SEO lead generation techniques | Check-in #30

By | August 14, 2019

I’m gonna tell you about some SEO lead generation techniques that are working for me right now in 2019 hi if you’re new here my name is Jeff Couret I’m the founder of SEOak and this is the check-in where I update you and my successes and failures the idea is to inspire you to achieve your own goals all right let’s get into the check-in so we got a new week last week of the month in terms of business days and some of the some of the you know some of the these videos they’re you know they’re it’s it’s been interesting what’s been happening so I’ve been doing these videos I just put up this will be my 30th one today 30 business days in a row put these up and yeah now people are starting I’m starting to see some results I’m starting to see people reaching out via facebook Messenger direct message I’m getting a lot of attention I think I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and I am also getting results from my LinkedIn outreach I’m getting I got my first person reaching out that one is a local owner of a coffee (manufacturing) company wanting to go get coffee or something like that maybe a meeting or something like that so starting to see results and that’s what you want so these daily check-ins seem to be getting me a lot of good attention especially and I think that’s just leading to referrals helping me stay top of mind almost like a follow-up thing and in terms of what I wanted to get done Friday and over the weekend I got everything done I got a little bit of work done this weekend and did all the stuff that I wanted to do including getting my testimonial up on my SEO reseller plans page that was a big one and I’m getting some on page just kind of keyword improvements down there today what I would like to do is I would like to give him this check in video created up uploaded and optimized I’m going to be reviewing some LinkedIn outreach automation platforms and taking one may be getting that out from off of my plate because it’s getting a little boring doing that run through my expenses on fresh books in order to get that over to my CPA I want to create a spreadsheet of what I want to do is really what has been my most successful marketing channel I really want to dial that in and then put some more resources toward that and and yeah I think that’s that’s a really good thing to do and I’m really not sure exactly what it is I have some ideas but this will help me get that in and of course give my SEO implementation done and one thing I’m going to start doing today is really focusing on improving the product and the service which I think a lot of it boils down to me getting even better at SEO right just I have to be the best and and that’s not gonna come easy so yeah just putting more more resources there in order to improve the product and also the customer experience and all that good stuff that’s gonna do it for my chicken what is something that you plan on doing today if you’re brave enough to help achieve your big goal in your life I’ll I’ll check back in with you soon

One thought on “SEO lead generation techniques | Check-in #30

  1. RJ En Post author

    Whoa! Trippy clock. Happy that you're starting to see some eyes on you and some people reaching out. That's excellent! I"ve used quickbooks before. What's Freshbooks for? Same company? Competitor?
    Improving your products/services? Sounds like you're be hitting the classroom. Feel free to share with us some free pointer you learn for seo in 2019!

    Pause: You know what I'm planning on doing today!
    Good video and good luck!


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