SEO Tips for Home Services Businesses

By | August 13, 2019

(light upbeat music) – Does SEO still matter? You know, this is probably one of the most common questions that we get
in the marketing world today. SEO has gone through a lot of
changes in the past five years and it’s really begged the question of whether or not it is still relevant with things such as the map listings, paid advertising, and
even local service ads taking up the vast
majority of the real estate at the top of the search engine. And with Scorpion, we certainly do believe SEO is still a smart part of the strategy for your marketing. However, where it once
held the primary position as the difference maker for whether or not you
were successful online, it’s now the complimenting feature to all of your other marketing channels. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, as consumer behavior has shifted over the past five
years, they are no longer making your buying decisions based on which businesses are in the organic search spots on Google. Over the years, Google’s
algorithm has shifted its focus based on consumer behavior and what was providing the
most value to consumers. Now, this led Google to focus on what is the strongest indicator of whether or not a website is
relevant to the end searcher. Engagement. Our businesses producing content that people are engaging with. Now, how do they measure this? Well, they do it by website traffic, CTR or click-through rate, which
is the number of clicks the links to your website received. Shares of your content,
comments on your content, as well as other factors. The bottom line being produce content that adds value so people
can engage with it. Now, to measure this, Google employed the latest edition of its
brilliant algorithmic mind, officially dubbed RankBrain. RankBrain is constantly measuring the engagement factors of
a business’ content online and seeking what content actually provides answers to what searchers are looking for. So, where is SEO now? Well, answering questions, no, really. Content that provides value is answering questions in a way that allows people to engage with it without having to commit to anything. This allows the consumer to take the next step in that engagement by sharing it with their
friends or commenting on it. There’s one question that
I think we need to answer when it comes to our marketing campaign. What else could you be doing to provide even more value
in increased engagement? (light upbeat music)

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