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By | August 16, 2019

All right, welcome back to the webinar
about SEO in web campaigns obviously we had no sound so we’re gonna
do this all over again yes and that’s what happened when you’re live. And that
happened. So okay so let’s dive in. We’re live on YouTube so that’s how I knew we didn’t have any sound okay so if you don’t know if you
have any questions just type keep the YouTube tab open and we can track every
every issue so hopefully you can hear us now and if you have any comments
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Hang on a second like that okay so here’s the agenda for today we’re gonna explain
what the Weld Content Academy is about and then we’re going to talk about
search engine optimization or SEO in a broader general perspective and we’re
gonna end with a couple of minutes in Weld and how SEO works in Weld. So what is Weld Content Academy? Well it’s an experiment from our
side. We’ve done a couple of webinars in the past and now we’re going to try to
do a series of webinars with a broader perspective on how to create great
content and we call this the Weld Content Academy so if you have
anything you want to learn about or so on just tell us because that’s what we try to do exactly that’s great
so it doesn’t have to be Weld related at all if it’s something about content and
how you make great content for the web or other platforms please let us know
and we can try to make a webinar about that So just to put SEO in a perspective and and also in a perspective in the
Content Academy so to build a great business online you need two things: it’s
traffic and conversion so traffic is how many people arrive on your website and
where they come from and conversion is how many of those people end up doing
something usually buying something okay so in what category does SEO it falls
into the traffic category because search engines is one way of finding your
content or website or products and arriving on your website but great
content of course affects conversion but not from an SEO perspective so why is
search engine optimization important so there’s many answers to this question
the one that I think is the key one here is that searching is an action that’s an
activity that the user does if you’re compared to just like browsing Instagram
and seeing an ad for something or you get an email from from a company
explaining or telling you about their new products or maybe you see a
billboard out on the city that’s more sort of pushing ads or content in your
face and being on Google or another search and an actively searching for
something then you are in a much different mindset you are much more
prone to actually taking an action once you find what you’re looking for so
that’s what makes a search engine optimization and search engines in
general very interesting so what is the difference between SEO and SEM?
Yeah that’s confusing right? It almost sounds the same only one letter
difference and they are a bit related but SEO is organic search – how your
content is discovered by Google and other search engines
just by itself just by being great content. SEM is paid advertising in
search engines you know those green links that you see
on top? That’s SEM and they are sort of interconnected in a way because
Google for instance will actually lower your price for for search ads if you
have content that matches the keywords better so if you have better content you
have more sort of cost effective advertising as well so they do tie
together but it’s it’s also a big difference between what’s actually
organic or yes sort of free traffic and what’s a paid traffic. So Tom what are
some important factors in SEO? There are many but I would say there’s two big
ones that have been with us from from the like the dawn of search engines and
that’s having great content it’s one of them great content that people want to
look at and also want to link to what what less-known I think is that it’s
also important to have unique content sometimes you can be you want to just
copy paste something because you found it really interesting but that would
actually that could actually punish you in a search engine perspective in
Google’s frame of mind, their sort of ideal world is that there’s a one single
answer or single truth to every question or every search query that you can post
and everybody else you just link to that page with that answer and if you start
duplicating content then Google gets a bit confused and doesn’t know what
content is actually the best one okay of course you can do a summary of an
article and post that summary and that in turns your new summary becomes a
unique piece of content but you should be wary about this straight copy pasting
and in that in that sense it’s also you might want to think about where where
you want to have your content like we used to be much more active before
we’re on which is a popular blog platform but we had to make a
decision should we continue posting content on or should we host
it on our own blog on our site and we ended up going back to our own site and
this missing medium the second thing also important that’s been there for
ages is links how many people or how many pages are linking to your content
and this was actually what made Google stand apart when it came was it 20 years
ago more was that use this sort of instead of just indexing all the content
it actually looked at how many people are linking to it as a kind of social
proof for how important this article is or company so those two are the big ones
are super important and then there’s a number of smaller factors that have been
changing recently quite a bit and continue to change but I mean google has
recently made it a much high priority on page speed that your content loads
quickly and can punish your search ranking if you have a slow page similar
with your page being mobile-friendly and responsive it’s also very important
especially of course if your browser if you’re searching from our mobile device
it will actually show you the the mobile-friendly content before the other
content and then if your page is hosted on a secure server it was important so
what makes page secure maybe you seen when you when a browser
sometimes you see a little padlock in your browser mm-hmm that’s the
difference it’s a protocol called HTTPS it’s becoming more or less standard now
it’s rare that you don’t see the padlock I would say these days but sometimes do
you occasionally stumble on a site that doesn’t have this but it’s basically a
proof a guarantee that that tip that the person or the company showing you the
content provides a secure path to your computer
and there’s no allows no sort of middle man to come in between and interrupt
traffic so but and there’s a couple of more smaller factors as well but these
are the big ones I would say so should we just give a very quick intro to what
Weld is about before we start looking you can say that Weld is a design tool
