SEO Hack: Internal Linking Strategy

By | August 14, 2019

hey everyone it’s Neil Patel here and I’m coming by Adam from viewership hello everyone and on this week’s Q&A Thursday video the question is this one’s from Youssef and I want to thank everyone else who’s left comments it really helps us out a lot so thank you for that this is me Yusuf he wants to reign for a really specific keyword and as you just said is better than to do that then make a full detail article about that sorry I didn’t catch all that but what about the internal links that refer to other articles in my blog one of the keywords is long winter coats so Yusuf is wondering should how should he be using internal links like the do’s and the don’ts if his keyword is long winter coats and this will work for any keywords any industries with the tips that I’m about to give so first off if you have long articles around long winter coats you’re of course gonna do well but you want to end up taking other pages and link with the keyword long winter coats and by doing that and linking back to that main page the main article it could be the page where you’re selling long winter coats what you’ll find is eventually over time it’ll get more authority and will increase in the rankings now here’s the thing if you have 500 pages on your site and you link from those 500 pages all to the long winter coats page with the anchor text long winter coats what do you think is gonna happen in Google’s eyes I don’t know they maybe think you’re spamming yes it doesn’t always look natural so you don’t want to do it from every single page you don’t want to just shove it in your footer if you have most popular products yes you can add it in the footer but in general the links within the text are gonna perform much better then if you just added long winter coats in the footer of your site so try to embed it within txt sidebars footers navigational elements not as effective when it comes to anchor text versus putting it in the content now with long winter coach that specific keyword wouldn’t that have to be an e-commerce page in order for that to rank like wouldn’t something like that like you couldn’t write an article about long because anyone searching for long winter coats wouldn’t they want to be buying a coat well I could write an article on the 10 best long winter coats and if I write an article unlike the ten best long winter coats from there I can take each of those ten coats and link him to a ecommerce sites as affiliates and either make money or if I’m selling products I can create a list and prioritize ten through one though a top one not being the best the bottom one being the best or one through ten however you want to organize it and I can link to products on my own website and I bet you the conversions would be through the roof right but the key is you can even it could either be a Content page or product page it doesn’t really matter if it’s a product page is probably going to be a product page that showcases tons of long winter coats versus just one or if it’s just one that’s okay too assuming your coat is amazing but the link text the internal linking isn’t too complicated add links wouldn’t make sense if it’s not relevant don’t add the links in text links are better off than non in text links and try to include key words in the anchor text but don’t over optimize and have all the internal links say the same thing you can pick random words that make sense just make sure close and it reads well in sentences when people are like seeing that internal link right it’s basically you don’t want a link where if they click on it goes to long winter coats when they didn’t want long winter coats they all right yeah you can’t just do people and add in links for no apparent reason it has to be contextual relevant that’s pretty much it this one is short with links there’s not much to it but you do that you’ll do well and give it time you add the internal links your rankings won’t boost right away I usually see it take around like five months before the internal links really kick in and it really helps boost my rankings and I should just say a quick little rant from my perspective like I go to a lot of web sites now now that I’ve learned all this SEO stuff from this guy and you just see some insights and they just look like spammy sites so don’t be a spammy site who does this constantly internal linking with this one keyword term like don’t be that person good user experience right yeah and most people what they do is they internal link on their new posts but they forget to go back to their older blog posts or their older pages on their sites and then add in internal links to those as well so just don’t do it for your newer pages also go and modify your older pages as well by doing that you’ll find that your rankings will increase faster but that’s pretty much it thanks for watching this week’s QA Thursday video if you want your question answered week’s video leave a comment below or if you just have a question leave a comment below I’ll make sure and I answer every single one again thanks for watching make sure you subscribe share this video tell other people about it really appreciate it

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  1. syed ameen Hassan Post author

    Hi Neil, Sorry for bombarding you with questions! It's just that I've recently discovered your channel and you're a celebrity in the Internet Business industry, anyways, Thank you for replying earlier. I wanted to know what are some Books that you will recommend for online business in general and/or SEO and Social Media Marketing related? Do you believe is there any particular book that one should read for SEO or If someone uses the tips and strategies that you have provided on this Channel are enough?

