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By | September 8, 2019

all right good morning happy Sunday
welcome to the easy like Sunday morning podcast my name is Charles Watson and
happy Sunday welcome hope everybody is having a great weekend so far I know we
are it is beautiful cold front came through Florida and I really enjoy
Florida winners it is a balmy 74 degrees today so we’re looking to uh we’re
excited about getting outside baby hitting up the farmers market taking a
little tough down by the Intracoastal Waterway they’re walking him around so
that’ll be a lot of fun but first I need to do the easy like Sunday morning
podcast and welcome today’s topic is s e o otherwise known as search engine
optimization and today for our podcast SEO is a extremely complicated topic
with a lot of nooks and crannies and a lot of cog wheels that make this
marketing tool work and flow the right way so this is going to probably end up
being a series but for today I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and asked
me about SEO and do we do SEO work so I wanted to kind of get the ball rolling
for the new year and just kind of talk about search engine optimization so
today we have a couple tasks for the podcast I want to talk about what is SEO
why is SEO important and five simple tips that you can implement right now
into your social media marketing and your website to help drive more traffic
to your website get you some more exposure for your small business for
your small brand kind of get your name to your target market getting your name
out there is a waste of time we really preach that you really need to have a
target market in mind when you’re doing all this for your marketing to be
successful you have to have a defined target market but for today let’s get
into search engine optimization so SEO as I just said stands for search engine
optimization and it’s basically the process of getting traffic from what
they call free organic editorial or natural search results from search
engines so all major search engines Google Bing Yahoo they all have primary
search results and what primary search results are it’s basically we’re web
pages and other content such as like you know like videos local listings blogs
stuff like that are shown and ranked based on what the search engine
considers most relevant to users payment is not involved in these search rankings
this again this is free this is organic editorial natural this is not the same
as paid search ads so this is all about free organic traffic so SEO is probably
one of the most important elements and one of the oldest elements to building
online an online marketing strategy around around SEO and the biggest thing
to keep in mind the biggest takeaway from when you’re building your marketing
strategies with SEO is that you have to show empathy for your audience once you
grasp and you understand two things who your target market is and what your
target market is looking for then you can more effectively reach and keep
those users okay so I know it’s complicated but let’s break it down
simple SEO is the art of getting traffic to
your content to your website to your social media posts to your YouTube
videos to your Instagram pictures it’s the art of getting free organic non paid
traffic prospects to interact with your brand all the search engines
take take SEO into consideration it is one of the metrics that they use to
measure and rank your content on their search engines and the two ways to
immediately start improving your SEO is as a business or as a brand or as an
entrepreneur the first thing you need to do is you have to define your target
market and you have to understand what that target market wants means and buys
okay so that’s it who’s your target market what are the target market what
are their they want what do they need and what do they buy alright so once you
have that figured out now we can go down to how people interact with search
engines like what their habits are so here at expert influencer Academy and in
other videos we always tell you guys that content is king you need to build
for users and not for the search engines and basically hey good morning Dennis
good to see you basically there are three types of searches that users
whenever they pull out their smartphone whenever they do a search then query a
search on a website they’re generally trying to ask or search for three things
the first one is the do query so they want to do something such as buy a plane
ticket listen to a song purchase a I don’t know subscription to a magazine
okay so there’s the do search these guys are looking for something to do on the
Internet then there’s the no search and this is a query for information so they
need information such as the name of a band the best restaurant in New York
City the number one recommended psychiatrist
in your local market in your area your graphical area so that’s the no search
searching number two the third search and the final way that most
people interact with search engines is they’re looking for a navigation query
somewhere to go I want to go to a particular place on the internet such as
Facebook or the home page of the NFL I want to go to YouTube
I want to go to Twitter I want to go to fiber so so you jump on the internet
because you want to go to another page so when visitors type a query into a
search box and land on your site this is what you need to ask yourself will they
be satisfied with what they find if you’re content relevant to what you’re
selling is your content relevant to the advice you’re giving is your content
relevant to your brand this is the primary question that search engines try
to answer billions of times a day remember a search engines primary
