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By | August 7, 2019

So, if you’re a beading planner or an
event organizer, it’s often really hard to tell how to pick the best speaker. The
first time I ever went to a Tony Robbins event, I was found online through a
search that was easy non technical SEO speaker. I rolled into Las Vegas, I’ll
never forget. And somebody else in his platinum partnership had been chosen to
speak that day. So I was kicked off the stage and I couldn’t speak that day. But
they did give me a week-long pass to observe. So, I stood in the back and
observed this speaker come up. And he had I don’t think 15 slides and every slide
I think had like 25 bullet points on it. And after about the third slide, this low
rumbling boo started in the audience. Boo. “Boo! Boo!” And it got louder and louder and
pretty soon the guy on the stage couldn’t even talk anymore. And then
people were heckling him like, “Why do you say all these crazy things and you don’t
really ever say what we have to do…” And I really saw that… That frustration for
business owners that they’re tired of all of the jargon, all the confusion all
the snake-oil. “Just tell us like it is. Tell us what we need to do tell me how
Google will love me.” I kept hearing that over and over again.
“Why don’t I rank? why do I see smaller competitors ranking over me?”
You know, “How do I ever compete in such a corporate dominated industry?”
And after that event, after he got booed off stage, I just finished my first book
findability formula. And all the executives were lined up on the back of
the ballroom. And I went back and handed my book to each one of the
executives. And I said, “Don’t do that. don’t do that to your attendees again.”
And that’s when I got hired and I did seven international mainstage keynotes
with Tony Robbins. It was interesting. It was both exhilarating and terrifying and
amazing and disheartening. Which was always… You know, care for what you get.
You might not like it. And I didn’t like it. I was in all these fabulous locations. I
would do Fiji twice, London, Melbourne. I went to all these amazing I’m like, “This
has got to be the best gig on the planet.” And it was in a lot of ways. But what I
saw was more about people getting excited about the content they heard
rather than taking action on the content they learned. And they would buy these
packages that we were selling. And like people wouldn’t even show up to the
calls they purchased. They wouldn’t… They wouldn’t engage or schedule their
appointments after they had left these events. And I think, what happens is as a
business owner, you get very excited in the moment and then life kicks in and
you’re busy. And after I left that, I knew that my role as speaker, as a
professional speaker was to involve the audience. To get them invested in wanting
to do this themselves by telling real stories by explain to them all of this
highly technical jargon, the Google algorithm, data keywords, research tools
but make it easy and accessible for them. So, I wrote my last book marketing
espionage because I wanted it to be a go-to guide. A dummies guide, if you will
to how to be the most findable business online. So, if you’re looking for a
speaker on search engine marketing, how to grow your business online, how to just
grow your business, I might be a really interesting consideration because I care
deeply about the learning of the people in that room. And that they can leave and
go and apply what they’ve learned from spending an hour of time with me. I have
one of the most coveted designations called the certified speaking
professional or CSP that is an earn designation by the National Speakers
Association. Very difficult to get and it’s over 5 years worth of speaking
that you were able to actually get this designation. So, I can roll in I can
really deliver on the goods and I can make then feel empowered that they can
leave and do it themselves. And I think at the end of the day, when you go to
conferences and you’re going to session after session after session and you feel
overwhelmed. I want them to leave saying, “This was the best session I attended for
the entire conference.” And I hear that all the time
and that’s the good stuff for me. That means I connected and they’re going to go
do this themselves. If you enjoyed the story I share today, make sure to
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this one showed you how much I care about you and sharing my story of how I
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And I look forward to seeing you at the top of search results very soon. you

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