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By | December 15, 2019

there are over 11,000 accounting firms
listed on a single directory here in Australia there’s probably much more
aren’t even on that directory but what does that say about your firm and
whether you’re standing out online can you be found online amongst those 11,000 other competitors well in this quick video we’re going to take a look
at search engine optimization for accountants and a few of the key areas
that you should be focusing on so that you can stand out amongst most those other 11,000 firms that you’re competing with talk quietly customers Hey there, Shane Black from Pearl Digital
Marketing here and in this video we’re gonna take a look at SEO for accounting
firms or how to improve SEO for accounting firms. An SEO is short for search
engine optimization and is a process of optimizing your online properties so
that you appear higher in the search results and get more organic traffic to
your website that organic traffic turns into organic prospects which
will hopefully turn into organic clients and that is a good thing because that
means business growth new clients coming in revenue is going up everyone is happy
so before we dive in might wondering why SEO is important well there is a number
of marketing strategies that you can employ and it might make sense to invest
in some before others but with SEO it’s the gift that keeps giving
once you invest a bit of time and in some cases money into SEO it will
continually to generate organic traffic and leads for you long after you’ve
implemented SEO strategies to improve your online presence so unless a major
algorithm changes or something changes online then anything that you do or its
producing content so and so forth is going to reap rewards belonging to the
future in my eyes is a very good return on investment with SEO because we do a lot
of work upfront you continually reap the rewards along into the future so let’s
consider the key things that you need to focus on we’ve going to improve the SEO
of your accounting firm so number 1 is keyword research and keyword research is
a process of brainstorming all of the keywords in the terms that you want to
be found online for so think about things such as your location your
specialty who you want to work with and brainstorm with your team or with a
professional all the keywords and terms that you should be getting found online
for and there are number tools of and we’re there to help you identify which
keywords you should be focusing on and they usually look at three metrics so
actually it let’s boil it down to two let’s keep it simple the two metrics
are competition which is how hard it is to rank for and volume which is hell
often its search for on a monthly basis so if you could find a good mix between
higher volume and decent competition or you’re not just too competitive, then it’s gonna be easier for you to rank them if you’re in a hard competitive niche then you need to
prepared to invest for the long term go to earn your spot amongst those top
rankings getting your business up there is gonna take some time but if you do
you’re going to read through yours don’t just stop at the obvious keywords think
of what I like to call high intent keywords which is it’s very specific
terms that people will be searching for that mean they’re much more likely to
become a client they’ve got high intent to take action with engaging in accounting firm
so brainstorm some ideas around what those high intent keywords can be so
that you can earn those that traffic to the next important SEO factor for
accounting firms is on-page SEO which is just the stuff that’s going on on your
website so you want to make sure that your website content is arranged in a
way that’s going to give you found now we’re just going to focus on individual
pages for now just to give you something very actionable that you can put in
place and that is the use of keywords on a page so generally speaking will have
one primary keyword for a page the sometimes we’ll have some secondary ones
in there so if you’re writing a blog for example there are a few places in need
or you should as best practice have the keyword included number one is in the
title or the h1 tag number two is in the first paragraph number three is in a
subheading somewhere and number 4 is in the slug which is the final part of the URL
and then number five is in the alt text of the of any images for the alt text of
an image on the page final one number six is in the meta description for the
page so the Meta Description is just a snippet of data the search engines use
to understand what’s going on on your web page and you often display that Meta
Description in the search results moving on from on-page SEO there’s this other
thing for technical SEO the technical SEO is more of
obviously technical but it’s basically what’s going on with your website so
things such as having an ssl certificate or a secure site certificate so you
may have seen this before when you’ve picked through to a site that it doesn’t
have an ssl certificate then sometimes Google will actually say hey this
website is unsafe if you’re using Chrome for example and they’ll actually
encourage you to go back to safety now Google in particular has said that
having a secure site an SSL certificate is a ranking factor so make sure that
you have one in order to be able to increase your ranking improbability part
of technical SEO is making sure that your website is mobile-friendly so
Google has said that having a mobile-friendly website is definitely a
ranking factor and even if you go to some of the Google’s diagnostic tools
such as the PageSpeed Assessor or when it’s called analyzer then they’ll
actually actually display the mobile version first the mobile score first
