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By | August 15, 2019

SEO. Now, that’s a dirty word isn’t it?
There’s a lot of businesses hundreds and hundreds of businesses that do SEO and
in my opinion, know nothing about it. They don’t know, you know they don’t know
hardly anything about SEO. Lots of them are stuck in the dark ages still
building links for their clients, talking about posting on influential blog sites
and doing a bit of on-page work you know, getting your meta tags right and your
descriptions right. You know, there might if your lucky, do some good copywriting.
Well you know those are some of the building blocks of SEO but, nowadays you
know, link building is three, four or five years out a date. Still a lot of people
selling that. There’s still a lot of companies selling SEO you know, like it’s
the be-all and end-all a great secret you know, they know these tricks that can
get you to the top of Google. No doubt a lot of you have had emails from you know,
web design companies or companies in India even, saying you know, your ranking
is rubbish or your website just isn’t optimized and we can help you get to the
top of Google with, and a lot of these promises turn out to be, well extremely
hard to fulfill and never come to a fruition. So I truly believe here at
Limitless we are cutting edge when it comes to SEO. I’ve, I’m continually
testing lots of new techniques, I’ve managed to rank websites within days at
the top of Google sometimes, and I’ve got some really good techniques that help
drive people to actually call you. So one of the things a little tip you know you
might want to look at is, what are the questions that your potential customer
are, is asking, and if you can be the one that’s answering that question
rather than just trying to optimize for a keyword or phrase, you are seen as the
influencer you’re seen as the person who’s got the answers and you’re the
person that they’re going to call. So, we do a lot of work with questions and
answers and the next sort of step within that is going to be Google Alexa,
Google home, Alexa, Bixby, all of these different talk to devices, we call that
answer engine optimization, and if your business wants to know more about that
and you’d really would like to talk to somebody who does know their stuff with
SEO and we are prepared to be transparent about it. So we tell our
customers what we’re doing on a monthly basis we have a strategy session every
other week with customers, and more importantly we’ve got all of the tools
that can demonstrate to you where you’re, where you can beat your competition. So,
please do give us a call, I would love to talk to you about SEO. I could waffle on
about it for hours, but you know, give us a call I’d love to meet you and if
you are paying for an SEO agency and not getting results, Limitless should be the
person that you, you put your trust in. So please give us a call on the number on
the website or fill in the form and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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