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By | August 13, 2019

welcome welcome welcome my name is Phil
saying Co thanks for stopping by I have some
awesome stuff to talk about today I’m talkin some step-by-step
instructions are on SEO for video literally from Sep on
doing keyword research all the way to the very end doing some
really kind and injured chance stuff this works for pretty much all of my
videos videos I’m going to show you the two the
exact tools that I use on I’m going to show you some you know
just some some SSF maybe you don’t know and I
guarantee this will help break your video so more people are seeing your
beautiful face trying the camera sing whatever videos
you have and you know may be buying your stuff
you know so okay first serve up this is my facebook page
if you like this video and it helps you and me feel like I got up lot of value from this video are
afterwards head over to Phils Inc 0 excuse me I Facebook dot com forward
slash Denver SEO consulting yes I am an SEO
consultant arm base at Denver Colorado I help
businesses out in LA a in New York on down Dallas and Fort Worth as well as
obviously arm towns are businesses here in denver’s and look kinda wanna give
you a good idea to let’s go let’s just go over to YouTube live right
now okay so I’ll show you some things that some videos that I have
ranked on YouTube no probs so you guys probably heard a
power lead system bomber least my a group of followers
probably would know about it so type in power
lead system in to YouTube now I may not be number one like this is for the organic
results start but feel a great year bomb am I’m this guy right here okay so I mean
that’s out 893 thousand results I’m on the first page
okay let’s put in review our lead system review there’s me
again let’s try another one omelets sports stew Fort worth SEO bone first you know that the very
beginning us to SEO Los Angeles right here some saying I can know how to rank these
videos a lot of these videos are translating
overt first page bomb like first page of Google such as YouTube so this what I do works ok after let’s get started sorry I’ve
been up blabbering number one is keyword research I just
use good the Google Keyword planner tool it seems
to work for me I know they have more advanced stuff like mom the best sums samurai could ever I’m I’ve always had
success just google keyword planner on but that’s just me so what we’re
gonna do and keyword plan and I’m gonna show you this in a sec is you want to find a keyword or keyword
phrase that has you know fire Elise over 500
views a month and you know you can go lower
than that but a II I would say go for anything 500
by lottery that sec 5,000 or less exact matches on YouTube so we’re gonna put that keyword in to
YouTube in I’m super real competition is and then
we can do the same thing on Google okay so what I wanted to do at school up newer to go to Goodwill just go to
keyword planner if you don’t have a Google account get a Google account when
you can get free access this planner so once you’re inside this is where you
put Canada if you’re just starting out trying to figure out what your keyword is going to be start
with like a general subject so my general subject
was e-bay so at sea for the video that i’m gonna be
uploading at least showing live assists typing EVA and I also like to go down here were
says keyword options click on that and it says on the show ID is closely
related to my search terms put that to on and then click outside
anywhere trust me that helps we eat out a lot of just totally random sure it’s not
related to your subject so then once you cut getting the screen
after you click Search go over to keyword ideas and then this is your search for first-year
original search item and a lower all the related what’s I
want you to go right we’re our it says average monthly
searches and click on that so that we get all the
results are the highest monthly searches arm beer the highest number of monthly
search is okay so we’re getting a lot of these terms here you know that are just very each very
general work what I would suggest if you’re new to ranking making videos ring in a ranking them to
get traffic is out go after the low-hanging fruit
okay so here is what I’m here’s what I tissues a a one keyword
that that I want to use it word is home what okay so I put in Obama I something that has struck trying
to look to see what was getting traffic related to the base I put in topic EVA items and there’s a 140 monthly searches for that that’s a
little lower remember we want these average month researchers to iraq least
500 so what I did is I took this one cuz it’s getting 1900 searches
per month so here’s what I want you do highlight
this keyword the control C or copy it go over to YouTube what I want to do is
to put that keyword in quotes and then click after half so we’re looking here when it’s in
quotes it gives us D exact number of results above other people that are trying to
rank fourth that specific keyword phrase okay so if I
take the quotes of it Ste its gonna show 95 that you know
95,000 800 results and you know that’s not to actual true competition we’re going on after this very specific keyword phrase and there’s only a 139
