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By | August 11, 2019

If you want a restaurant, you know that
reviews and SEO are the lifeblood of your business. Today we’re going to take
a look at how can you be a savvy marketer be the most findable restaurant
online and spend the least amount of money getting there. If you own a restaurant, you know how
challenging it is to become findable online. You probably have a ton of people
walking in every day trying to sell you some new marketing strategy. I’m going to
show you as a restaurant owner, or a hospitality group, how you can dive
deeper into your findability based on how your prospective audience is
searching and how you can show up to them in the exact way they search. I’m
gonna show you a tool called Very simple to install –
just go to and we’re gonna show you how the
keywords that people are searching are the best way for you to show up for them.
So let’s take a look at my search results. I just searched for pizza
restaurants Denver. I love a good pizza! But pizza restaurants Denver, you know
that is that pizza delivery? Is it, you know, is it going to be like Domino’s or
is it going to be like something really spectacular?
I’ve had enough Domino’s in my life I’m ready for something a little more
interesting. So what we’re gonna take a look at is what shows up on a search
result pages incredibly important to restaurants. Now primarily because it’s
all local driven meaning where I’m at right now my IP address right now is
gonna match up with how you have your restaurant listed. So the first thing
you’ll see here is you’ve got Google local business listings. So what you’ll
see here is you’ve got Pizza on this page – it’s all over. I’ve got Blue Pan
Pizza West Highlands, Marco’s Cold Fired Pizza, Anne’s Pizza Denver. So that’s
great it’s got all of them have pizza in the description but take a look at this.
If you come over, KeywordsEverywhere will show you exactly how people are
searching for pizza. Now I could of course, Pizza Denver or best Pizza Denver
it’s always going to be like the brass ring of keywords. But there’s only 10
results on a search result page so that can be pretty challenging. So let’s take
a look pizza restaurants Denver gets 260 searches per month that’s a lot over the
course of a year. Now. Now that we know that that’s where people are hanging out
we got to figure out like what are the clubs? Where do the people hang out?
And they hang out in different spots in Google search
results. So if we figure out where they’re hanging out then we can market
to them specifically based on where they’re at. Let’s jump over to the actual
KeywordsEverywhere data. KeywordsEverywhere, you’ll see here, puts the data
right inside the search results on a Google search result page. So some other
ways I may want to think about is Denver pizza company. Mmm, okay. That gets 1,600
searches a month. How about best pizza delivery in Denver – 390
searches a month. Pizza near me Denver – 390 searches a
month. Best pizza in downtown Denver – 210. Denver Colorado pizza – 20 searches. So
look at all the different ways that people are searching – they’re searching
for company, they’re searching for best. Best is an incredibly powerful phrase. If
you have ever been given an award you’ve run would you’ve won something that
indicates that you’re the best, optimize for the word “best”. So some of the most
powerful converting keywords on the Internet are “best”, “affordable”, and “cheap”.
You know the business owner is like, “I don’t want cheap”. Be careful with that
because cheap is actually – they’re just looking for a good deal. It doesn’t mean
they’re not going to spend money, they just want the best deal possible.
So “best”, “affordable”, and “cheap” are gonna be your three biggest trigger words, we
call them, to getting in front of people that normally wouldn’t even know about
who you are but should. Now let’s take a look at, scroll down, and see what else we
can find. Now we’ve got of course, Yelp. Yelp is sort of the big bad boy of
restaurants. Keep in mind that Yelp is a search engine. So when you go in to
optimize your restaurant maybe your restaurant is Nicolo’s. Now Nicolo’s is a
family name, it’s been in your business it’s been in your family business
forever. I get it. But you’ve got to balance that with what you do. So based
on the search volume that I’m seeing I would do Nicolo’s best pizza in Denver.
Now what that does is it says “yes I’m going to find you four Nicolo’s but then
I’m also going to find you four best pizza Denver” which gets 390 searches a month. I want some of that action. When you start balancing
the restaurant phrase like your Niccolo’s, and then your best pizza in Denver, you add that to your Google Local Listing. You add that to your Yelp
listing. And now you instantly become findable to people who don’t know who
you are but are searching for best pizza or best pizza restaurant Denver. Those
are the client kind of clients you want. And then you have to create a page that
says look we’ve won all these awards and here’s all of our google reviews and you
can show them all the reasons why you are the best pizza restaurant in Denver.
Let’s keep going down so that’s how we deal with Yelp. Let’s see what else. So
there’s always those sort of outliers there’s in the local community there’s a
website called Westward. It’s one of those newspapers you can pick out in
front of any of the major grocery stores or any of the lot of the restaurants
have them too but a lot of people use that as as ways to find new restaurants.
So Westward they’re featured as Denver’s best pizza by style, which is kind of
interesting, then the next one is Thrillist. Thrillist is also another
restaurant. They do actually all entertainment entities but they have a
very specific section on Thrillist. So if you could go and you’re thinking about
where do I spend my money you’re gonna go and you’re going to see Westward how
do I get in there? They’re already ranking in search results. Then you’re
going to go to How can I maybe buy an ad in there? So I’m findable
on that page. You’re going to where people are hanging out – you want to find
the clubs you want to go create marketing materials based on how people are
already searching. That’s when you’re able to grow your business to people who
don’t know you exist but should and not spend a fortune doing that. When you try
to go after too many strategies it gets muddied really quickly. So pick one or
two strategies and go after those see who comes up on search results for your
restaurant type. Go nuts, think about Uber Eats. I search for pizza in Uber Eats or I
searched for sandwiches or Mexican food. These are search engines. Uber Eats,
GrubHub, Yelp, they’re all search engines. So think about not from how you want to
market your restaurant but how am I searching as a
potential customer for what you have in your restaurant. This is the real change
in thinking that you have to have as a restaurant owner stop buying all these
willy-nilly one-off online marketing and start thinking more about who wants to
eat your food and why should I come to your restaurant. I’ve been a business
owner I know how hard it is to run a business and it’s so hard for you to
know the snake oil from the real deal. So if you like this content make sure to
follow my channel, hit the belt so that you could be notified of my daily easy
empowering tips to make you the most findable restaurant online.

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