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By | August 13, 2019

– Hey, my name’s Tim,
and I run Exposure Ninja. I’m also the author of
Europe’s bestselling SEO book, How To Get To The Top of Google. I wanted to take a couple of minutes just to tell you a little
bit about Exposure Ninja, and if you’re looking for some SEO help, then I wanted to offer you the chance to try us out completely free of charge. So Exposure Ninja has just been going, at the time of making
this video it’s been going for four years, I set it up after working a number of years freelance. We’ve got 60 staff, we’re
based all around the UK, we actually have a physical
office here in Nottingham, but a couple of years ago I ran a test to see whether we were more productive working in the office or working remotely, and found that actually
we’re more productive working remotely and actually it made us all a lot happier as well. The benefit of this is obviously that it keeps our overheads low,
which means we’re able to pass those savings onto our
clients, and it also means that we spend all of our time
actually working on campaigns rather than getting stuck
into office politics and all of that. Now the sort of work that we do, we’ve got clients in
various different markets from e-commerce clients,
we’ve got a lot of e-commerce businesses that we work with,
up to service companies, software companies and
local businesses as well, and our areas of expertise
are on-site technical SEO, so making sure your website
is as Google-friendly as possible, and then also
building the authority, so building the links and promoting you around the intternet. So whether this is reaching
out to high-authority bloggers and running giveaways
and reviews with them, or whether this is high
authority publications and trade journals, news
sites, magazine sites and getting our clients featured and getting articles
placed on these sites. So if you’re looking for some SEO help, then on this page you’ll
find some information about our free SEO review and plan. Now this SEO review and
plan is completely different to most SEO reviews
because it’s not just some automated software dump,
what we’ll actually do is spend 40 minutes to an hour
looking through your website, having a look at your
SEO, also checking out what your competitors are doing. We’ll then put all of this together into a 20-30 minute video
which we’ll send over to you by e-mail within a couple of working days. This is completely free of charge, there’s absolutely no obligation, you’re probably wondering why we do this, well the honest reason is
that the review is so good, that you’re statistically
likely to become our client as a result of seeing
the review, no pressure, and there’s absolutely no obligation. Anyway, I’ll leave you to have
a look at the rest of this page, there’s some information
about a bit more about us, and also there’s some of
the case studies and some of the work that we’ve done, and
I encourage you to check out the review, I think you’ll
find it really useful, and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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