SEO For Beginners – 5 Simple Steps To Rank #1 On Google In 2019

By | August 12, 2019

in this week’s video we’re going to be
talking about how you can get number one rankings on Google with five simple
steps there’s five pieces to the SEO puzzle and if you’re a beginner after
watching this video you’re going to know exactly the steps you need to take in
order to get your website ranked number one on google without further ado let’s
jump into the video before we do however I want to thank every single person for
subscribing to the channel and for the continued support on all of our videos
we’ve hit 150 subscribers and we’re just going to keep moving forward keep
growing and keep putting out more videos that are going to help you on your SEO
journey so but further ado let’s jump into the video gonna be on the
whiteboard today so starting off what is the first step to any SEO campaign this
is crucial so the first step is this keyword research this is the first step
to any SEO campaign without this your campaign won’t be successful now we’ve
covered keyword research before in Prior videos I’ll include a link in
description if you want to go check those out with those resources already
available for you but we’re going to be talking about sort of the bird’s-eye
view of the whole keyword research process but if you want a more in-depth
understanding of keyword research then we have videos for you so what is
keyword research keyword research to put it very very simply is discovering
keywords or search phrases that people are going to use to either search for
your company your blog whatever it may be so let’s get let’s look at some
examples if somebody went onto Google and searched for a a lawyer in London
the keyword here would be lawyer in London
if somebody went onto Google and searched for heater repair in Miami the
keyword would be heater repair in Miami another example would be the ketogenic
diet if somebody searched for this keyword for or search for this search
phrase this is the keyword kita ketogenic diet now depending on what
business you you have or what business you’re in the keywords that you want to
go after are not going to be suited for your business or going to vary of course
so depending on the surface of for example if your business is maybe a
service based business you would go off the keywords that are related to the
services you have to offer if your business’s product base and you sell
products like lawnmowers for example then that’s that that’s obviously the
main keyword that you want to go after maybe not actually because it’s very
broad but this is this would be a good starting point and then maybe you could
go with something like best lawnmowers and then if you wanted to go even even
deeper than that you could do best lawnmowers 2019 so I think you get the
idea of what keyword research is at this point so this is the first pillar that
is the starting point let’s lock that in place so that is the first step that is
the first piece to the SEO puzzle what is the next step the next step is
technical SEO now what is technical SEO it’s exactly what it sounds like it’s
the technical aspects of search engine optimization so what does this involve
technical SEO can be anything from where you host your website to the errors that
pop up on your website the number of pages on your website and whether or not
any of them are leading to errors these are called 404 errors
it could even be as simple as your the speed of your website so there’s a lot
that goes into technical SEO as well but for now all you need to know is that
it’s literally that the most technical aspects of search engine optimization
and we’re going to be producing more technical SEO videos in the future the
reason why we haven’t yet is because it’s not the most important factor
keyword research is definitely important without keyword research you’re not
going to get anywhere technical SEO in most cases for most businesses is not
going to be a very big factor in their SEO campaigns so I don’t want to spend
too much time on it we will be uploading videos going into more detail on what
technical SEO is and the different components of technical SEO and how to
improve your site’s performance with technical SEO but for now just realize
that the next three things that we’re going to be going over are the most
important so what’s the third thing that we want that that makes up the SEO
puzzle the third thing is if I can type its on-page SEO so what is on-page SEO
we have a video on this as well on the channel so if you’d like to go and check
that out the link will be in the description
below on-page SEO to put very simply is the content that you have on your
website if we’re it’s it clicks from search com and we go on to
the services page and then we go on to search engine optimization
this is the content all of this now our content is really weak because we
haven’t let me say I I haven’t put a lot of time into building out this site I’ve
been focused on actually delivering results for clients instead and trying
to bring on more clients into the business and growing the business
because it is a new business so we haven’t I haven’t actually put a lot of
effort into the site but this is basically what what on-page SEO is I
mean you can technically involve other factors like site speed but I think
that’s more of a technical thing so to break down on-page SEO really quickly
the most important factors the URL we want to rank for the keyword SEO
services so it’s within our URL the page title our h1 contains SEO services or
the synonym for SEO services as long as as well as our h2 contains
SEO services so as long as you have your keyword in the URL along with your
titles obviously you don’t want to you don’t want to duplicate it here and have
it in the URL and have it in the page title itself you want to have so for
example the way we’ve done it is we have SEO services on the page title this is
what shows up when somebody searches for SEO services and then we have the
keyword in the URL and then we’ve gone with a synonym for the h1 tag now Google
knows what SEO the Google knows that SEO and search engine optimization are the
same thing so by doing it this way we’re not using that same keyword free times
within the most important factors are the most important on-page factors I
should say and we also have SEO services sprinkled in into the content now in
this case we have SEO services way too many times in
here I will go back and change this but you only need it about once or twice and
another thing we could do or I could do to improve this page is to add images to
this page because right now it’s literally just text so those are the
on-page factors we have a video on that so if you want to go check that out link
is in the description so what is the fourth piece to the SEO puzzle probably
the topic that’s covered that’s been covered the most on this channel so far
