SEO Hack: Duplicate Content Strategy

By | August 7, 2019

hey everyone it’s neil patel for another Q&A Thursday video I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this is from cow and he said hey meow great video as always I have one doubt when you used the same article from a blog on LinkedIn article or something else does Google see as suspicious like a duplicate content well thank you for asking that question Caio here’s the thing with duplicate content and we’re gonna explain how do placate a content works not just for Google but social media as well and we’ll give you a few different scenarios so first off if Adam here creates content on his website about YouTube marketing on viewership comm and I take his content and I put it on my website and I link to it but let’s say I take his whole content verbatim and heck let’s even go as far as saying I’m not gonna even link to you Google will know because he published it first and they’re not gonna penalize me but his contents gonna rank higher than me now if I take snippets of his content and I have a blog post about YouTube videos which I do and I reference Adam in quite a few of my YouTube articles and I link to him and I’m taking paragraphs from his blog and I link back to him YouTube doesn’t mind they’ll still rank my article and his article they don’t care so much about duplicate content they more so care about the user experience so if you’re just jacking someone’s content and you’re taking it word-for-word and you’re not providing any other value you’re not gonna get penalized you just won’t rank that high for that article they’ll look at each and every single individual page some will rank really high some won’t but the ones that you just take the content they won’t do that well so don’t waste your time taking other people’s content or scraping it but if you want to integrate their points into your blog posts and link out to them because there’s no point in regurgitating the same information right don’t reinvent the wheel link out to other people who already done the research have the stats provides more credibility for you as well you can do that there’s no issues there now what social media some of you guys want to do duplicate content where you take your content from your website and paste it all on LinkedIn a strategy that David invented for us and this strategy worked really well and we’re still doing this today I used take my blog content and put it all on LinkedIn verbatim and that used to create engagement and it did really well and created tons of engagement but what we found is we weren’t getting tons of conversions because people from LinkedIn weren’t going back to the site and they weren’t converting so what David we started running experiments internally he would take the first three or four how many paragraphs did you take Dave just yes so he took the introduction as he mentioned the introduction cells the rest of the article and he always took the introduction and he put at the end of it click to continue reading and it drove traffic back to the website not only yes it’s stupid good content Google didn’t care we still ranked wall on Google but we’re generating traffic from LinkedIn and more importantly we’re generating conversions right traffic without sales doesn’t matter now if you’re releasing content on social media videos audio clips and you’re just putting them on instagram facebook youtube linkedin whatever it may be put them everywhere it doesn’t matter if the text is the same the videos are the same even though there’s overlapping and audiences you’ll find that you’ll get more viewership in general by just putting the same content everywhere and we do that we put our YouTube videos on YouTube right when you compress them and you set them up and you optimize them for us you put we do YouTube we do Facebook and we do LinkedIn and funny enough YouTube does really well Facebook’s does really well but we’ve been getting more views than anywhere else right now on LinkedIn because LinkedIn even though we have less followers on LinkedIn they lack video content so they’re pushing it harder than any other channel and they’re doing free marketing for us so make sure you’re pushing out your content everywhere social media doesn’t matter on duplicate now if you want to take that same video on audio content that you put on social media sites on your own website like Neil Patel calm yes you’ll get engagement but you probably won’t get as much engagement as you will from the social sites and you’ll find that the video content that you put on your own website and the audio content that you put on your own website even if you add in the transcriptions on your own site it won’t get much Google love so you can do it for an engagement but don’t do it for Google love and what I do is I put those videos and audio files on my website but I block them from Google indexing because I know that they’re not gonna rank that content anyways so that way it doesn’t dilute my site and make it weaker so that way my content pages rank higher stronger and my overall Authority throughout my whole site isn’t getting spread to pages that I know Google won’t rank well just I’d be curious on European what we do so I create videos for both my companies put on YouTube and then we have a writer take the main points of that and extrapolate it and make a totally different article on a longer article for SEO curious would that make sense to do that works really well I don’t know if you’re doing this but I would do that plus take the video format and embed it into the articles yeah that’s what we’re doing yeah and that works really well and use a different headline for the title then you what you’re doing for the video that’s exactly it yeah so they’re taking at least my content my ideas and then just really turn into like a forty five hundred yeah that works out great because then you can add in the keywords it flows even if you don’t have the video plus adding it you’re accomplishing you know the visual and audio aspect as well as people who just want to read it’s like it’s all about user experience ultimate that’s right like if it’s good for the user it’s good for Google yes but they’d rather not rank videos on your website they’d rather rank YouTube which is a property that they own by adding your videos to your website your time on site increases your user metrics go up and you’ll find that your overall Google rankings will increase but the key is not to just have videos on your site it’s text as Adam was mentioning and embed the videos so that way people watch videos on your website plus read the text the timeline site increases user metrics go up which overall increases your rankings for your whole site so thank you guys for watching if you liked it make sure you subscribe share the video if you have a question for next week leave a comment below we may answer it yes we may answer another Q&A Thursday video or worst case we’ll at least or I’ll at least respond to your comment and answer the question

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