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By | August 16, 2019

hello guys I’m Sarah and today I will
tell you that how you can rank your website in Google on the first number on
the first page with the help of ahref tools and how you can create backlinks
if you have any question in your mind about black things after to see this
tutorial and then you can ask me in the comment and you have to tell me that
what you want to learn more about the backlinks that so guys in these days
it’s very difficult to move on the first number on the first page in Google and
if you have the great tools to search for backlinks and if you have great use of the keyword research and you can create organic keywords and it will be
easy for you so guys we are talking about today about backlinks so guys I
want to tell you that how you can create backlinks with the help of ahref tool
and how you can see that the famous blogs and
the famous websites are using and getting the traffic source from
these links and ahref tool will tell you will give you all the links
which the websites famous websites are using and are after will also tell you
about mean that how many backlinks are using these sites and how famous
domains are referring their site so everything about organic keywords
organic traffic and paid keywords you can see with the help of ahref tool and it will be
great for SEO for your website and the next method of create backlink is that
you have to go on the famous blog and you have to comment on their blog and if
they will accept your comment and publish your comment then it will be
helpful to create traffic source for your website and it will be generate traffic
for you you have if you get these links like that from the famous blogs then it
will be good for you and the last method is that but difficult for you if
you don’t want to beg others for the back link for your
website so next you have to do you have to create your own sites and you have to
put the link of your website on these sites which one you are getting by
yourself and you can say this method PBN and you have to create pbn Network and
you will put you our link which you want to read in Google and then this will be
create link juice for your website and it will help Google to move on to crawl
for your website and Google will see that the traffic source are coming to
these sites and I think both methods are very good and
ahref tool and like PBN and the third one is the comment .commenting is very helpful
for you and I think now you can understand that what is the backlinks
and how you can create backlinks and now it’s up to you that how you will build your
links for your website so guys I hope you will like this tutorial please tell
me please comment on my tutorial on my videos that you are liking or not so
guys share with me your ideas and press the bell icone and subscribe my
channel thanks

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