SEO For YouTube Videos – How To Rank In Search Engines When Using Video On Your Blog

By | September 9, 2019

Ok, that’s my friend that water dragon.
I’m in a forest next to where I live and I want to share something with you that I
find really good for video blogging in particular (for search engines too). The big question that people always have with
video is, “What about SEO? How do you get Search Engine Optimization when you do just
video?” The real quick and easy answer to that is to transcribe your videos. Whenever you create a video, like this one,
you send it off either to your transcriber or you transcribe it yourself if you have
the time and you use that exact same text on your blog. You embed your video on your
blog and you also put the text of your video on the same blog post. What that does it is
creates this easy text for you. It’s one of the easiest ways I think for creating content
for your blog because not only do you get really cool video, and potentially also audio
because you strip the audio out of it, but you can also get the text and put the text
on your blog. That way you keep both your viewer, your reader, and your listener happy
and also the search engines. I’ve been doing that now for my blog for
quite a while and that means that I get picked up in the search engines a lot easier. People
love it too because they can read through the transcript if they are in a hurry. So, that’s my tip for the day. Once again
if you want to see more videos like this and if you want to read my free report on video
blogging just go to Thank you for watching and I’ll see you
inside the next video.

5 thoughts on “SEO For YouTube Videos – How To Rank In Search Engines When Using Video On Your Blog

  1. Reg Gupton Post author

    Great suggestion, Gideon.

    My videos will be transcribed on my below the embedded video, just like yours.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Reg Gupton

  2. kcsreports Post author

    Great tip..I know it's from 2 years ago but Transcribing your Video really does work! Along with using the proper keywords in your video

  3. EverSpark Interactive Post author

    Relevant videos(s) can improve a website's visibility not only in the search engines, but also on the various social media sites. Therefore, it stands to reason that by providing proper SEO techniques to a video, it will enhance any ongoing SEO efforts.


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