  2. Steven McBride Post author

    Gotta say, I love these short yet massively informative videos Neil!

  3. Rees Haynes Post author

    @Neil Patel, if we were in high school together, we would have been best friends. You're awesome.

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    5th Commentator, Will You Come To Visit India?

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    Hi Neil,
    I am also beginner blogger can you tell pls how much time will google take to rank my blog after uploading sitemap

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    perfect tips for what I am doing internally thanks as always Neil 🙂

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  17. Farhan Sheikh Ahmad Post author

    Hi, neil !
    Amazing video as always. As we're talking about the internal links, it reminded me the external links. I usually link to the authority websites out of which most of it are either my competitor websites of Wikipedia.
    Should i nofollow those external links to authority websites or should i let it to be dofollow ?
    What would you if it was for you ?
    Best regards 🙂

  18. Subhrangshu Adhikary Post author

    I found few keywords, not many people work on that exact long tail keyword but when I google them, there are ton of high authority sites in the list but none have that exact same combo of keyword.
    Suppose, What is dog's favorite food?
    Now when I search this, results are not exact match but quite close.

    So working on such keywords, in which no one worked before but yet top results are authoritative with approximate close keyword match, for these, can I rank easily with new domain? Or have to find another keyword?

  19. sammu tech talk Post author

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  20. Piyush Harne Post author

    Hey Neil. I appreciate your work. I work in IM niche. I saw many marketers sending the same email again to those who didn't open the previous one while promoting the affiliate product. Does this works? Do you think its a good idea or the subscriber gets irritated by this practice? I really want to know your views on this. Thanks

  21. Success Scroll Post author

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  22. Desmond Stanley Post author

    Hey sir Neil petal, you mentioned that using same anchor text make a blog look Spammy, yes I agree with that but, my niche don't do so much with anchor text, rather I interlink with the post title always , hope am not doing anything wrong?

  23. Enlightenment How Post author

    Great information! Question. For a health site with lots of health information is it good to link internally to other pages. For instance, a page about cancer mentions antiboitics. Is is good to link the word antibiotics to a page that describes the benefits of antiboitics? Such as Wikipedia does? Can this be done too much. I heard you say if the context is correct then link. I would end up with 2-5 internal links per article. Thanks!

  24. Merlin Silk Post author

    Linking to a specific keyword from all other pages looks spammy – I agree. But what does that mean for the main menu that most sites have. By implementing a menu that shows on all pages, don't I create a spammy site?
    That really got me curious.

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  29. CostaDelTennis Post author

    Thank you for this Neil! When you write a new post, how do you decide what old posts you are going to link it from? Only the ones that make sense or do you also look at page authority for this?

  30. shane mcc Post author

    Hi Neil, I have a question regarding duplicate content. My website has been online for approx. 7 months and during that time I've managed to get some of my blog posts republished in well known online magazines within my industry. Within my own articles, I'll often hyperlink back to certain pages on my own website. When online magazines republish my content they often have those same hyperlinks within there article they're republishing on their website. A lot of these news websites have agreements with other news websites that automatically republish their content (essentially my content) on their websites creating a lot of backlinks for me. My question is, while on the surface this sounds great because I'm getting lots of targeted backlinks but in reality can Google look at this as "too targeted" or "too spammy" URL link building? Thanks for your help.

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    Competition 0.17,

    What does this mean in Ubersuggest? is this very difficult keyword to rank #1? Please make a video about Ubersuggest and tell us how to use this awesome free tool.

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    Makes sense, especially the part where you don't just link from every single piece of content on your blog. I mean come on, Google are onto these things a lot, juts trying and making things as natural as they could be is both easy and a good long term strategy guaranteed to usually be aligned with where things are moving.

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    Nice video as always, Neil! Do you have any suggestion for WordPress-internal-link-suggesting-plugin? I will have so many articles in the upcoming months, what is the best and fastest way to add internal link for all the articles?

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    Hi Neil, love your videos. So, If I link from my homepage to an inner page of my site, will it transfer some of the power to that page?


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