that integrates in all CMS platforms or just any platform that you or your
website is hosted on and we have created Weld a bit like PowerPoint so just to
make it as easy as possible so everything is drag-and-drop based and
you can create a lot of smart animations really anything that you will need code
for anything so tom describe a bit how you see the future in Weld. Well one
thing we talk about a lot is something called Publish Anywhere and that you
should be able to publish your content on a variety of platforms and from one
sort of single source just push out content on a number of on many platforms
and this could be the web that’s sort of where we started and we just this early
this week we actually launched the ability to export images to email and
social media we also have done some pilots with digital signs in stores so
you have content created in Weld and then running on a on a tablet or something in
a store and many other channels that we that are interesting banner ads for
instance so basically we want the creativity to float and also
like you can have with without having a super big team or very resource
effective you can sort of publish and reuse content on a
number of platforms anyway let’s look at SEO in Weld. I’m gonna start with showing
you some pages and here’s one our customers called Odd Molly and they are a
fashion shop they have both physical stores and e-commerce and on their store
page here about 50% of what you see is made in Weld and there’s a number of
ways we can integrate Weld with their website and Odd Molly are using our fast
and simple way of doing it it’s a small script that you paste into your page
and one big drawback usually with those kind of solutions is that it hurts
SEO okay but we’ve spent a lot of resources on making building a solution
that works great with SEO and it’s called a Friendly IFrame so for instance
if you embed a YouTube clip on on your website it it uses an iframe which is
sort of a little little window a little browser window within a window within a
browser window in a sense but a normal eye frame is a link to another page so
when you embed your YouTube clip on your website Google will find this content
and realize it’s hosted on so all the search terms and SEO traffic
SEO sort of juice will be attributed to instead of in this sense in
this case old Molly so if you create content in Weld would it not bounce
back to Weld no that’s a big difference because with this friendly iframe
technique we make sure that the Google will perceive the content as actually
being hosted on Molly so that’s a big difference so it will scan through the
content look at all the text and all the images and so on and
make sure all those keywords are attributed to or moldy that’s great also
one thing I mean it may sound simple but I mean I see a lot of e-commerce
companies still using that is that a place they use text in Photoshop and
type text and it becomes a big image with a text embedded and that makes it
harder for Google to find the content the text that you think if you for
instance describing a product and you that text that description is actually
part of the image it of course becomes much harder for Google to to find it
there’s some there’s something called an alt tag that used to add text
descriptions to images and that helps you some other way but not all the way
and a benefit here is that you can separate so so text is text like this is
selectable text and Google will perceive it as such you can easily read it and
all these buttons here are text buttons that’s a Google account and it can read
the link see where you’re linking to follow those links and so on so it
really ideal from our Google point of view and the content is also responsive
so if I can just do like this and and that’s also something that Google Google
Apps I’m going to jump into the tool itself and show you if the basics of SEO
in Weld and it’s quite it’s quite I mean the parameters you you can adjust or not
that many it’s quite simple actually and most of it sort of is very standard
SEO it is so all these like text objects are
all text that you can edit will become normal HTML text that Google can easily
read you can place alt tags on images if you if you select an image you have a
description field and you can type in a description of the image that will help
Google to understand what image is about and then one important thing is
headlines so Google likes to see one headline on each page okay and you know
if you are working in Microsoft Word or Google Docs you have this hierarchy of
heading 1 heading 2 heading 3 and so on that works the same on the web and
Google expects you to have one header one on a page you can have of course
have multiple header 200 threes and so on so here under advanced text options I
can select header 1 so this text object here becomes a header 1 and Google will
sort of put extra weight on that and then you can select other text objects
and make them header 2 and so on and in the same way actually Google does put
some emphasis on text that you make bold or italic look at that differently than
the rest of the text in what way so in it Google understands that text
that is bolded is more important for some reason so it will sort of give
those words more more weight and the same thing with headlines if you know
most our users or embedding content on their own websites which means that we
can’t [Music]
the page titled that up in the title bar and the description for an entire page
and so on which is also important SEO factors would you for some reasons we
have a few customers whirlpool for instance that publishes stand-alone
campaign websites then we offer more SEO parameters in the sense that you can
provide a title for the entire page and you can provide a description for the
page both of these are really important for for google but if you’re embedding
content the information you put in here doesn’t have any impact it will take
whatever title inscription you have on your normal CMS a little tidbit
regarding titles and descriptions is that Google recently made them more
generous in terms of length before they had to be quite short but now you can
have I think they say 70 characters for the title and 300 characters for the
description which is quite a lot actually it’s like two tweets but
that’s about it it’s very SEO it’s very sort of
effortless in Weld you don’t really have to worry about it
you just create your content the way you would create a PowerPoint presentation
and the only thing that you sort of we have a can keep in mind it’s a provide
the description for your images and make sure you have one or several headlines
on your page that’s it that’s it so if you have any questions or topics
that you want us to talk about next time and just email us [email protected]
or [email protected] exactly and then we hope to see you at
the next Weld Content Academy session take care of you

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