SEO for Plumbers: Easy Ways to Improve It in 2019!

By | September 4, 2019

When someone is looking up for a plumber online,
the first thing they’ll probably do is search for the available plumbers near them. SEO marketing ensures that your business appears
among the first few results for the audience you intend to reach. In this video, we’ll introduce you to SEO
for plumbers and plumbing businesses and walk you through how you can improve and maintain
your search rankings! START BLOGGING
Adding a blog to your site comes with a number of benefits, one of which is making sure the
search engines are paying attention to your site. So, as soon as you add a blog to your site,
start posting content on it regularly. Another is that blogging allows you to add
more pages to your site which ultimately will increase the number of keywords and items
that you are able to rank for. THE RIGHT KEYWORDS
When crafting content, you should ensure that it’s well optimized for plumbing SEO, and
that it targets relevant keywords. include specific keywords such as “plumbing
services in Los Angeles”, “electric water heater installation in LA”, “Emergency plumber
in LA”, etc. Such local keywords will ensure that you’re
getting traffic from your locality rather than from the entire nation or world, and
will help you be more competitive when building your local footprint. MORE ONLINE REVIEWS
Another effective way of improving your local SEO is online reviews. They help to build your online reputation
and get more business in the long run. Think of it as word-of-mouth on the online
realm. Platforms such as Yellow Pages, Google, and
Facebook allow users to leave reviews. The key here is to encourage your satisfied
customers to leave good reviews for you on these sites. This way, when a prospect searches for plumbing
services and sees the good reviews, they will be more likely to hire you as well. USE SOCIAL MEDIA
Social media provides a way to build your trust and authority online, and helps keeps
you relevant in the public eye. So, make sure that you have professional looking
profiles on the different social media platforms. This will suggest to your prospects that you
have credibility and that you’re available to them. Regularly sharing links to your content and
value posts on a schedule on these platforms will help keep your audience engaged, and
even bring more business IMPROVE TECHNICAL SEO
The performance of your website is critical for SEO. Make sure your website is responsive on all
platforms and devices. Google now gives special preference to websites
that load and work well on mobile devices. The load speeds are vital as well. A site that loads slowly risks losing many
visitors. Plus, search engines love a fast-loading website. SEO for plumbers doesn’t have to be difficult. It will certainly take some time, work, and
patience to get it right. But with these tips, you can effectively boost
your online presence and start getting more organic traffic than you know what to do with. Want to have your SEO taken care of by the
experts? Contact our team right now for a no-obligation
strategy session to discuss how SEO can help your Plumbing business today. And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to
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