SEO Tips For Beginners

By | August 13, 2019

Hi I’m Joe Doohan and I’m the SEO specialist here at Wurkhouse today I will be talking about the basics of SEO. SEO is a term is used in the marketing world yet it’s misused and misunderstood. When I talk to business owners about SEO its usually the same questions they have on this topic. In this video we’ve come back to basics to explain the fundamentals of SEO and why it will enhance your online presence. For companies with a website or online store, search engine optimization is the pinnacle of a successful marketing strategy to facilitate business growth. SEO ensures your website is easily found by both search engines and humans, ensuring a positive user experience for your audience. In a highly competitive online environment, optimizing for search engines is more important than ever. SEO is a marketing practice that focuses on increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic that comes from search engines like Google. There are many elements to SEO for your website including; The website architecture and navigation. The content and if your visitors are getting what they require. The quality of the websites linking to you. While it’s important for search engines to easily crawl your web pages, SEO aims to improve your website for humans too. Essentially, it comes down to better understanding how your target audience behave online and what they’re searching for. What keywords are they typing into Google? What type of content that they want to find? Organic search results appear on search engine results pages or SERPs, due to their relevance to specific term. In contrast with advertising, websites are paying for their page to appear for certain keywords. Organic and paid search results are differentiate by an “ad” symbol next to the search engine listing. People use Google to seek answers to queries that they have. If search engines can’t find your site you’ll miss the opportunity to get in front of your prospects. Organic search results appear more credible to savvy Internet users and receive more click-throughs than ads. Without SEO you’ll greatly limit your reach online. While you may rank for your business name people who do not know who you are will be searching for your products or services. This is what SEO can do for you. You can get found for the products or service that you offer. To do SEO well is difficult. Most people understand the basic concepts and be able to compliment them sufficiently you may be able to rank easy for keywords of low competition. However you may need consultancy on how to run to get ahead of the authoritative figures in the online space. However the success of your SEO depends on dedication, time, knowledge and your website structure. Investing in SEO acts like a prospect magnet for your business ensuring that your website ranks for keywords your target market or searching for.

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