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By | August 11, 2019

hi my name is Jerad with Hill Media
Group and we are your SEO specialists in Modesto now what is SEO mean let me in
search engine optimization and you’ve probably heard this term before and it
gets thrown around a lot of different ways so I’m going to demystify that for
you a little bit and tell you about some of the services that we offer and how
our SEO is superior to the SEO of most other businesses that are claiming to be
SEO s and selling their services now SEO can very easily be snake-oil there are a
lot of companies that contact you by phone calling and saying your website
doesn’t rank well they didn’t even bother looking at your website they’re
just assuming that your website doesn’t rank well because you know if it’s if
it’s not on page one of Google that it probably isn’t ranking well and there’s
only a few slots on the page one of Google so their chances are pretty good
that they’re calling you they call us – they call us and say our website doesn’t
rank well but hey if you go in Google search website designer and Modesto what
are you going to see you’re going to see us at the top of the list so with SEO
it’s very important to do this right because over the years and I’ve been you
know playing with trying to get websites ranking in search engines since the late
90s back when Google was really easy to get a website ranking and now it’s very
difficult takes a lot of time and a lot of effort but it is very possible and so
our process now isn’t so much trying to find the loopholes in Google so much as
it is to work with what we know is best practices what we know works what we
know is actually useful to people and creating you know the type of
information the content and everything for the website and the other you know
parts of the internet that work together with the website so that the search
engines will smile upon you and not just for a short term until the search
engines get wind of the trickery that you’re trying to pull but long lasting
SEO that gives your website good and doesn’t result in you getting
blacklisted by Google or anything crazy like that that is very possible and
there are many ways to have that happen to you so it’s very important that you
don’t end up working with a company that ends up messing up your search results
because if you are researching SEO or trying to find a company to do SEO for
you in Modesto you’re probably aware of the importance
of having good placement in the search engines you know that if your website
was ranking in the top of the first page of Google in the top of the Google Maps
results if you are a local business that that would probably generate a lot of
extra revenue for you like more people would come to your website see your
products and services and pay for them if you are ranking higher and so it’s
really important when you decide to have SEO work done that you have SEO work
done by a company that’s reputable now since we started Hill media group and
even before that before we decided to name it Hill Media Group we’ve always
been ranking in the top page of Google and not having any penalties come
because of doing anything Shady now Google penalties get handed out when
you do something shady when it is obvious that you are trying to game the
system and try to rank better in Google by tricking Google and also by creating
stuff that just isn’t useful to you know to the people that would be searching
Google for the search results you’re wanting to rank for so our process is to
look at your business to look at your website and all of the online marketing
that you’re doing so far and try and figure out a good way to make all of
those things work together now Google keep continuously says just you know put
good content out there and you know that is kind of a mixed bag result there
because what is good content what does it mean to put out good content what
kind of content is deemed good what is needed what kind of content isn’t needed
and then of course what kind of content does Google consider not good so it’s
really important to understand things and to work with a company that
understands these things there’s a reason that I’m making these videos and
that’s also for SEO purposes for our own business but also just to be informative
to all of those that are looking into these services we want people to
understand that there is a lot of snake oil out there that you can pay for
because it is very hard unless you are getting good information to measure SEO
a lot of people say these you know SEO businesses will say oh you know our work
generated X amount of clicks and you know it’s really challenging to know
some of those things but if you have the proper analytics if you have the proper
tools running you’re able to manage these things that actually measure them
and see results and see the return on investment come because of the increased
rankings even if you are a business you have a business that has a ton of
competition maybe you sell insurance or are a personal injury attorney or a car
dealership or something like that where you have competition coming from every
corner that definitely makes it more challenging but there are always
opportunities there especially in Modesto where yeah we’re a decent sized
City you know we’re not huge but we’re still small at the same time there are a
lot of options for us here you know as consumers in Modesto but there’s also a
lot of opportunities especially when it comes to the search engines for ranking
there is a lot more open space and actual you know things that we can rank
for that end up getting good traffic to our website here in Modesto than it
would be if we were in Sacramento or San Francisco or a bigger city like that we
still have that small-town kind of mentality and feel but we’re doing big
things we’re doing big city things in big business here in Modesto and so you
have to play on at that level you have to
put in the work to your website and invest the time and maybe money if it
means working with a company like ours or another company to do SEO so that you
can get your website ranking better so that it’s more visible so that more
people are able to see the products and services that you offer here in Modesto
that’s all very important so if you have any questions about that we offer a free
SEO audit we look at SEO you know kind of from you know not a thirty thousand
you know up in the air picture but maybe you know more of a bird’s eye picture
you know we’re looking and kind of seeing everything that you have going on
getting a little close but not super close but just kind of looking at
everything that you have making some recommendations and then also giving you
some some potential opportunities that where we can help where we can help your
website rank better here in Modesto and not even just in Modesto but in the
neighboring towns because we all know that you know Turlock and Salida and
Ripon and you know Denair and Manteca these are all places that people will
come to Modesto to do business with us so we need to rank a little bit outside
of the walls of our city and there’s also SEO strategy for that as well so if
you are interested in learning more about the search engine optimization
strategies that we that we use to help our customers rank higher to help our
clients get more business definitely reach out to us below this video there’s
a link to contact us or if you’re watching this on our website or on
facebook just click that contact button to message us and we’d love to talk with
you more thanks so much

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