SEO Testimonial | Fantastic Fireworks Review SEO Agency Exposure Ninja

By | August 13, 2019

(upbeat music) – My name’s Jon Culverhouse. I’m the managing director
of Fantastic Fireworks. We’re a professional fireworks company, current British fireworks champions. We put on displays all over the UK, and we also sell fireworks to members of the public for home use. We’ve been working with Exposure Ninja for about 3 years now. We’ve worked with SEO companies before, and, I have to say, mixed results, because, like fireworks, actually SEO is a bit of a black art. Nobody actually knows what it’s all about, except when they see the results, and they say, “Ah, I get it.”. Well, we were recommended
to Exposure Ninja actually by my son, who
runs another business, and he said how good they were. So, I thought, “Well, I
haven’t had very good results with previous people I’ve worked with, so I’ll give them a go.”,
and I was very impressed because they actually tell
you what they’re gonna do, when they’re gonna do it,
how much it’s gonna cost, and I like to know those sorts of things. It’s measurable. Yes, I would recommend
Exposure Ninja because I’ve been very pleased with the results. Well, they’ve done a lot
of work on Google Analytics for me and SEO work, of course. And I’ve been very impressed with the way that certain key phrases that they’ve used have got us up the rankings in Google. As you know, Google
rankings are everything. A lot of companies who do
SEO work are very difficult to get ahold of just when you want them, but Exposure Ninja, nice bunch
of guys, easy to contact, and always get back to you very quickly if you’ve got a query. (upbeat music)

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