results now I would say if you can keep this
under a thousand as you’re doing your research in trying out different
keywords if you can keep this number here under a thousand that would be great I mean if you even
if it’s a around 5,000 iced you know distract GIs till think like you could easily rank video but yet again you wanna go after
some low-hanging fruits wat once you find words when you put it in quotes in YouTube
like this truck go for ones that have like 1000 are less
results you know because you want to be able to rank that
quicken start getting traffic in you know leads in revenue soon as
possible okay so what I’m gonna do now is I just copied
this a on the search top selling items on eBay
with the quotes I’m gonna go to Google aunt I just for parents who want to search
and now look again this is what i’m looking for a
shit number results and if you go back to this says look for a hundred thousand her last exact matches on
Google right so there’s under a hundred thousand right there this is a
perfect keyword once I’m done showing you some he know 10 showing you how to do this stuff this
will be on first page my video will be on the first page I
guarantee within a week after posting so up some powerful powerful stuff okay where reacts so when you’re making your seo for video useless so
you’ve already selected your keyword right when you’re making your video Hughes
that keyword phrase in the first and the last 10 seconds up the video if
you wanna say it once in the middle as well that’s just fine I wouldn’t say the
keyword too many times but use it in the first 10 seconds and
the last 10 seconds the video industry when you’re done a treating the video with it on your
phone or a camera what I like to use I like to transfer
that to my computer and name thats file with two key worked so again my key word here was
top-selling items on e-bay so once I have that file
on my computer I’m simply changing the name of the file to the keyword so once you’re in you too and watchin you to endure uploading it on wall a waltz uploading you can have
the opportunity to write a title okay so let’s go ahead and start uploading video such can click upload here slept files I’m going to see documents check yeah see was school ito’s keyword so I’m having a senior yes top selling
items E top selling items on eBay okay so this
is gonna start uploading okay right when its urs
uploading you have a little bit I’m to get smarter so you can update the titled something
coming you know E year and eye-catching as a year catching
because it’s you know it’s video I guess we offer eye-catching I make sure your keyword is used in the
title and then we’re gonna write a 100 to 400 were description and red pepper that QR throughout the
description K after that we’re gonna write five-day
varieties have that keyword at the bottom love the description rank copy and paste
this keywords arm from that previous Sep and use those
as tags for the video and always save save
save when you’re done OK so this is uploading top selling items on EVA that cell like hotcakes I now have some fun with a title you know
so so people can watch it okay so the first thing I like to do you hear is I was like have a link a link to whatever I’m selling and
kitchen making videos you’re not selling something you should definitely talk to me or
click on some links my videos and get into DS domination stitches you
ok step by step how to make money on eBay
I’ll make sure to put a example are link in the description of
my video but let’s a so let’s step over to my blog really quick in a few years but have a blog or not
but it comes in so handy for so many reasons so I’m gonna grab iLink and notice how X stop all its house cutter on LinkedIn
sometimes so I’ve something that I cells called
the Eve a formula and its DIDS domination someone up for that as the first thing okay and then after that make few spaces
and you’re gonna write a small description okay and you can use the keyword top I
like start the start using the keyword after that
link top selling items on e-bay wonder IM’s cell this e-bay this video help shed some late on subject and get you to be you to being a I don’t know flap sure a it up seller within the month okay now at the very bottom I like to make a
variety of my keywords try to like this so I’ll say arm top selling items on eBay best selling Adams on EV selling on eBay how to sell stuff on even and these are all cures that I
know are getting traffic so again to make sure to do your research
okay best EVA items est things to sell on IPT K now on the do is a minute for copy and
paste these into the tax section soon as i pissin I think it can do that with each of
these sorry to taken so much time but sir pretty
important step ca i right after all that I want to make
sure presage out automatically does save
sometimes but where just make sure you’re saving now at wage
we just did the basic information now let’s go over to advance settings now she put a location where he made the
video or if you’re trying to target somebody
in another specific city or you know anything like that put in that
city you know me unit pleasant where you taped it arm it works
