SEO Tip No. 1: Text Optimization

By | August 30, 2019

One thing you should be doing with your old
posts and pages is to go and have a look at how relevant they are. If something’s really
irrelevant now, if it’s really old, then perhaps it’s best just to redirect that page to a
newer version but a lot of pages can be renovated. This is where you have a look at the page
title, the page description and then the on-page content and then you update it.
Update things that have changed in the marketplace. When you’re doing that, also have a view to
how you could make this content more evergreen. Could you make the update now that will make
it more timeless? There are certain things that don’t really change overtime or certainly
for the next few years so it’s a good opportunity to get your site evergreen. That means removing
things that are specifically date relevant, if possible. Probably the best topic for that
is a how-to. How-to topics that answer common customer challenges are really good so maybe
you can repurpose existing or out of date posts with some how-to content so that they
stack up. And in the case where it’s just not savable, just redirect that page or post
to a new version or your best page that converts well so that you can at least funnel that
traffic to where it should be going now. And if the page or post is really old and
you’re doing old SEO which is putting a lot of instances of the keyword, sprinkling it
before the article, and sprinkling at the end of the article, it might be time to detune
that page a little bit. Take out some of those keywords and make it far more relevant.

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  1. Lee S Kennedy Post author

    Thanks, James. I have a computer upgrade first, then the updating can proceed.


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