SEO SEM Search Engines are the New Yellow Pages

By | August 24, 2019

(SEO/ SEM) Search Engines are the New Yellow
Pages It used to be that when you wanted to find
just about anything, you would either drive around, or look it up in the phone book. But
the landscape has drastically changed with the ever evolving internet.
Mobile phones and tablet devices have made the internet extremely accessible. And with
the ease of access to the web, people are using search engines to find the businesses,
products, and services that they require. Who’s Being Found?
When you do a search on Google, the search engines rank the websites that have been indexed
based on your query. SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are the
methods by which a website will work toward a higher ranking in the SERP’s (search engine
ranking page’s) for search queries that are most relevant to your website (and in
most cases are buying triggers for your industry). Websites that rank higher for the search queries
that are most relevant to their website, will obviously receive more traffic, and therefore
be able to reach a far wider audience with their message. This in turn will result in
obtaining more of the conversions you want for your business.
SEO If you aren’t optimizing your website for
the search engines, then you probably aren’t going to receive very much web traffic. There
are many SEO strategies that will help you gain in positions in the SERP’s for the
keywords you want your website to rank for. Inbound marketing, social media marketing,
and on-page SEO are just a few of the methods by which you can improve your rankings.
Using search engine optimization to rank on the first page of the SERP’s, is like having
your business be one of the first businesses seen when someone opens up the yellow pages.
SEM Believe it or not, when you allocate a marketing
budget and use the proper techniques and platforms (like Google AdWords), you will receive quality
leads directly to your website. This is a more focused way of generating targeted traffic
to your site using keywords that you get to choose.
These can be pretty competitive markets. So if you decide to tackle advertising outlets
like AdWords on your own, I suggest taking the Google courses and certification exams
so that you aren’t just throwing money at the web hoping some of it will come back.
Otherwise I strongly recommend using a Google Certified agency like Market Media that will
use their inside knowledge to get the most out of the web for your business.
As the yellow pages fade in to the past search engines are blazing a trail for the future.
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