SEO Techniques We Use to Get Top Rankings in Google Search for BloggersPassion [2020 Edition]

By | February 29, 2020

Hello friends, this is Anil from A blog dedicated to Blogging,
SEO and Affiliate Marketing topics. *BloggersPassion Intro, Clip Plays So, in today’s video, you’re going to learn
about all the SEO techniques that we use to get top rankings on Google for ‘BloggersPassion’ and the other blogs that we own. So, let’s start with the presentation. Before getting into the details for the SEO techniques Let me quickly brief you about some basics of SEO. So, first of all what is SEO? SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ SEO is the process of our content search engine
friendly so that they do well on Google and other search engines. Next, in On Page SEO we include all the activities that we do at website level. What is Off Page SEO? In Off-Page SEO, we include all the activities
that we do on other sites to promote our website pages. Now, let me take you to all the techniques that we use to get better rankings for our target terms First of all, it’s about creating 10X content By 10X content, I mean, creating a content
which is 10 times better than the websites that are ranking in Top 10 on Google. Once you have finalized the topic or
the target keyword for your content, then you should spend some time while doing some research on Google. Study the top 10 websites that are ranking for your target terms on Google. So, spend lots of time while creating content, your content should be visually appealing. It should have videos, infographics etc and once you’re happy with the content that you’ve created. It’s time to publish it on your blog So, when you’re about to publish your content on your blog. It’s time to take care of the On-Page SEO activities for that particular content. Let me share you few On-Page
SEO techniques that you should implement, if you’re aiming at getting better rankings for your content First of all, keep the URL for your content short. It should not be too big. If the URL for your content is short It will become easy for your blog readers to remember that Now, let me show how we are keeping
the URL(s) on BloggersPassion really short. Now, let me take you to BloggersPassion HomePage. and if you look at the post that has been displayed here, so you can see Okay. For this post, the URL is That’s all. If you go to the next post The URL says For this post, the URL is The URL for this post is So, now you can easily understand, what I mean by keeping the URL short. Next, include your target keyword in URL title, meta-description and headlines etc. So, you should be using the target keyword for your content in the URL, SEO title, Meta Description, Headline and then few times within the actual content let me show you how we’re doing with one example. Let me take Ahrefs Alternatives as the sample post here. Now, let me find Ahref Alternatives… For this post, Ahref Alternatives is
your primary keyword. So, if you look at We are using it at the headline level. Then within the first 100 words of this content. then first H2 and then few more times within the actual content. and if you look at the SEO title for this post We are using Ahref Alternatives as well. Let me repeat it again. You should use your target keyword in your URL Headline, SEO Title level and then few times within the actual content You should not be using the target keyword too many times within your content if you do that, that will look spammy and and it will be the case of keyword stuffing. So, what should you do? You should use other related keywords You should use LSI, synonyms and related keywords etc. in place of using the
target keywords too many times. Let me take you back to this sample post again. and let’s search for Ahrefs If you look at this post we are using some more
related keywords like – Ahref competitors similar to Ahrefs Ahrefs competitor sites Tools like Ahrefs compare to Ahrefs Sites like Ahrefs Alternatives to Ahrefs. So, you can see we are using lots of LSI and related keywords to get better rankings for the target
keywords as well as all of these keywords By using LSI, Synonyms and related keywords, we’re able to target lots of additional keywords. Next, you should create great headlines , SEO titles and meta-descriptions. for your blogposts. Next, you should create headlines, titles and… meta-descriptions for your contents When you’ve a great headline, title and meta description, that gives you a better CTR in Google Search and you should add lots of images, videos
and infographics etc to make it visually appealing. It’s also true, when you have these media elements in your content that actually rank better on Google and also helps with more social shares. Then you should do interlinking. With interlinking, you’re able to pass on the SEO juice within your website contents It also helps with better engagement metrics like bounce-rate, pageviews per visit. time spent etc. Now, let me show you, how we’ve been interlinking so, if you look at this post, we have added interlink here then here then here, back to homepage. Here we’re linking to Buy BackLinks Post. Again, we’re linking to post which is about ‘Best time to post on Social Media sites’ So, if you look at this post, we’ve done some interlinks for ‘BloggersPassion’ and we’re linking to relevant pages online Next, we should link to some high authority websites within our contents Let me take you back to the same same post again So, if you look at this post we’re linking to lots
of high authority websites You can see here, this is one such website Then we’re linking to Here, we’re linking to search
engine watch one of our contents We’re linking to one of page from Here, we’re linking to one of Google official blogs Here, we’re linking to Matt Cutts video on Youtube.