which is off page SEO what is off page SEO when you think of Google I want you
to think of Google like a popularity contest the more the more popular
friends you have the better Google will treat you and I know that sounds
terrible but that’s just the way it is that’s just facts so what do I mean by
this let’s think of some of the most reputable websites on the Internet
I’m talking Facebook I’m talking Instagram I’m talking Forbes I’m talking
some big news sites like Bloomberg and BBC and CNBC all of these big sites are
reputable if they link to your website it shows Google that you are also
credible because credible sources are linking to you that must mean or in
Google’s eyes that means that your website is also credible so off page SEO
is really and truly about building relationships if you build relationships
with websites and website owners that have authority and then they link to you
you then use that authority to lift your own Authority in Google’s eyes it’s
really that simple off page SEO I want you to think of off page SEO as
networking and building relationships that’s how you get links and you know
you can get links with on-page SEO as well you know you create a great piece
of content people love it they link to it sure that works too
a surefire way to get to build links is to build relationships when you think of
building links I want you to think of building relationships it’s as simple as
that so what’s the fifth and final piece of
the SEO puzzle this is what most SEO is can’t do because most SEO czar great at
SEO but they’re not great at generating traffic from other sources so I’ve kind
of just given it away they’re the fifth piece to the SEO puzzle is traffic why
is traffic so important back in the day you could literally rank a site very
very easily with a little bit of on-page and some spammy links like a thousand
ten thousand twenty thousand spammy links just sent to the page and you’d be
ranking on page one the thing is Google algorithm has evolved and that load no
longer works so now you need to you need to be able to copy exactly what the big
brands are doing your website and the activity aka the links coming into your
website need to be positioned as if you’re a big brand now how does it how
does this make any sense let me let me explain why I mean let me explain what I
mean we’ve actually gone over this before in previous videos as well but I
want to go over again so if you’re a company that is doing well outside of
the search engines then Google will reward you for that
if you’re if you have a brand that is powered you know outside of Google and
you’re getting traffic from other sources that are reputable then that’s a
big big big trust signal and something that cannot be faked so if we take a
look at a company like Amazon according to this keyword tool they get over 200
million searches per month now I don’t expect anybody watching this
to get to get to Amazon’s level but we can learn a lot from Amazon they have
built such a big brand that just off of the thesaurus traffic alone
like if Amazon’s website went down and they completely changed their company
name and they called it blue moon comm and they you know set up the website
exactly how it was before but you know that nobody actually knew about the name
until until the new name was released in the press that website would be able to
rank like that just purely based off of the search volume and the search traffic
going to that site and the traffic going to that site from other sources that are
reputable as well that site without rank everything within a month or two and the
reason is because it is very very very difficult if not impossible well it is
impossible to literally take to be able to replicate that level of traffic and
that level of trust pointed at your website it’s very difficult to generate
the type of traffic that Amazon generates but because they do their
website is extremely trusted in Google’s eyes and like I said if they started a
brand new website tomorrow they would be out ranking everybody within a month and
I’m talking even the biggest competitors so what does this have to do with let’s
say a local a local business like a like a plumber we search for a plumber in
London I know that this company is a brand and
I think I’ve seen their ads evil on TV or buses I’m not sure which one but
let’s take a look at the company just to make sure yep okay so this company um
like one of the main reasons why they’re ranking for a keyword like this is
because of this research for their name look at the traffic that they’re going
over twenty thousand searches per month they have built a brand outside of just
Google they’re not getting the majority of their traffic through Google now
they’re getting a lot of people searching for them for their brand name
on Google but they generated that somewhere else if that makes sense so
the only reason why 22,000 people are searching for them every single month is
because they’re running advertising campaigns you know billboard ads bus ads
TV ads and this is all offline people are seeing that offline they’re coming
on to Google they’re typing this in their brand name and they’re searching
for the company that is such a big big factor in Google’s eyes now this can be
anything you can generate this type of traffic from anywhere even if somebody
sees your company on social media and they go onto Google and they search for
it that works that adds to the same thing that adds to the same effect
so really the last pillar is what separates the companies that dominate
from the companies that don’t if you’re able to get the first four you’re going
to do extremely well like that’s that’s really that’s that’s really the facts
however if you’re able to get the fifth piece down which is what we’re very good
at doing our clicks from search generating traffic from other sources
apart from Google if you’re able to get the last piece down you’re going to
dominate everybody it’s that simple so I hope you enjoyed
watching this video I hope you learned a lot from it I know we went over a lot a
lot of the video a lot of the things the concepts that we’ve discussed in this
video and all the pieces that we’ve discussed for example keyword research
on page SEO off page SEO have already been covered on this channel so we’re
going to be linking to those videos in the description below so you want to go
deeper into all of these pieces then make sure to check those videos out if
you enjoyed this video and you learn a lot from it make sure you leave a like
and share this video with anybody who you know wants to learn SEO and is a
beginner so once again thank you for watching this video
my name is Vulcan the founder of clicks from search thank you again for watching
and I will see you on next week’s video

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