you know arms conferred under Colorado cuz thats from will and then recording date today and then
click safe rate so what I am going to do now is open in
another window and what I desire Swan under shear to my video manager in
YouTube as you can see this video is still
processing so I’m actually in a click on at it’s
not gonna be up and ready to view for what i want. is I want this link
appeared top to copy that link open in new window go to painkiller dot com key I N G E lier dot com we’re going to ping the
video this mixture make sure that om all search engines
around the world are finding your new the posted information as soon as
possible and they get indexed in those search engines this is free on an
individual basis don’t pay any money at ping dot com care so I paste in the URL and say top-selling items EVA as the title or keyword select few categories visiting nurse in an online and marketing and then of course have fun caption
things or school and clipping out arm for the free version and you know
might take a while there may be other people in from you all its pinging on but just let this Ron in the
background bomb while we go and do some other
things okay so get her back in the video that were
up late in loading it says 22 minutes cuz I it in HD video and so that’s that’s
gonna take a little bit longer and so what I’m going to deal make sure
I didn’t miss anything so what I’m going to do is I’m going to posit this video because
I’ll there’s some things we have to do right after mom the video is uploaded okay some pas the store section
come right back alright and once your video is uploaded here is what II wants you to do after that again the SEL say upload
complete now go over here to your seo for video manager and the con edit comes your video that
you just uploaded now you notice we have school things we
can do to this video up here what I’m going to do first is
add annotations so years to go back to what I’m doing here
so keep me on schedule you want to add
titles and notes and then I’m and show you how it’s you at a there had to added the caption file
if it’s available ok after so when you first bring up annotations its gonna
start playing your video now what I like to do years click right here at a notation an and just click on title I want to do is use the keyword keyword phrase as the title top selling items I’ll on e-bay and Skye again this is I’m to another
way to get to sneak in a keyword into a video as a title and it
kinda makes it looks good soon you know place it where you want it
and then I have a starting at zero and ending at
10 seconds so up cups a top you click Save and then
you click publish 0 rights as published now when I dues at
another another invitation but i wanna do it or see hands when I’m doing it. my god called action so this is a dreamin’ in 24 second video some started two minutes and 54 seconds and in my note I’m going to say again and going to use the keyword snows top-selling items on e-bay 0 click below to you a free training free EVA training video Ste I’ll care apps time stubs title its sorry I’m slow today as and bear with me layers shalom to go year suspension Ste sternum trucks its use like to do red background I think it
shows a better I’m means 16 time so notice skin make this quick note it
has my key word in me here and I’m have this round click and drag racer that notice there home %um as you can see it spans last thirty-seconds video click Save
published so I just put into more keywords in
different places calm again more keywords you can do in
different places pointed your video the better selves
when I clicked on captions at the top here so every time you upload a video Google
tries to understand what you’re saying and put it into captions so for this video says automatic captions click on map and as you can see there’s kinda like
some shipper ish here blah blah for what I want to do is are key word is
top selling items money that gonna find it in the stacks taxed where I said that what are the top selling items on the
eve seats skating track that to debate so it has matured what are the top
selling items on eBay now I’m not gonna do this everywhere I’m gonna do this maybe once
or twice just to make sure that I’m getting you know a few more keywords into this video description earn to the captions I
should say scissors top selling items you bear so I have been there twice I’m gonna
click save a copy sign out saving two copies it has the automated ones and the ones that you just edited we
want to display able the automatic one Serena go into that
and then this drop-down menu click Disable and as
you can see there’s two different tabs here one for active tracks that’s the
one we that is now active and Hazare changes
and disable tracks says automatic captions and all those
save automatically so we have just fully on page SEO optimized this video we add some
crazy stuff they’re so let’s move on so I went ahead and i know i i did. pingel
earlier you can do it earlier or you can do it now already showed you guys that next one open up multiple windows in your browser
and run your video multiple times okay so I
like to do this just to kinda run-up to view count I don’t do a lot I am dudes until I have like 100 videos or
