SEO tips for Photographers| How to build your keyword list?

By | September 20, 2019

Hello guys, my name is Feuza Reis. I’m a wedding
photographer and blogger and I also host a SEO program called Get Found with Fuse. On
my Facebook wall, I’m going to be sharing lots of tips so make sure you like my page for you to look for the keyword tips of the
week. Every Thursday, we’re going to have a keyword Thursday or every other Thursday
and I’m going to pick a genre of photography and share with you some keywords because I
think keywords are one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to SEO and when it comes to
optimizing our sites and so I want to give you tips and I want to help you how to improve
your keywords so you can get… I was thinking about is what kind of keywords have you been
using on your website, maybe with your blog. I mean, you know a little about SEO and you’re
bringing me your images or you have these texts on your blog and website because you
want to be ranked by Google or maybe you even paying Google and I’m here to tell you that,
it’s not only about your blog and website, but it’s about everything that you have online,
your proofing sites or your social media should at least have a link to your website or a
SEO word even when you post on your business page because supposedly business pages do
get ranked by Google and now Facebook has its own social graphs so we’re going to see
the search within Facebook really increase. You want to make sure that you’re using the
right words, by that I mean, we still talk like humans. We don’t optimize from machines,
but we optimize for humans is something I like to say, so with sometimes what I see
photographers do is they put up a mini sessions special. They put something up. They won’t
even use the word photos or engagement because they made a little flyer and all the texts
in that flyer, but that’s not what Google is skimming nor is Facebook so it’s really
important to always include keywords in there. The big question is Feuza, what keywords do
we use so most of you this is the mistake that you make. You pay for your list, look
for example, I live in New Jersey and you think the keyword is New Jersey Boudoir photographer
and you want to be on the first page of Google for this. Then, most folks start doing, they
start optimizing everything for just this keyword or keywords, right. All a keyword
is, is text so you can have one word. I can have just photographer be a keyword or I can
have Boudoir Photographer be another keyword or I can have New Jersey Boudoir Photographer
be another keyword so here we have one, two, three. Now, keywords are not tags that you
add on your blog post and most of you when I say keywords, you think it’s tags or if
you’re a show it user, you think it’s the keywords to put into the HTML section where
it says keywords. Yes, we can include some of the keywords in there, but this is not
what I’m talking about. Keywords strategy and keywords is the basis of all our SEO efforts.
It’s basically a list or sheet that you’re going to be starting on to build based on
the genre of work photography or other services that you provide or if your eCommerce site
the things that you sell and you’re going to build from there so the number one mistake
photographers make is they think this is the solution to all their problems. Their goal
is to rank for the first page of Google for whatever state or town, let’s say New York
City, especially the big towns, Atlanta, Chicago, L.A., Orange County to hit this on page one.
What you guys don’t understand is that Google uses over two hundred ways, number one, to
rank people and number two is, this is what the folks are fighting over at Google Adwords,
so my goal is always to… Let’s find alternate. I call them generic words. The second tip
I have to give to you and it’s probably the most important is don’t think like a photographer,
think like a client. Why is it I see left and right photographers using industry related
words, assuming that a client has never heard you before knows exactly what you’re talking
about. An example of this is the word lifestyle photographer, although sounds very nice and
fancy, it shouldn’t really be a part of your SEO strategy or keywords. You can have it
in your bio, but no client, unless they’re a photographer is typing in lifestyle photographer.
They might even type in other things that you would think is so common to think like
the client so instead of photographer, photos, pictures, etcetera.

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