SEO copywriting training

By | August 9, 2019

SEO copywriting is incredibly important. After you’ve installed our SEO plugin, most of the technical challenges to Google
to indexing your site are gone. So after that all you have to do
is to write great, great content. Writing good content,
is not something that’s easy, it’s not that comes natural
to a lot of people. It is not about learning
a few tips and tricks, it’s about really learning how to write
and structure your content well. That’s what we do
in this SEO copywriting course. This SEO copywriting course is for everyone
who wants to learn how to write or how to improve their writing. Our course begins
with the keyword research and we’ll teach you
how to do proper keyword. We’ll dive into how to set up
the structure of your text, we’ll give you tips on how to improve
the style and readability of your articles and finally we’ll teach you how to tweak
your posts in such a way that search engines will be more likely
to rank your article. This is a very practical course,
so you’ll have to do a lot of exercises, which really challenge
your writing skills. We’ll also let you do two assignments,
one about keyword research and one in which you have to write
a proper blog post or article. You’ll have to send those in, and one of our Yoast team members
will give you feedback afterwards. So when you finished
our Yoast SEO copywriting course, you’ll get a certificate
and a badge to put on your site. But most importantly,
you’ll have all the tools to be able to write awesome
and SEO-friendly articles.

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