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By | September 4, 2019

I love a good sample and today I’m going
to show you an SEO case study from start to finish. So let’s talk about how we speak as
business owners. There’s a way in which we talk in a way in which we market.
Oftentimes, the way we talk is very conversational, very relatable but then
how we market is we turn into some kind of marketing creative genius. And we
forget about just being relatable and ultimately findable.
So I’d like to call this bubble language. We live inside our own bubble and that
bubble is all the things we create. Unique taglines, unique logos, unique
domain names, unique selling propositions, unique mission statements – no one cares.
Only we care. Business owners love to geek out over logos. I can’t tell you how
many logos I’ve made in my professional career. I love a logo.
hmmm… good stuff check it out. Coming back, the bubble
language is where we get so tied up in our own marketing rhetoric that we
forget about what people are searching from the outside looking in. Remember
it’s hard to see the label when you’re inside your bottle. Hopefully a bottle of
red wine. But whatever your thing is, right? We can’t see the label because
we’re inside going, “Hello, you should be finding me, look how cool I am. I’m making
up all this creative stuff. You should come find me.” But what happens is, you
just make yourself super unfindable because no one ever talked about that
ever or never thought about that way. So we have to burst our bubble and move to
what I call street language. Street language are the phrases that are
already in play. You’ll notice this with the English language. There’s what I call
word worms. Word worms slip into conversation. Do you remember like
phrases like, maybe if you’re from the 80’s you might remember, “Gag me with a
spoon or rad or totally or awesome!” Do you remember these? Now you hear words
like “literally”. Literally has firmly adhered itself into our language.
Everything is literally or maybe you’ve heard that expression my bad, these kinds
of things are what I call trending keywords. That’s not Street language
trending keywords they come and go in time. But a street language is how do
people just talk about your business. Day to day, they go
Google. They’re going to search for a problem, a resolution. We want to hear
what that is. We want to put our ears to the ground.
What are they saying? Let’s listen harder. I always like to think of it let’s be a
chief listening officer and not a chief marketing officer. We got to listen and
then respond. So we’re going to tap into the real phrases people search to solve
problems, research and get help. That’s the good stuff.
So you might want to consider pausing the video right now and write down some
of your bubble keywords. Just go for it. Write as fast as you can. Free
association. Whatever you’re using in your current marketing that you created.
Acronyms, phrases, anything that you created from scratch at a pure genius.
And a friend of mine once said if it’s not your genius, it’s not your job. So we
have to think about what are you really good at, what do you really know and how
can you speak to what’s really happening on the street. Remember, no bubbles, no
bubble language. Let me introduce you to one of my clients Jay Townsend. Now Jay,
is the most beautifully dressed man you could possibly imagine. I’ll never forget
the first time I saw him. He comes walking down the hall. He’s got a navy
blue, pinstripe suit, red tie, red kerchief, white shirt. I mean he just looked
dynamite and I love a man in a suit anyway. So Jay and I were like instant
friends. So Jay talked to me about… Actually was very funny because we were
at a conference and we were in a session together and I was telling him
about what I do. And Jay stands up and he’s like, “You guys are a bunch of snake
oil salesmen.” I have hired so many of you SEO people and never gotten to Diamond
results.” And I’m like, “Game on!” Like I love when people say that because
I’m like I will turn you. I will turn you into a SEO convert. So what we did is
we take a look at he was a political consultant – Republican, big surprise by
how he was dressed. He was all red, white and blue. And he told me about how the
fact he coaches people who run a run for political office. They want to run for
mayor or governor or even president. So we had to deep take a deep dive. Now what
Jay’s bubble looked like? Was Jay was his website. Candidate
consulting is what he was calling his work. Training tools and candidate
coaching. There is no search volume for candidate consulting and no search
volume for candidate coaching. Those are words he made up. So again, we got a
balance the creativity with the findabilty ability for Jay. So we did some free
association around what he thought he wanted to rank for and I just write
super fast when I’m talking with clients. Here’s some of the things he said to me.
Running for office, campaign fundraising, running for governor, campaign slogans
and presidential race. I’m like, “Ooh I bet there’s some good search volume there.” So
here’s what we found. Is when you are searching for something like running for
governor, you’re going to start that’s like the end
result of what you’re going to hire Jay from. But there’s a bunch of little steps you
might take. We call it path to purchase. So a path to purchase is where I might
start at politics then I might bump to political speaker then I’m going to bump to
running for governor. Running for House Senate, running for president, running for
mayor. Whatever those phrases are, that’s where Jay needs to meet them. So he’s got
to meet them where they are. So anything like running for governor, running for
mayor, that’s all him all day. So let’s bump over to his website and take a look
at what his website looks like. What you’ll notice is the very top navigation
on the website. The first one is political consulting. The next one is
running for office. So those are his two main what we call pillar content. Now if
I go into running for office, you will see that we have a series of pages. We’re
going to come all the way down. You’ll see running for local office, here we go.
So here’s kind of the cheat sheet on his website is right down here. You’ll see
that under running for office. We have running for governor, running for Senate,
running for Congress, running for State representative, running for mayor and
finally running for local office. Those are the exact phrases that his ideal
customer are searching for. All we had to do is figure out what they were thinking,
right content to meet that and Jay’s business has gone through the roof. And
he is the best at what he does. So making him findable is only getting
him in front of people who really want to work with him which is the perfect
match. So when you’re thinking about it, remember that it’s not about how you
want to market your material, its how people are searching and then you
match your market materials to those searches. That’s the game changer that
makes findability truly work. Was that sample tasty? Oh, I love seeing before and
afters. That before and then they reveal. So I’m going to continue to focus on these
reveals and show you the whole process from start to finish.
Hey, if you love the content you’re seeing today, I would love to talk to you.
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