SEO Fun Fact Friday Episode 2 – Website redesigns and SEO

By | November 16, 2019

Do website redesigns help SEO? In some cases Yes But there are also some things you need to watch out for. We’ve compiled a couple of tips for you to help your website redesign First you need to take a look at your images. With many website redesigns, it’s common to add new images to your website However, if they’re over one megabyte this can actually slow down your website’s loading time This can frustrate your users and cause them to leave your website quickly and help to drop you in rankings. So, what you should do is make sure that your images are below one megabyte and that they load quickly on your website. Additionally, we recommend that you avoid multiple redirects when you’re redesigning your website once every few years It causes redirect chains as you move from page A to page B to page C So in this case, we recommend that you either A, eliminate your 301 redirects completely or B, create one solid redirect for each page from their original URL to the final URL. Finally, we also recommend improving your mixed HTTP/HTTPS content So what do we mean by that, when you’re moving your site from an HTTP protocol to the HTTPS protocol, which is more secure – some websites find that they’re still loading resources such as PDFs, white papers, videos or other images from their old protocol. This is not only important to improve for site security, but again also improves your overall site speed and with Google cracking down more on site security It’s important to ensure that you have these resources loading from your secure protocol I hope that all of this information was helpful for you. For more information, We have our website redesign checklist, which is chalked full of great information to help you as you approach your website redesign. Look forward to seeing you next Friday for another SEO fun fact Friday!

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