responsibility is to serve relevant results to their users okay and this is
really important to know especially when we get into the five tips because these
these problems here that the topics that we’re discussing right now these tips
are gonna show you how you can deal with with what we’re talking about here all
right so now that we have that out of the way we have a basic understanding of
what SEO is we understand that a search engines job is to provide and serve the
relevant information to an end user something that they’re looking for so
again you can see how defining your target market knowing exactly who it is
that your product is for your service is for or your you know your videos are for
exactly who your target market is and then creating content relevant to that
market all the infrastructure and basically the
backbone of SEO and like I said there are a lot of intricacies and there are a
lot of steps in between there and this is gonna be a series but for the first
video we just need a basic understanding of what SEO works what it is how it
works and what you can do to improve your SEO results for your content so
with that said let’s jump into the five simple SEO tips to help your website
even your YouTube videos even your tweets even your Instagram photos SEO is
across the board it’s awesome for all of the web platforms all of the search
engines work like this so the five simple SEO tips for better rankings here
we go so number one is you want to optimize your titles your URLs and
descriptions and this is probably in SEO this is probably the oldest tip in the
SEO industry but it’s still the most important you want to make sure that you
have a unique and meaningful title a catchy description and a well formatted
URL and if you really pay attention to the Internet these days people are
starting to shorten URLs if you notice you don’t really run into like two or
three sentence lines long URLs anymore you can go to a site like bitly it’s a
bit dot ly and you can use a free program it’s completely free and you can
take those long URLs and you can shorten them down and that way it saves real
estate and it saves space on your on your advertising campaign because when
we you know when you get into marketing and advertising every inch of marketing
and advertising space is extremely valuable so you don’t want it to junk it
up and you don’t want to take up a lot of space with a real long
I’ll try to keep my elbows off the desk I see it’s moving the camera around I’m
sorry I hope nobody gets a bit seasick so examine your website using this way
of thinking and if there’s room for improvement in your titles and in your
descriptions this is your first priority and a great first step for getting
better ratings so you want to make sure that your titles are relevant their
exact their shortened to the point there shouldn’t be a hidden meaning in your
titles 36 steps to enlightening yourself you know if it’s about taking vitamins
tell people take vitamins feel healthier don’t you know 37 ways to get in contact
with the universe to strengthen your inner being just eat well and get
healthy you see I know that’s extreme I know no it’s a little over the top but I
just want to put that into perspective for you the second tip is provide useful
and fresh content one of the reasons you have a website or blog obviously is to
provide content to build an audience to keep your existing customers prospects
and leads happy and to gain new customers write marketing today in the
you economy in 2019 is all about providing value people are tired of
being barked at people are tired of being hammered over the head with by now
by now by now they are actually looking for engaging and relevant content
something that’s going to enrich their lives you need to be doing that as well
you need to be keeping your audience happy you need to be producing shareable
content by content like I said we mean anything from articles videos
infographics slideshows music comments reviews anything else suited for your
niche whenever you’re posting anything just
make sure it’s relevant make sure it’s fresh and make sure it’s adding value
you know I mean and a good example of this is what is your first reaction when
you visit a website and it has out-of-date content
do you stick around no you you click off because you automatically know that
that’s not what you’re looking for you don’t stick around and hunt for what
you’re looking for if it doesn’t pop up on the first page you’re on to the next
it’s the same thing with your website if you’re like that with other people’s
websites people are like that with your website you have to understand that
you’re human too and the majority of humans and the majority of people they
all have the same search patterns they all use the Internet and web browsers
the same way so apply that is your website engaging is your content
engaging when you have to proofread your content before you post it on social
media do you skim through it because it’s boring and you don’t want to read
it anymore if that’s your reaction that’s gonna be the reaction of the
people that come to your website just keep that in mind okay so provide fresh
and useful content there is a lot of competition out there for keywords and
for websites that have the most fresh and updated and useful content you want
to make sure that yours is one of them all right the third tip is you want to
improve your websites like loading time like response time if you go to your
website if you go to your blog if we go to your YouTube channel does it take
more than like three or four seconds to load up five seconds to load up if it
does that could be affecting your SEO score and it could be affecting where
you’re ranking in the search engines a lot of people didn’t think about that
