SEO Mythbusting – Official Trailer (New Series)

By | October 8, 2019

[Music] no one understands how the Googlebot actually like works the ominous the great the Googlebot what our dim you know help create things that I should be doing is there much of a difference between like frameworks sizes and approaches for how those might get crawled is JavaScript the devil [Music] on one end is content and the other is app but it blends at a certain point people often find that their sales will go up they’ll get more engagement from audiences they didn’t know they had just because they can now access the content there’s a gap in translation between the SEO and the developers and how they think and what they consider let’s bust these moves and like that shed some light on these topics [Music] I don’t know Martin do dogs look up I think so hmm we should move past that yeah there’s nothing to do with that’s nothing to do with SEO this felt very good [Music]

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