Google official blogs Here, we’re linking to Matt Cutts video on Youtube. Here, we’re linking to a Chrome extension. Here, we’re linking to UberSuggest tool from Neil Patel. So, you can see, we have added good amount of links to high authority websites here. Next, you should keep a check on website loading time on desktop and mobile devices. All of your website content should load within couple of seconds If they’re taking more than couple of seconds, you’re losing lots of search-engine rankings as well as business. and one more activity you can do is to link to the new blog post from your existing contents. So, earlier, we talked about linking your existing content from the new content, Now, you should be linking your new post from the existing contents. So, let me show you, how we do it? Suppose, we need to
build some internal links for this post. So, what I do is I’ll just go to my blog homepage. and then do search around, do-follow and no-follow Let me just open few sample posts here and let me search So, you can see here. We can link to this post from here. From SEO mistakes post, we’ve linked to that post from here. and from SEO FAQs post, we have linked that post from here. So, the idea here is to find the
relevant blogpost that you’ve already published and linked to the new post from there. In case, you want to know more in detail about on-page seo and how we do on-page seo for bloggerspassion. You can check the
reference link which is being shared below. Once, you’re done with publishing your content with On-page SEO, It’s time to give an intial push to that content First, you should share that content on social channels where you’re active. You can share it on FB, if you have an active community there. You can share it on Instagram, if you’re active there So, you can share it on any social channel where you have an active community. Then, you can also send a quick newsletter to your email list, If you already have a email list in place. What else can you do? You can link to the new post from some of the high traffic post as well. But, they should be related to this post For this, you can scan your Google Search Console account or your Google Analytics account and find few relevant posts which have some decent traffic and then try to link to the new post from there. Once you have given the initial push to your content, now wait for a couple of months. You should check rankings for your target terms on Google now. If you’re happy with your current rankings then you should move to the next step and if you’re not happy with your current rankings, it’s time to improve your content and then also work on the on-page seo level. So, what is the next step, so, let’s say you reach to the 2nd page or maybe towards the end of the 1st page on Google Search, So, How… you can take your rankings to the next level then If you’re trying to rank for competitive terms then surely, you need to build some strong backlinks for those contents. How you can build strong backlinks? One, you can do Guest Blogging So, find the list of top blogs in your niche and then try to write guest posts for them Let me share you couple of guest posts that I did for blogs in blogging niche So, I’ll do a search on Google for this, I’ll search on then site: typing…. problogger .com So, you can see, I have written this guestpost on If you go towards the end of this post, you can easily find my name here and same goes for the 2nd guestpost which I did on problogger I’ve also written a guestpost for You can check my guestpost from here. So, the idea here is to find the top blogs in your niche and then do guestblogging there Next, create a video version of your content If you’re serious about getting better rankings for your target terms creating a video version will really help you Once you’re done with the video upload the same on Youtube and embed the same video in your content as well. Let me quickly show you one sample video as well here So, there was one topic which was about – BlueHost Affiliate Review I created a content around BlueHost Affiliate Program. Did a video and then I embedded the same video within this content. So, you should be creating a video version for important contents atleast You’ll be able to send lots of targetted traffic to your content from Youtube and having a Youtube video will also help you get better rankings when you’ll be embedding that video within your content Next, you can reply to some relevant questions on Quora. So, what you can do is you can go on Quora and find some relevant questions around the content you’ve just published on your blog. Let me just show you one sample here from my Quora Profile Let me just open this question
and let me go to my answer here. So, if you scan my answer here, you can easily see I have linked to one of my blogposts here. So, the idea is to find some relevant questions on Quora and then write a very detailed and value adding reply there Next, okay, what else can you do to build some quality backlinks for your contents? If you get interview requests from other bloggers in your industry You should go for that. Let me show you
couple of my interviews which got published recently. So, you can see my interview has been published on, and lots of other blogs Then try to be part of the round ups that are happening in your industry. If there are certain bloggers in your industry who use to do roundup posts So, you should connect with them and email them. They should consider you when they will be doing the roundups for next time. You should contact them and ask them – you want to contribute in their future roundup posts. so that way, you can build some quick links which will be coming from some high authority blogs in your industry very quickly You can also create and infographic around the content
you have created and then promote it on other blogs. So, that way as well, you can build some quality backlinks for your target contents and if you want to know more in detail about – How we build backlinks for bloggerspassion and other blogs that we own you should check the reference which is shared below. Friends, if you want to get better rankings on Google Search,
you should follow the SEO techniques that are shared above. and don’t forget to share the results
after implementing the strategies that are shared in this video. Friends, I’ll be coming with more educational videos around SEO and blogging topics in the coming days So, keep watching other videos on my youtube channel and will see you in the next video and thanks a lot for watching today’s video.

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