but that is a major factor how responsive is your website and if this
is the first time that you’re reading about how speed is important for SEO
then you need to go take a look at your website and you need to improve the
loading time of your website PageSpeed is definitely a ranking factor if you
have two similar websites and one is faster than the other you can expect
that it will also rank higher faster websites generate more
convergence that means the more sales the more RSS subscribers and the more
clicks on your ads if your website is more responsive and you get more
pageviews when a website loads fast users are likely to visit more than one
page before they leave if it takes forever they’re gonna click off so how
can you improve the speed of your website I’m gonna give you a couple
pointers right here first of all you can remove all the big images from your
website remove unnecessary javascript files you can small images you sprites
instead of small images to minimize HTTP redirects you can move to a faster
hosting provider right you can move to somebody that that has a better hosting
services better speeds and you can use Google you can Google how to optimize my
website and you can read what they require to use their platform so you
know these search engines and these browsers they reward people all
platforms really all the social media platforms work like this all the web
browsers work like this they reward users and they reward creators that use
their platform the way it was meant to be used boo I know it blows your mind
but if you actually use these tools the way they’re supposed to be used those
platforms reward you and you rank higher in the you rank higher in the search
results and number four and this is really huge and this ties into a blog
post that we just posted up yesterday on our website expert influencer in fact I have a link to the blog post down below it’s the top three
or three SEO trends to watch for in 2019 and this is a big one this is the number
one trend on that blog post but this is the number four tip in this video and
that is make sure that your web is mobile friendly like I talked about
in the blog post 52 percent of the world’s web traffic in 2018 was served
on mobile devices so phones tablets mobile devices so you want to make sure
that your website your content looks good on mobile and not not only good on
on a desktop but you want to make sure that it also looks good on mobile read
that blog post because there was a major paradigm shift in March 2018 that Google
unveiled and this really changes the ballgame for everyone so if you take
anything away from this podcast its tip number four and that’s make your make
your website in your content mobile-friendly you can test your
websites you can test your content with a tool called Google mobile-friendly
test just type that into the browser and do that test and they give you
recommendations and you can try to implement you know implement the
recommendations from making your website mobile-friendly make sure that the
content you show the mobile mobile users is the same or very close to the content
you have on your desk type desktop website you know this includes both
content images links if you already have a responsive website and this shouldn’t
be an issue so this that blog post really complements this fourth tip so go
check that out all right and finally tip number five and this is one that not a
lot of people talk about but it’s really important is a register your website
register your website with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools all right
some people believe that by not registering your website with Google you
can hide things from them to kind of slip under the radar and reach the top
of the search results that’s that’s not true I mean it’s not a hide-and-seek
game you want to make sure that good long-term rankings can only be achieved
if you follow valid methods and techniques and just for the record
Google already knows everything they need to know about your your website
with or without you submitting it to website tools so you’re really not gonna
you’re really not gonna gonna fool anyone so go to google webmaster tools
being webmaster tools and register those sites with those search engines so that
they can send the spiders remember this all goes back to the World Wide Web it’s
a web so they send their spiders to crawl your website and index all your
pages and your metadata and content and that all gets ranked to help hopefully
get you found you know well guys I know that was a lot thank you for taking the
time to watch this podcast I hope you guys found it useful that was our topic
on SEO and like I said I know it’s extremely complicated but hopefully what
we talked about today and those five tips you can begin to go over and study
and review what you’ve posted online on your website and on your social media
posts so far and you can work to optimize these Mindy thank you very much
I’m glad that you found it helpful and he says thanks this is really helpful
not a problem my pleasure thank you so much for for tuning in so guys there you
go let me know what other SEO tips you have in the comments I am going to make
this a series so this is video number one what is SEO why is it important and
what you can do right now to start improving your SEO if you want any other
specific topics leave them in the comments below don’t forget to check out
our book club the blogpost that complements this video
we have links to that in the description so thanks for tuning in to the easy like
Sunday morning podcast again my name is Charles and we will see you next week
right here on Facebook live at 9:00 a.m. for the easy like Sunday morning podcast

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