SEO Strategies that Drive Profitability with Benj Arriola

By | August 10, 2019

Hi I’m Benj Arriola, I’ll be teaching the
SEO elective here at SDSU in the College of Extended Studies. The beauty of SEO if
you’re going to compare it to traditional marketing is your customers
are searching for you. The fact that they’re searching for you instead of you
reaching out for them, half of the sales process is already there. You just have
to appear in search engines. There’s more of the technical side which deals
closely to web design and web development, there’s also the marketing
side where you’re trying to promote things and there’s also the content
writing side where you get the talents of journalists and writers. In this
course, we will go in all those areas. If you want to learn more about SEO, this
course would definitely help you and I would be excited to see you there in my

2 thoughts on “SEO Strategies that Drive Profitability with Benj Arriola

  1. Keith Goode Post author

    Benj is one of the sharpest SEOs I've had an opportunity to meet. This should be an amazing class.


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