anything like that but she hears my video so what I will what I mean by that is do you dislike 5 57
times where you just reloaded video or you open 7 tabs in
just have those videos run all the way through and watch them just
so you get like you know 527 fuse immediately even if it’s only from your
IP address care I just trust me on that army its works for me so far so oMG next thing you wanna do you is get is many fools video views comments and thumbs up you know the like
feature on YouTube as possible and this is kinda like what I like to do
these days is all ask my friends and family if they
can just watch the video like it leave a comment and you now
seriously I have friends have no problem doing that you know I called my sister had jets
just to get as many different variety of IP addresses from around a nation from around the
world to be watching this video within the
first 24 hours okay next thing you can do is search video
syndication on Facebook and you can definitely find a private
group to join where you syndicate each other’s content mom on Facebook or you know had
everybody works together to get lakes views and comments on their videos and
here’s another thing now and and I say this at your own risk spend a few bucks on Fiverr there are up there are some gigs on five of repayment
five bucks and I’ll Drive a whole buncha likes whole are you know like 10 comments and
certain number you know a fake subscriptions your
YouTube channel you can use those to get lotsa fuse and
stuff the I kinda but I would say don’t do
that anymore at least muhammed if you want to
you can try it out but again it’s at your own risk I don’t
do it because you she was really its own bike Google obviously and
usually tracking down on types have links typeof you know fake views or whatever to seo for video and they’re
just deleting those videos randomly are you know what seems
randomly so I would not use five yr but if you
know you have a low budget or you just testing things out then use fiber so next thing build a playlist up high if you count videos I should put related
hike as you can still use in a certain your
video in the play blitzed so are making this playlist or
putting a bunch of other really popular videos in to that playlist Bourassa putting your video kinda locked
in there so it’s like somebody maybe a walk are
listening to your watching that playlist because they
see a lot of you know big the EU big few counts on the videos
have that playlist and then we’ll come to your video and
maybe you picked their tension and not on that video to get them to click through to whatever
you’re selling so what I do you hear my seo for video is e swell E so I’m going back into my video manager and on the left there’s butter osborne says playlists click on that
click on Play are a new playlist and you’re gonna net
name again use the keyword in the playlist top selling items on e-bay create nah man at a description you ever
wonder what the top selling Islands eBay are these days here’s a playlist have videos that will held you with selling stuff evite against selling some honey bee it’s a
different keyword that a China some other videos and trying to rank for so and after that you click add video by
URL yeah how bringing us new here open
another tab thing and just go to YouTube in YouTube me
inside right and so I’m in it I’m gonna pick something just related TV
sums to type in even right and see what comes up okay what’s getting a lot of traffic an hour what’s getting a lot of
views hom you now see somebody’s head light 44107 thousand
here’s a minute do I am just going to click on these
peoples videos this helps them out to social Luna black cat thanks spca nice lad there E be either way take that URL put it sheer add some add a few other people’s videos you know it said whichever ones you know
make and to scrap the URL’s you keep adding
them to your playlist had som other the and then goal to your YouTube channel go into these videos manager go to video you just created and get
that URL go back to your playlist here and add
that to your playlist and then add a few more %uh you know
higher view cam videos and add them after your video on the players you can grab some random ones here yo so now when we’re done click Done and that’s another chemists you know
kinda sneaky way you’re sharing other people’s videos but you can sneak in your video and news
restraining him more referral traffic through that
mattered okay me now the next thing is now this is
where you getting into stuff just like totally shoes is up your video and ranks it on
YouTube ranks it on Google this is for those the
views were serious and these are the tools that I use and
yes they cost some money that they might have free versions but I down national I
these arm is to cost money and these are my
affiliate links if you like the information them giving you and it’s helpful in this is
my exact strategy no buyers you now but by through these
links if now bad support my pizza and beer
signs I so yet so the first thing I do is a
certain dropping um driving structure at the Manx certain tripping
social media backlinks and I use this new
