SEO Tips 2014: How To Get More Authoritative Inbound Links

By | August 13, 2019

Hey Sports Fans! Haroon Rashid, Khemeia Consulting
and today I’m gonna show you, How to increase the number of authoritative inbound links
to your website? People will often say things to me like, “I’ve got a thousand inbound links
to my website”. To which I’ll always reply, “How many of those are authoritative inbound
links?” 9 times out of 10, people cannot give me that answer. Well what’s the difference
between an inbound link and an authoritative inbound link? An inbound link can be a link
from anywhere. It could come from a really good website or it could come from a really
bad site. An authoritative inbound link, however, is what you want, and that is a link that
comes from a very good website. This is the type of website that has a good reputation
online. It’s very active, it gets a lot of traffic and what Google would deem as an
authoritative kind of site. So you could have potentially thousand inbound links but if
they are just coming from spammy sites, or God forbid, pornography sites, it’s not
gonna do you any good. In fact Google will look at your site and go (buzzer noise), you’re
gonna go down the search rankings. However if you’ve got authoritative inbound links
from good websites like BBC News or Mashable or other big websites like that, Google will
look at your website and promote you higher in the search rankings. The best way to get
authoritative inbound links is to number one – build relationships with those big sites.
Comment on their blogs, talk to them on social media, but get on their radar. And that is
a great way to start a relationship with an influencer in your industry. Second of all,
create excellent content that worth being noticed for. Anybody can create a blog post,
but what you wanna do is try and get noticed by the big guys in your industry. And normal
run of the mill blog posts or a small video isn’t gonna do it. However if you create lots
of great content for your marketing and really concentrate on it being compelling and excellent
in quality it will get noticed by those people you wanna be targeting. By combining a relationship
with an excellent contenting Marketing plan you will more likely attract those good authoritative
websites to link to you and that is how you develop a good authoritative inbound link

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    Nice video and great tips, Authoritative Inbound Linksmay be new for some of us, but can give a lot help. Thank you for sharing with us.


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