SEO: Promoting Your Site

By | August 28, 2019

Welcome to: SEO Promoting Your Site. This
digital tutor is for anyone interested in using site optimization and web
analytics to promote your site. If you think of SEO as a three layer cake, the
layers would be: site organization and structure, then site optimization, then
analytics. Finally the finishing touch, or the frosting, would be promotion that
includes, among other things, social media, blogging, and paid ads. Some web developers use the
philosophy, “Build it and they will come.” This doesn’t always work out as planned. There are so many websites, it’s easy to
get lost in the crowd. Let’s imagine for a minute that you are
an amazing baker who uses your grandmother’s recipes and loves
buttercream frosting. Your business, Baba’s is all about making delicious cakes with tasty frostings. So what can you do to attract visitors
to your site? How about some good, old-fashioned marketing. Not too
old-fashioned, the tools are brand new. Don’t be nervous. Promoting your site on
the web is a piece of cake. There are oodles of simple, inexpensive,
and effective ways to promote your site. Some are free! You won’t even have to spend a penny. Use these tactics and you’ll be well on
your way to increasing your number of visitors and conversions, and improving
your site’s rankings. Let’s start by looking at some ways to
promote that don’t cost any money. The first thing to do is to submit
your website’s link directly to the various search engines. This is easy and
takes just a minute. Go to the major search engines and
search for the term, “Submit your Site.” This will improve your SEO and is
absolutely free. Next do a search for an online directory that focuses on your
type of business. Are you a baker? Look for directories that focus on food or
weddings or baking, like food The beauty of being listed
in this directory is that people can find you and the directory links back to
your site, which improves your SEO. Blogging is a fun, free, and creative way to
promote your site. A blog is an online journal that’s updated on a regular basis. The language is informal and it might have a theme like being a mom or maybe baking. It’s a way to share your thoughts with the world. It’s also a powerful marketing
tool. A blog allows you to promote a product, a service, or or even your entire site just
about every day. Be sure to select a blogging schedule
you can keep up with, like once a week. Regular posts will encourage traffic. As
you get more comfortable, you can post the occasional special blog, when needed. For example, if there’s a wedding expo coming up, you could blog about wedding cakes. Another free way to promote your site is
by using links for navigation. Using links for navigation in your site can
help promote your content. Let’s say you blog about a new type of frosting or
cake flavor. You can provide a link to your product page within the blog.
Providing descriptive links and URLs is helpful for navigation. They also
encourage others to link to your site, which in turn will increase traffic and
enable better crawling by search engines. Be careful to create these links wisely.
Using too many links can cause confusion. and frustration that will lead to less
traffic, not more. Social media is an inexpensive and
valuable way to promote your site. Certain rules apply when using social
media. Remember, it’s social media, so keep it social. Don’t just broadcast your
point of view. Allow for give and take, ask questions, and start conversations. Keep
in mind, the one-in-three rule of thumb. For every one pure marketing post, you
should have at least three social posts. The truth is, if you’re creative, you can
promote your site each and every post or tweet, as long as the information that
accompanies it is useful and engaging. You can also use a variety of platforms. Think about using Pinterest, Facebook, and even YouTube. Did you know that YouTube
is one of the most searched business directories in the United States? Just because you’re online, don’t forget
the other ingredients in the marketing mix. Remember to incorporate traditional
marketing techniques like putting your URL and social media handles on all
communications as well as letterhead, business cards, and any marketing pieces
that you distribute. Not to be overlooked, another way to
promote your site is by registering your business online with tools and apps such as Google Places,
Yellowpages, Foursquare and, and well, the list is endless. Having your site listed in these locally
focused directories will help promote your business as well. Remember to pay attention to your
analytics when promoting your site. Reviewing the data on a regular basis is key to identifying patterns. You’ll get a sense for what is working and what isn’t. If you monitor your analytics before and
after a marketing campaign, the introduction of a product, or any changes
to your site, you’ll soon begin to recognize trends that can provide
valuable feedback. With all of these low-cost marketing
ideas, your business is sure to thrive. You’ll be able to have your cake and eat
it too! Congratulations, you’ve completed SEO:
Promoting Your Site.

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