before the desktop so you may have spent a lot of money developing your website
but please please please make sure that it’s mobile-friendly loading speed is
another important piece of technical puzzles make sure your website loads
quickly again it’s a ranking factor for Google but more importantly even website
flows slowly learn studies have shown where people are likely to click back or
disclosed in the tablet not even way there if you have a technical SEO
factors but I’m not gonna go through them in this video but you can check it
out the blog if it’s in the description below that’ll take you through a few
extra things that you should be aware of next is off page SEO or link building so
off page SEO is stuff that’s going on around the internet that’s not happening
on your website typically this is links around the website or listings in
directories so on and so forth now having a website that’s well-known
around high authority websites around the internet is a good thing for SEO
because Google will see and other search engine see or they will perceive where
your website is trustworthy if other people are linking to your content so
off page SEO is incredibly important to be building links back to your website
there’s a few ways it can be building links and that includes getting your
business listed in directories don’t just get listed in accounting
directories think of local business or other business directories or any type
of directory that’s relevant to your accounting firm and to is syndicating
your content across other websites or platforms number three you can publish
guest posts on other websites and before you can submit articles on higher
authority directories or other websites and you can even create infographics and
have those shared on various platforms so there’s a few link building
strategies for accounting firms you can check out the blog below it’ll have a
few others that you may be interested in but just be aware link building or off
page SEO can be a very time-consuming thing we have a dedicated team for it I
don’t do it myself because it is so time consuming particularly if you’re the
business owner you should not be doing this unless it’s like an incredibly high
authority website like a Forbes or something like that
if you’re just trying if you’re just getting started it’s a great idea to
outsource this to even someone who’s underutilizing your office or to someone
who have a dedicated team but can build links in there they’ve got that
experience in building appropriately so next SEO factor for accounting firms is
Google my business so this is the social profile for businesses on the Google
platform and it feeds a lot of information through to maps as well as
what’s known as a knowledge graph on Google so it is definitely worth
optimizing now we’ve done a video on how to improve local SEO focus on Google my
business you can also check out on our channel but to quickly run through it
let’s take a brief overview so Google my business the number one thing is to
complete all the information that’s relevant so if you haven’t claimed your
profile yet I encourage you to do so jump across to Google my business
just Google Google my business and we told to say good night sense but anyways
goodwill Google my business and then claim your profile update all the
information if you haven’t done it before what will happen is Google or
need to send you out a postcard with a pin but you use to verify the existence
of your business fill out all the information and then start posting on
there share it. Share your content on there upload some photos just that using the
platform as an additional social platform for your business now social
media isn’t a direct ranking factor on some search engines but it doesn’t hurt
to be active on social media sharing your content there
to increase your online presence so I’m just gonna throw that one in there isn’t
necessarily a ranking factor for all search engines but it is definitely a
good idea to be active on social media the final point that I wanted to talk
about of SEO is that it’s hard to do SEO without fresh content so you should be
focusing on content marketing yourself not just pushing out random blogs but
actually actually having a marketing strategy or just a strategy behind your
content marketing efforts so publishing some long-form articles on a specific
area and then also publishing some shorter form or shorter blogs but a also
point that does a link or point to that long-form one this is what we call
content clusters and it can help your SEO as you’re able to capture more
keywords in your content but building the internal site structure which is
just how you are linking within your own website so that search engines
understand which pages are important they should be emphasizing in search
engine results so if you watch the video this far then I’m guessing you’re
probably interested in increasing the online presence of your accounting firm
and probably improving your SEO so the first logical step is to audit your
website and your existing content in how it’s performing the search engines so
there’s a whole lot of reasons to do that the web made its simple
your simply request an order from us and we are more than happy to perform a free
order on your accounting firm so just click the link below in the description
or there might be a button on this video somewhere who knows just click the
button or the link and we’ll wallet your website for free and highlight any
opportunities that should be maximized mining risks should be reduced or
removed and that is going we improve the online presence of your
accounting firm so that’s it for me today and until next time stay classy

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