SEO Keywords – How to find the best keywords for SEO

By | August 25, 2019

Hi this is Jamie from System 22 in
great web design .com here’s a short video for you keywords they’re really
important when you’re building a website to have your keywords implemented in
your content and also if you’re making a youtube video you can use keywords to
try and rank your video higher up and get more visits and more views one great
free bit of software I like to use is called keyword tool it’s completely free
or at least as this versions free and I’ll put the link below to this software
if you just type in your keyword and I just hit the enter button and it’s come
up with all these different keywords here because we’re using the free
version it’s not showing us the actual stats but you can make your own mind up
to get a bunch of free good keywords for whatever project you’re working on
whether it’s your website or your video and just select the ones that you like
and you can hit the little copy button down on the right hand side here and
then bring up a notepad and just paste them in there control V or right click
and paste if you’re putting them into a wordpress site you’re going to want to
put a comma I need one of those if you want to use them as tags of course you
can also do it for YouTube or Bing or Amazon or Ebay and search the keywords
on there and if we do one for YouTube I don’t know if it’s the same keywords but
it’s come up with the optimum keywords for the YouTube just again choose the
ones that you want hit the little copy button and just paste them into your
don’t pad there with the YouTube I’ve noticed it does actually put those
commas there for you so you can just add them to your tags on your YouTube video
another great way of finding keywords is let’s go to youtube a minute let’s
search for a video web design and look at this guy he’s got two hundred and
four thousand views on this one video that’s pretty impressive so let’s look
at this video we don’t actually have to run it we’ll just stop it right here
three and what you want to do is just go to the left of it to the clear tab here
right click and go down to view page source now this will bring up a whole
load of scary stuff don’t panic reset your pacemaker it’s okay all we
need to do is hit ctrl F and ctrl + F for Freddy and this little box will pop
up pop up here and just type in keyword and you’ll see there’s two lots there
there’s the first one on on the right hand side it’s got them up here if we go
down to the second one probably I just pull this down that little second yellow
bar there here’s our second one and again it looks like a bunch of junk
there but these are the keywords he’s used to rank his video there you see
that first inverted comma right there just the right of it here’s his first
one graphic design you can actually copy them all to the end until the next
inverted comma there that all those are keywords there and again you can just paste that into your
notepad and it’s already got the comma so you can use that in your YouTube
videos well obviously it’s not a good idea there’s copy blindly what somebody
else is doing it’s got to pertain to what your videos about I mean obviously
make sense but it can give you a great idea of some keywords you’d like to use
in your video to rank it as well so there we know that there’s a couple of
tips about getting using and finding good keywords for your website and also
for your YouTube video and for those of you that are wondering how you can use
those in your website obviously you put it in the content of your site if you’re
writing about something you want to put your keywords in there if you’re using a
wordpress blog site click go to the dashboard it’s really easy if we say add
a new post obviously give your post a title and put your content in then when
you’re you’ve put your content in there and given it a category you can just
paste your tags in there so I’ll copy these tags over here that we just copied
and control we just – paste them in the tag section then and hit add it’ll
automatically add those tags so our little blog post there will have all
these nice SEO friendly tags that’s how you implement them into a
wordpress site so I hope that’s been helpful to you SEO is very important and
finding good keywords will really help you so once again this has been Jay
McShann system 22 thank great web design chrome if you’ve liked what you’ve seen
please subscribe to our channel have a great day

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