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By | August 26, 2019

hi guys this is Jamie from
and here’s a short video we’re going to put together
it’s going to show you how to use the free Yoast plugin to optimize your blog
post for SEO so if you’ve not already got it go ahead to your plugins
directory hit the add new button and type in your writer ast and then I’ll
bring up this page here and here’s our free Yoast plug-in it’s awesome for
optimizing for SEO and giving you directives on how you can improve your
posts etc so once you’ve got that up there if you haven’t already activate it
install it and activate it I’ve already got my installed and activated obviously
and when you’re happy I’m going to create a new post so I’m just going to
posts add new now I’m using the Divi theme here so I’ve got a pre-built
blog post template I out like to use let’s put our title in it’s my post so I put that in I’m just going to load
my template and you may have noticed when we are
swinging down our – you’ve added yes it’s going to add this panel to your
blogs and pages as I say I’m using the Divi theme here
which is awesome I also use several other things with and this appears at
the bottom of some posts and at the top of some pages or depending what theme
you’re using so I’m going to go ahead and put in my title and my cakes body get rid of what was in
there already takes me to the top now make that a title now I know put the word stretching row
but beginning as well because that is what I’m going to use as my keyword okay
so if I save that now as you can see here yes has already started to score my
site if we haven’t set a keyword around things and set the keyword we just type
our keyword in focus keyword box here and as you can see it started scoring us
and everything is pretty good we’ve got a few things going on here so no matter the screw
it’s been specified that’s this snippet right here and this is when somebody
does a Google search for stretching this is what’s going to come up you know
pertaining to this blog post here so we want to edit that and get it optimized
for whatever it is we want to optimize for and with us it’s stretching so I’m
going to put obviously my title in there which won’t be long enough now that the
slug as well as you can see it’s red which means it’s not good
wants to be green you see this one’s well there’s nothing in there than that
why that’s green there we go so this is way too short here let’s add
some of our paragraph that we’ve used actually in our blog here that’s
descriptive and might entice people to want to read more and as you can see
it’s gone red against that means other way too much so I can just backspace
till it goes green should be back now we’ll do all sort of entice people
to want to read more if they’re interested in that subject there that’s
all looking green there’s something about the images on this page don’t have
attributes we haven’t got any images yet it’s like for this page is a bit wrong
slow that’s right here once we take that off and let’s get rid
of our – let’s just say 10 things to know now I can’t do anything about stop
word I’m going to leave it in there folks cue Adam Pete in the first
paragraph I think it actually does there it is first paragraph that’s fine
anyway how’s our school we look up here to the right-hand side
SEO good well that’s great that’s what we are aiming for here
now let’s further optimize this let’s put some images in there not only can we
give them alt tags with our keyword which will help SEO a little bit more of
course when people are reading your blog post is nice for them now a few images
in there now I’ve downloaded some images one
right over top here as you can see I’ve given it the old tag
of stretching which is our keyword we want to optimize for that’ll help it out
some more I’ll just aligning that one left go down a little bit put another
one in here again our line that one left and we’ll
put one more in the part right here you and to further optimize it what we’re
going to do we’re going to give these images a few links we just link them to
some to more of our blog posts here which is always a good idea and for
those of you that don’t know I’m doing it left clicking on it going up the
chain icon to add an internal link and then when the link box comes up I’m just
clicking on the COG and here are other blog posts and pages and I’m just
selecting wherever I want to link it to you can also link it to external your
URLs if you want to other websites if you feel an eating I need to align that
one left ler there we go give them a link what should do it
okay so up here it should tell us how our SEO is good we ability to okay wise
not much I can do about that I don’t will rewrite the article I’ll
put it in my blog category I’m going to give it a featured image they use one we
use the toilet already got a nice keyword in there and we want to give it
some tags tags again will help direct people that
are searching for stretching to this page I’m going to use another free tool
it’s called keyword IO I’ll put the link down below
there I’ll just put my keyword in there I’ve got set to Google at the moment you
can do this to YouTube being Amazon eBay App Store do a search and here we are
it brought up a bunch of keywords so I’m going to select a dozen or so that
pertain to our blog post no point putting in keywords that don’t make any
sense because people will search for something and land on your page and
there won’t be anything to do with what they were looking for which probably
won’t make them want to return in a hurry you as you see this is a free version so it
doesn’t give us the stats over here which will tell us how high these
keywords are going to rank but for my purposes for adding keywords that
they’re going to bring people to my site it works just fine I’m going to hit a
little copy button over here on the bottom right hand side get a little
notepad up because when I paste these in here until me I need to add a comma
once I rather the coma I can just check the whole thing into my tags in my
wordpress and it’ll separate them vanish there okay copy those at our site and
put the tags in right there and just hit the add that’s it they punched all those
in there and they’re all stretching tags pertaining to what our blogs about SEO
good readability okay let’s publish it and have a look there we go there’s our little optimized
search stretching blog and for anybody interested all these these photos were
free stock photos I got them from a site called the stocks I’ll put the link
below the video here if anybody needs some free software it’s got some great
sites on here always read whether you’re allowed to
take photos from the web when you take them most of these absolutely free some
of them require attribution which means you’ve got to link back to their site
but most of these especially from this site exhales are absolutely free their
CCO so you don’t need attribution you’re free to use them as you wish but so that
there’s that site so there we have it there’s our blog optimized for SEO using
our free Yoast plugin I hope that’s been useful to you please subscribe to our
channel if you’ve enjoyed this video once again this is Ben Jaime from system
22 and great web design comm thanks for watching Oh

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