SEO Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs

By | August 26, 2019

I’m Matt Dibble and this Curtis I’m Curtis Curtis is the owner of an organization called Collideascope do you want to tell us a little bit more about what Collideascope is? yeah so Collideascope is a marketing company focuses on search we build and manage websites they get found online okay Curtis is the man like if you want to get found Curtis is the guy to get you found and that’s what we’re talking about and to sort of maybe share some secrets some low-hanging fruit that maybe you can do you know like some easy things that you can start with as an entrepreneur or a small business owner or maybe the director of your own marketing team are a non-profit executive what are some easy things we can do so we’re gonna talk about 505 we’re gonna Curtis is gonna kind of dig into how I show up and like what I’ve got going on in the way of like if someone searches storytelling or content creation or final 5 or Matt Dibble like what happens and it’s not gonna be good I’m sure of that because I’ve never focused on it you know like I’m like probably like a lot of other business owners out there you know I’m super busy I don’t understand it and I really don’t have like a budget set aside to do anything like that so we start with a simple search like we’re just talking about so search your brand the first thing I would do is just do a search for for a final 5 you may want to do this in an incognito window as well you don’t necessarily you don’t have to but you know every search is different for every user when you do a search you might get a completely different listening than I know you you did final 5 without the space I did it with this face so that’s that’s interesting and these are good exercises to do as a team when you’re workshopping something together maybe it’s the marketing team maybe it’s a couple of the owners of the business we’re like you know used to be probably do search generally there so yeah let’s let’s practice this and always a couple of in my ways I have never done this before I have never seen this screen you’ve never seen this never done this little war so so what’s interesting is I did it I’d what you did and I kept the five no space between final and five and I actually do get your website first oh the other one you did not I do not get your website first now you’re running an ad to that I see so your ad comes up first and your ad came up first this is good you’re you’re actually bidding on your brand name right now since its marketing no local search is extremely important for this type is your local business if I do the space and then do Detroit mm-hmm you know Google puts that together you know here’s your company is your Google business listing is on the right-hand side what we’re looking at is called the SERP or the search engine result page so if you look at the right side is that how you want your business to appear you know is that the front looking into you know from the sidewalk into the building you know it’s but it’s the picture right there that you’d like to see and this this all pulls from your Google business listing and so what you want to do here is just look to see if the informations accurate is the business location so accurate phone there’s some missing info you can add your business hours so this is something you’d want to go into your Google business listing and update is your logo up in there so making sure that that’s that’s added so those those would be something we’re going to put the logo I once you edit so you what you want to do is you want to go ahead and actually edit hours and then inside your Google business listing edit your hours there’s a spot to add your logo there’s a bunch of things there that you can do okay you know looking at the search besides your business listing area here and then look at how you appear it’s probably say the biggest area you have is it update your meta info so your meta info would be your title and meta description that information is up in the header of the website it doesn’t actually show up on the page with WordPress users we’re gonna use a plugin most people use a plug-in called Yoast pretty popular or all-in-one SEO where you can update titles and meta descriptions on pages and that’s what appears in search just looking at the main heading of the homepage is all you have there is final five you’re not mentioning what you do mmm so you just look down at the next yeah I know final five productions sometimes she can start up like you don’t say anything about storytelling or content production what could you put there in the page title because you have at least 65 characters to use to fill up that spot and so what how do I change that that’s inside at Squarespace so you can edit the page or within Squarespace some of the main settings you can switch the main site title Korn page or the site title and Meta Description which I think it affects the home page so the great thing would be to do a search for your business and all your online properties take off the first page yeah right right now and you’re controlling it kind of like reputation management yeah right you’re controlling what’s actually appearing sure and you’re giving users the ability to choose an entry point and almost so they can like if someone is searching for final five and they’re really comfortable they like they’re active on LinkedIn yeah they’re gonna be like oh I’m gonna go straight there yeah or where they visit your website for a second they go to the back button and then they yeah they visit your LinkedIn because they want to connect with you they’re going back to them that up so with all of you what’s meta is your page titles on your meta descriptions so like that’s what goes into the header and that’s what shows up in search so it goes into the header code of the website so like that is a page title correct and then the description of the words underneath it which for me it’s just like the first line Google is using that by default because you haven’t specified something so it’s just like the first sentence of that page but I can determine what shows up there in a way yes so in Squarespace I know there’s some tools where you can define titles and meta descriptions like I mentioned in WordPress we use a tool like Yoast where you’d end in the page and then below your content eat see videos where you can manually define what you want the page title and Meta Description to be that’s what Google’s going to use Google now is not necessarily always just using what you define as a Meta Description in the search result Google actually like try and find content within your article that matches the search and no replace it with that and that’s actually a good thing for you because what Google’s trying to do is make it more likely that somebody clicks so the main goal once somebody does a search here is for for a user to make a click you

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