program called link love soul link love is super super cool let’s go look for over two
years so um cure their plants so they have a Sri
account if you a good use my linking go over mom you
can either sign up for a free membership which you know you’re only a Ste you know whatever probably crappy
service for just the free membership but pic one
of these whichever really honestly like it this is a for me
it’s a business ranking videos is business because I rank a video maybe
a review about something or like this video I’m I’m working on right
now it’s a skied a video and I I’m selling
something on the other side %uh value now I want my message on the top abuse you I wanna on the topic Google
and software like this for his love as like eight bucks look at the tiny one
is only eight bucks a month I would personally I’m only you know i guess i met your videos than
other people I would go for the basic and up depends on how many videos you
wanna make on how much stuff you wanna rank on
garcia comes 4,000 points you know that’s com issues these
a lot it will wreck your videos I would highly
suggest you just come in two basic level or above and start cranking these backlinks and
it’s so simple on the inside a bit here you just click on add link the top right and all you do is you put the URL the title which has the key word
description and you can’t almost like copy and paste from your YouTube video over here all your tags: a quick outcome
but share message here mom gracias a Houla how often do you want to be shared you know %um I would say tribbing is
better so I would go either slow mom born normal to start of and at how many backlinks you’re trying
to get so you can set a maximum maybe only one 250 this week or whatever it is you’re
fully in control and then all you know if you’re paid
member this just builds does backlinks for you its totally awesome I’ve had nothing but success with this this is
122 tools I use to the next tool I use novak’s missing here is link Emperor okay here is my affiliate link again on supporters pizza and beer find mom this is the best lynchings you know
backlink software available it’s made for people like you and me
just don’t know how to do all some manual like advanced backlinking in SEO stuff so I literally just use be you know I I use link kemper to go over to link
after I think they have a trial account for like seven bucks or something on some people thinks their regular you
know those packages expensive it’s at 147 bucks a month staunchly this is my secret Adam this entire video is using sees two services together if you use these two services
together you can rank I would say literally any CEO you want any keyword phrase you
want if you use these inch gonna conjunction
together so I’m go and get the issue now a bit trust me diste that’s like my big
secret so on see as dad is everything I do for
my GED apps these videos after I you go through all
that on-page SEO for video I just use link love and band think Emperor and just said those on autopilot and
they just start building links building social bookmarks in all the
stuff completely on autopilot so I can go work on the next video mom did so that the guys that I that’s
my secrets secrets out bomb that’s how you
rank videos any %uh view out there are looking for
something really cool Scott get started with online if you’ve
never made any money online I highly recommend adjoining my DS
domination team this dissemination teaches you how
to make you know very much as much money as you
want on the evite so it’s not anything like the network marketing type stuff for you
gotta talk grandma enter you know joining your pyramid scheme
anything this is literally just step by step instructions look have om at the pro level which is like 20
bucks it gives you 19 instructional videos that just blow scam mind-blowing videos they take you from never ever selling
are making any money online to making as much money as she wants you know as much effort as you put it
into this strategy step-by-step guys I don’t want
to talk about it too much but I’ve had success PMI for sales like miss me twenty seven
dollars I think it’s not a total %uh 10 minutes
on that you know and now I’m getting twenty seven dollar
commissions for that same product all the time I just found the right
product get in TS domination if you’re not already
and and the way to get into TS domination if you
want to be on my team because we person you know gangster my
team we have only got people that are making
money you know arm what you wanna do is go to sell Cinco
dot com forward slash EVA formula still Cinco dot com forward
slash yday formula and that will give you all the
information you need and will be in touch as soon as possible I hope you enjoyed
this presentation on you know that is how I rank videos
that is like one of the ways I make money in my sleep as you know it’s it’s true it is money on autopilot it’s a real thing follow those directions use the tools
that I suggested yes they cost money and yes
I might make a little was he like by percent commission or something but
realistically use those and watch them work it’s like magic
stressed see guys bill thank you out

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