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By | August 5, 2019

Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss and never miss any update First of all sorry I couldn’t post video for a long time..may be some of you know that I was suffering from chicken pox I updated on facebook as well..thats why I say like facebook page You can check in description all our social links,please like them Today we will talk about SEO..whats that? SEO means Search Engine Optimization Lets say Google,you are owner of Google so what will you demand? That if some person search something on google he should get the best result He should get the answer for his question To make you understand I will start from beginning..there was yahoo..everyone used to search on yahoo But gradually Google gained market share They used their brain and made a strategy that we have to make our product simple If you open yahoo you will get,news,email and a small search box And in Google maximum area is for search..come,search and you will get the results Being in Google lets say I have searched a word digital marketing company in new delhi So which company should come at top? which is in real the best So google has some algorithm which runs and check whether it is best or not So keep watching this video,we will talk about this today..hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies So basically SEO is of 2 types : On Page and Off Page optimization First lets talk about on page optimization On page means what your website exactly has? If I look into it what will I get? basically Google has its crawlers..what are they? basically when you register your website with google or link anywhere So the crawler is like a virus which keeps on searching like which link..;ets say it has opened your fb page there it saw a link named It will go there directly and there he will see has this social handles so will go there automatically It will go on spreading like this and a database will be created This whole process is known as indexing basically it is indexing each and every thing Now lets say there is a site where they sell cars And very popular site and you get good reviews of cars here And there they have written that sahil khanna is the best who will tell you which car you should buy in this budget From there they will get to know this is sahil and if they give my link too they will open and see okay thats sahil khanna So like this if there are 10 sites which say that sahil khanna do this..then what will happen..authentication will increase So they are doing it right..sahil khanna actually do like that because google is a bot..dont know has algorithm which keeps on being a digital marketer you have to understand your need So one very important thing comes here keyword research I will make a video on keyword reserch in detail..lets say you sell shoes in market Now you made a ecommerce website where you sell same what will you want? Which type of customer land on your website? Who want vaseline? Lipstick? Who want shoes If you search on google shoes..then what do you see? Different results Here your website has a place to stand or not? Think logically Can you compete with amazon or fliplart? can you compete with jabong or any other big brand? no So you have to think strategically like what you have to do so you will go to keyword planner tool that comes under gogle adwords There are many tools about which I will tell you in you will go there and search shoes so there you will get do people actually search it in google? shoes to shoes..etc etc And you will also get to know amount of monthly searches Additionally you will see ads,whenever you search anything on google on top you see 3 ads…that is basically paart of adwords So you have to decide how much bidding you have to do to stand somewhere If your shoes is making that much profit..then its profitable to do that..else no Lets say there is a shoe which cost rs.450 and you are selling it for Rs 600 And if its bidding is worth 150 then why will yoou sell it online..on no profit and no loss? If you wanat to gain market share you can do that but no..your logistics cost will add up too..this is only the marketing cost And this is only for click.its not that if a person has clicked then he will buy it too We will study this later CPC we will go into this will get to know about various terms so main point is you have to do keyword research on which you have to do your positioning You have decided that you have to target red bucle shoe so when you are making website or doing anything on social media there you have to define red buckle shoes or best red buckle shoes or similar words so whenever google will crawl it will find that okay we get red bucke shoes here like this if 50 sites say this then google will say from here only we get red buckle shoes so below the ads are part of you can stand there There are many strategies..will talk about lets come back to on oage optiization so the content for have to make it on the keyword you buckle shoes And always keep one thing in mind..content is the king If your content is copy pasted from any other website..then google will catch that So your authenticity will finish..after that you write anything..your site will not get ranked Keep the content original and such that people get value addition by reading that If I am making some video and you are not getting it..will you watch my next video? very less chances

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