SEO For Beginners: 10 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

By | August 14, 2019

SEO For Beginners: 10 Powerful SEO Tips to
Rank #1 on Google in 2019 Do you want to rank number one on Google? It’s actually really hard Unless you watch
this whole video, you are not going to be able to rank on number one spot
on Google Hey everyone, Im Diogo Marques and today I’m
going to be sharing with you 10 ways you can rank on Google organically
today. Before we get started, make sure you subscribe
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time i make a new video. I got started in SEO and Digital Marketing
when I was trying to get a job online. Since that wasn’t happening I created my own
job board so I could help others get a job. Have you ever heard that expression: If you
build it will they come? Guess what…no one came. I’ll tell you right now: whatever it is you
are trying to do, forget about the very thought of people coming to
whatever it is you are building. It’s like having all the electrical
wiring in a house, switches and the whole thing, but you are not
connected to the utilities company. Getting traffic online is the same
thing. You build a website, but then you need to
have the digital marketing part of the machine working. So after so many failed experiments, and seing
that most advertising companies out there are over charging something
you can do on your pwn, I made it my life mission to become great
at the very thing that was keeping me from getting where i wanted. Number one: Focus on the main keyword you
are trying to rank for Google awards sites that are niche specific
and super thorough, so if you are an accountant, don’t try to go after
every topic under the sun in accounting. What you should do instead is to choose the
main keywords you are trying to rank for: legal advice for
foreigners, Real Estate Attourney, or whatever combination you think
applies better to your industry when a user goes to Google and types
in those keywords. What
would they search for? What would your potential client look for
in Google to get to you? Number two: Be super thorough And then what
you want to do is write super thorough content on that specific combination
of keywords. You
should add pictures, videos, infographics, be super-super thorough, so
that anyone would look at this article and wouldn’t find any other
article in the world better than this one. That way, anytime someone
would look for those keywords, Google would show them the very best
article on that subject. Your article. The best way to do this is go
use a tool like AHrefs and
find the top article in that topic. type in the
number 1 spot website url in ahrefs look for the highest number of
referring domains and shares and you write a topic about that. If they
have 10 best cookie recipes, you write one with the 50 best cookie
recipes. See, it’s about betting the competition and
making sure your article is better. It’s always best to have less articles on
your website and super thorough than to have tons
and not so good. Number three: Confirm there is demand for
this But before you do that, before you write that amazing blog post, you
need to make sure that there is demand for this. The worst thing you could do is go through
all this trouble and then finding out no one is
interested in this topic. You should go to google trends, and type those
exact keywords to see if there is demand for it, because if there is
not demand for it, you are not going to do well, because the world is
telling you, they don’t care about that specific topic. Number four: Use tools check your blog content. They will help you to Correct H1 tags, H2
tags, keyword density, stop words, number of paragraphs and so much more. You need to have the page
optimized for SEO, so when Google goes and crawls your page, they can
give you high marks for the content and rank you higher because your
blog post is nearly flawless. Number five: Optimize your website for speed. At this time and age, if
your website takes forever to load, people will quit before they even
get started, so you have to make sure your website is super fast. How do
you do that? Go to a website like GTMetrix and see what
they tell you. Then what
you have to do is to correct all the stuff listed there. Most
of that list can be corrected with using CDN and a couple of wordpress
plugins that do all the heavy lifting. If you haven’t already, check out
my video regarding how to optimize your website for speed where i go
more in detail regarding this. Number six: Mobile Friendly At this time,
the majority of webtraffic comes from mobile devices, so if your content
is not mobile optimized you are not going to do well. You have to get your website AMP ready AMP
is Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. It is an initiative to create
websited mobile friendly. You can go to and check if your website is AMP or
not. If you want to get your site optimized to
AMP, check out the video in the playlist where i go through all steps
to get your site AMP validated. Number seven: Backlinks The number one organic
reason a webpage does well on search results is the amount of quality
backlinks pointing to it. Backlinks are other websites that have your
blog post listed on their webpage. So your focus from day one after writing that
amazing blog post is to go on AHREFS, or BuzzSumo
and check for the domains that are pointing to that blog post. You reach out to them and ask them to
have your blog post link on their website. You need to make sure these
are sites that are relevant to your industry, and specially look for the
ones with more relevance, like Chambers of Commerce, or authority sites
that have been around longer and are well respected. Most of them won’t
even answer you if you are in the beginning,but you need to keep
building your authority in what you are doing, keep creating amazing
content, and eventually you will start gettting a following, people will
start to trust your brand even if you are a one man show, and they will
start sharing your content, which leds me to the next steps Number eight: create a community Number of
shares is a very relevant metric to google. and i don’t mean buying
likes. What i mean is you
starting to get a following from people interested in your topics. This
will make your life easier, because if people like what you are doing,
since you are helping them, they will start sharing your content as they
see it useful for them and see you as an authority. So you need to know
where your audience is, who they are and give them what they wat. Number nine: Have an email marketing list
provider and optins To build an audience, you need to keep them as well,
and not just cold call them or email the first time and forget. You need to keep in mind you are
developing a relationship, not a one night stand. So you need to have
email optins on your site, so you can get subscribers when
people go to your website. Even if in the beginning you are actually
calling local business owners to go to your website. You use a service like
GetResponse, create email autoresponders and measure the engagement of
your audience. That way you are creating content and having
people signup for your email marketing. Number 10: Submit your sitemaps to Google. You have to make sure your
site is being crawled correctly, so you have to submit your sitemaps. if
you don’t know how to do that, make sure you watch the video on my
playlist on how to submit your siteamps to Google. Bonus tip#1: The last tip i have for you is
to have your site on a reputable hosting company, with one click
worpdress install. Google
knows the best hosting companies and you will get credit if you are with
one of the “ones we know and trust”. Go to Bluehost and signup with
them. It super easy, they already have CDN’s, 24/7
support, daily backups, and wordpress one click install,
and it’s cheap to0. That way
it makes your life easier. Now that you know these tactics, i challenge
you to implement them and see your business start to grow. Follow what I am telling you, because
this does work. These are conclusions from lots of trials
and errors and i am sharing this with you so you can succeed
with your online presence

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  2. sai krishna Post author

    This is such good content, so glad I found this video. You just gained one new subscriber, I will definitely be checking out more of your videos. Great post …fully agree with all your points, particularly the impact of time on rankings!

    1. User Experience

    2. On-Page SEO and Internal Linking

    3. Building Backlinks.

    Nothing has changed since Google began. These three issues are the only ones that count for anything.

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