site for searches for cars or TV’s but you sell hair shampoo then that’s not ultimately in your best interest
you want to figure out exactly what keywords you want to be found for and then start to put them on your website and I’ll give you some examples
of how you can do that to find keywords in terms of how many volumes what the search volume is you can use tools like
google add words as a keyword tool there are also other SEO
software Programs available you can find them by searching
on google some are SEM rush or MOZ I find those two to be
really helpful so find your keywords figure out where the volume is
and look for longer tale phrases that are really specific do what you do
sometimes by adding a geographic area to the keyword you can get more targeted searches the next step is to just write good content
write something that’s interesting try to write what you’re interested in or what your
passionate about and put keywords in there so if you’re going to
be selling hair shampoo you might want to put a page on
your site best hair shampoo for blondes really long tale specific and then if you have
another product maybe best conditioner for brunets or something like
that so being long tale specific and having multiple
pages with the names of the pages being that key word
and having that key word in your URL so rather than having forward slash XYZ having forward slash hair shampoo and then having the page called hair shampoo so that was one little stratagy for using the right
keywords on your website to use the rights keywords after you’ve picked them and then the next step is update
your site often you know if your site is current then it looks more
important to google because it’s active or bing or whatever search engines your considering google is the
most used so also um make sure your blog is on your site a lot of people
will create a separate blog site and link to it from
their current site but that takes away the value of the updated content from your current business
website or personal brand um… good ideas think about what you want your readers to to be
reading and what they would like to share because you can’t
just send out write marketing materials sales pitches
nonstop on your blog you want to write something that people are interested
in reading and will tell their friends about it
will show that you’re important and an expert in your field and the next part I would
recommend the next step is writing clear meta titles and meta descriptions A lot of people don’t know what these are but most
software content management systems will have a place for you to write in the meta’s and in wordpress you can download
a great plug in called all in one SEO pack which
allows you to put in the meta title and descriptions there you want to put in the keywords
and you want to make it really clear to somebody what your website is
about this helps tell google what your site is about
but also your meta title and description which show up after somebody
searches for the keyword and your on a google page so having something
really clear there this is the underlying text on google
so make sure that’s clear and concise and really accurate to what you do the next lasted step that I would recommend is getting good links from pages with high google page rank alexa tool bar is one tool bar you can install that will tell
you what the page rank is of a certian website so i recommend you get that and don’t
look for quantity of links look for quality it’s better to
get two links if they’re from and let’s say great sites
like The Wall Street Journal or Harvard Business Review then 10 links from tiny little blogs that aren’t
updated frequently and hardly anybody reads they would have a lower
page rank so keep all those tips in mind and best of luck in your search efforts next week
we’ll be talking about local search strategies so thank you so much

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