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By | August 28, 2019

hey what’s up guys with the sites that
we are in the portfolio right now a lot of buying an internet business of the traffic that comes in is actually
from Google and search engines and you know it’s called search engine traffic
but when you’re using tactics to throw that they call it SEO optimizing your
search engine traffic one of the things that we talk a lot about is how do we
grow that traffic because it doesn’t cost a lot of money we get into some
very complicated different strategies and hacks to use but today I want to
give you the single most important thing to keep in mind when you’re growing your
SEO traffic and being a deal maker over the years I’ve seen a lot of things
change from how you get SEO traffic back in the day I had sites when I was 19
which is scary that’s like 17 years ago where a lot of our traffic came from
search engines that no longer I’m talking search engines like excite
look smart Alta Vista so some of you old school folks will remember some of these
search engines and the some of you like what in the world are you talking about
but when it comes to growing that traffic it’s one of the most important
things that you can do because it essentially is free traffic but it
requires some work and what you’re really doing is trying to optimize your
site so the search engine wants to send you traffic instead of sending that
traffic to some other website and last night I was on the call with some
clients we’ve got a lot of these deals in the portfolio now that get a
tremendous amount of traffic from SEO and we’re talking about some of the cool
neat new strategies in you know there’s this scholarship strategy we’re
implementing on a site there’s some other things that we’re doing but I
wanted to make sure that my class kept cited the most important thing and one
of them asks just point blank what is Google looking for and that’s the most
important people to think about when it comes to SEO traffic because all the
other people followed by the wayside Google’s got of matauri of the traffic
and it’s because they focus on one thing we get into the algorithms and we think
about some of the Google updates that I’ve had sites get punished by from
Google but the single most important thing is what they’re trying to do with
these algorithms and their goal is very simple they want to make sure that when
somebody comes to Google they end up at the site that has the most
the information in that that relevant information is aligned with exactly what
they look for when they type the words into Google so what you want to get into
is the mindset of the person visiting your site how can I make this the most
powerful resource and so you look at things like having links to your site
the reason that that’s so important is because it’s saying that other people
have said hey this answered my questions and so you know wow there are some
things you can do to grow links if at the end of the day your Google realized
like hey people come here the traffic comes and then they bounce because they
realize like hey my my question answer these the reason that these people have
gotten all this traffic is it real it’s not helpful to me so if we’re doing
anything else you know make sure that it’s easy to
navigate make sure that you’re answering the questions that you’ve optimized your
site to basically rank for you know somebody’s looking for something very
specific and they come to your site and you don’t answer the question that they
put in they’re gonna go to the next no matter what the ranking is they’re gonna
rank the number two spot and then obviously that site is gonna beat you
out no matter what you do in Google every day they’re trying to figure out
okay what’s the next cool update that we can do to change our algorithm and
punish those people that aren’t serving our visitors the best and reward the
people that aren’t so if you have question at this put them in the
comments below you want to go out and find your own deal to start growing with
some of these SEO strategies check out a search at medCom
we’d love to help you by internet business and I look forward to you
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